Bunnies with Manners

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Binky is having a great time here at Kamp. He isn’t much of a cuddle bunny, but always seems willing to let me pet him on the floor. he has jumped up on the couch, but never when I’m sitting on it. Fortunately he’s not much of a nudger, so when my feet are in his way, he doesn’t try and force them aside to make way. he’ll just hop around. I wish my own rabbits were that polite! “Outta the way human, I’m coming through!” It’s tough to photograph dark rabbits and Binky likes sleeping under and behind things, so he makes getting the perfect shot a real challenge.

Welcome Back Binky

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Little Binky arrived last night for a winter stay here at Kamp Kronenberg. He’s mostly just alternated between sleeping behind the couch and under the end table, but he seems pretty happy so far. He’s munching on his greens, pellets and hay and used the litter box exclusively last night. This is his sixth visit here though, so I’m sure he certainly knows the ropes. I haven’t let my boys see him yet, but I’ll open up the “windows” this evening and let them take a look and sniff. They’re never as happy to see boys as they are when girls come to visit, but my Hershey always wants to know what the new bun is in “his” house.

Binky’s Big Finale

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I had such a nice snuggle with Binky on the couch last night. He let me pet him through the whole first half of the X-Files. He’s hopping on home today, after a very pleasant President’s Week stay with us. The house won’t be empty for long as another pair of rabbits are arriving tomorrow giving us just enough time to clean up and get everything ready for them. Never a dull moment at Kamp Kronenberg!

I Spy a Big White Bunny

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The Binkman’s visit with us is finally winding down. I sure will miss that little black beauty sitting on my living room couch, but he’ll be back again to claim his spot. He likes lying up against the fence at the edge of the living room where he could catch a glimpse of the upstairs. Sometimes my big Piper would be up there staring back down at him. She’s been testing her paws out on the tile stairs, but so far hasn’t decided to go down them yet. Hopefully she never will or I’ll need to put up a baby gate to protect the bunnies downstairs. At 1 yr and 3 months she is still technically a baby!

Thumper Zero

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There was a little thump fest going on yesterday in the living room. My dad was barbecuing outside and maybe it was too noisy for one of the three buns downstairs, so somebunny thumped. Once one bunny thumps, they all often start thumping. By the time I heard it I saw at least two of them thumping but who knows where it started. Thumper Zero isn’t always easy to identify. They calmed down, but Butterscotch was still on edge a little, as he tends to be

Bunnies From Up Yonder

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“Charlie & Piper”

Binky spent the evening doing binkys all over his pen in the living room, followed by the occasional jump up onto the couch. Sometimes when I walk in the room and I can’t find him, he’s perched up on the couch, just hanging out.

At one point yesterday, Binky thumped while I was visiting with him. He was looking up the stairs so I took a peak and realized that my Piper and Charlie were standing up there looking down at Binky. Charlie’s about the same size but Piper is 3x the size of Binky. I don’t know what she was saying to him, but I guess she startled little Binky!


Top of the Bunny Mountain

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Binky bunny


Now that Douglas has gone home, we’re down to just 3 boys downstairs. I think Binky misses him. I can’t let him see Hershey and Butters because Hershey gets too wound up when getting too close to other males, so now Binky goes up on the couch to see try and catch a glimpse of them. He kept hopping around behind me, getting up as high as he could for as great a view as possible.

Best Spot in the Window

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Hershey & Butterscotch Bunnies

“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Binky Bunny


My boys hopped up onto their big chair yesterday so they could get a better view of the living room. Butterscotch will occasionally do this, but I’ve never seen Hershey up on the chair. The two of them snuggling up there together is almost more cute than I can take!

Binky spent a lot of time up on the couch with me last night. Earlier in the evening we actually had the blinds open because our deep freezy weather thawed out a little, and Binky loved looking out the window. Once the curtains were drawn he still kept hopping on up and crawling all over me. Maybe he was asking me to open the curtains? “I wanna see da neighborhood!”

Spare a Couple Cookies for a Rabbit?

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Douglas Bunny Rabbit


Binky Bunny Rabbit


Last night, Binky hopped up onto the couch with me and let me pet him for a little while. What a sweetheart. He’s a real snuggler when he wants to be. Soon I’ll have more time for him as his roomie is heading home but he’ll still be with us for a while.

While visiting with Douglas, he tried to grab a bag of cookies from the couch. It’s hard for me to put anything down since I usually use the table, and he likes to hang out up there more than anywhere else. He’s still able to get at things (i.e. my food) on the couch though, so I have to be careful. Oddly enough, he wasn’t interested in my bowl of applesauce, but he sure did shake that bag of cookies!

Rabbit Police

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“Binky & Douglas”


Binky and Douglas spend a lot of time at the fence window together. I think Binky feels like he has to keep an eye on Douglas. Hershey would agree! Hershey is also poised at his fence keeping an eye on them both. Binky and Hershey are the two smallest rabbits on the floor, but of course they’re the ones who have to the police the room. “We’ve got our eyes on you!”

Upstairs, my Piper jumped up onto my desk chair when my back was turned for a minute today. I heard her clacking the keyboard just before she jumped up onto the desk. Fortunately I just scooped (as much as you can “scoop” a 9.5 lb rabbit) her up and set her back on the floor.

Minutes later when I was sitting in the chair, she hopped up into my lap. I don’t mind that so much. I put my hand behind her to stabilize her but she didn’t like that so she jumped back down.

I have a cardboard tent to keep on the chair when I’m out of the room that she hopefully won’t figure out a way around, or at least for a while. She’s always learning this one!

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