Keep the Volume Thumpin

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All four buns in our house are happy. They’ll soon be joined by a number of buns arriving for Spring Break. I hope Butterscotch and Hershey will be kind to their new roommates, and not make too much noise. They already enjoy a number of loud activities including, but not limited to pulling on the fence, biting furniture, chewing cardboard and clanking dishes. Nothing out of the ordinary for bunnies.

I’m trying yet another method to improve Charlie’s litter box habits. I moved one of the boxes to the other end of the room and so far Charlie seems encouraging. He’s been in that box 3 times today already. Finger and toes crossed that this works out better than the lest 5 ideas!


Bunny Upgrades

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We cleaned the boys’ room downstairs yesterday. They weren’t exactly happy about that, but now they have nice fleecy blankets all over the floor. Hershey is still sleeping in the corner by the convector, but now Butterscotch has gone over there so he can snuggle with him. Aw, he loves his big brother!

I’m trying something different with the litter box upstairs. I was inspired by Hershey’s penchant for entering the litter box from the shelf next to it. I set up a ramp leading to the litter boxes in my room, with the hopes that Charlie will use them. He has no trouble walking up and down the ramp, he just hasn’t decided to always go in the box. I put a towel on the ramp that will be easier to wash if he pees on it, and won’t leave his bottom as stained as it was on the puppy pads.

CAUTION! Bunnies At Work

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Here’s Bella hard at work with her filing. She puts in a few hours a day, usually ( hopefully) starting after 8 a.m.

I was munching on a packet of Skittles and in the corner of my eye I saw Bella periscoping up in the litter box. After a moment of sniffing, she bolted out of the box, headed in my direction. After consuming only 3 Skittles, Bella was at my ankles, begging for some. “Please, can I have some? Please, please, please!” I thought quiet candy was safe, but I guess I was wrong.

I swear, her sense of smell has markedly improved over the years. It’s bad enough that I can’t open a bag of chips without the crinkle alerting her super-sonic bunny ears, but now she’s got a super-sniffer too!

The litter box situation is getting a bit hectic and I don’t like having to cut up puppy pads every week, so we decided to try something a little different. I don’t think Charlie likes having to hop into the box (lazy boy).  Instead he prefers to back his butt up into a corner to go. We came up with a brilliant idea of cutting off one of the sides of of the litter box. It was tested, in mom’s room of course, and seemed to start off pretty well.

It went downhill very quickly. Bella is a bunny after all and bunnies love to dig, so guess what Bella decided to do? She was spewing hay, litter and poop everywhere, with no wall to slow her down. Sadly this experiment proved to be a failure. so now it’s back to brainstorming and cutting up puppy pads.

Box, Sweet Box

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Charlie’s checkin out his new pad. Dad made the bunnies a lovely new house to provide them with shelter and gnawing material. So far they haven’t been too keen to sleep in it, but they have each taken a few bites. It replaces a fairly dilapidated cardboard box. They don’t like change, but I’m sure they’ll get used to it. And now they can jump on top of it without me worrying that it will collapse on top of the other bun.

Can I Borrow Some of Your Fur?

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I love that Bella always lets me put a hat on her, only to knock it off a few seconds later. Charlie isn’t always as obliging. After going back and forth, I made a pair of plastic socks for Charlie’s hocks, only to have him kick them off. I found a site that tells you how to wrap the foot with vet tape and include a cushion of shedded bunny fur. I never thought of using fur as padding. God knows I have enough of it floating around to use. I was contemplating fur-extensions before this, so there’s always that route if the booties don’t work.

Charlie’s been a real trouper through all of this, but he’s becoming too smart for us to catch him with the box. We clipped Bella’s nails tonight and used it to catch her and it was much easier. Granted he deals with the box everyday, but I think he’s a wee bit sharper than she is. That’s fine though. She can certainly get by on her looks alone, (and his fierce protectiveness of her).

Only 11 days till Bella’s 4th birthday! I still haven’t figured out her cake. I’m sure whatever I make she’ll try and sneak a bite of the sugary (not-good-for-bunnies) goodness! She got quite a fright tonight when my television had volume problems.  It suddenly got very loud and knocked my brother onto my bed. Poor little Bella was in the litter box, but ran into the cardboard tube and thumped a couple of times. Thankfully she calmed down pretty quickly.

Goldie Locks and the 3 Litter Boxes

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After a couple more weeks of getting better, then worse, I finally built a plastic sock for Charlie’s hock. We’ll see if it lasts for more than a couple of days on him.

I also finally caved and now have 3(!!) litter boxes under my window. They’re in an “L” shape and boy does Bella love hopping from one to another. It’s the only way to keep Charlie from weeing on the rug. I don’t know why he decided it was okay for him to go on the ground, but it’s definitely not good for his hocks.

So Charlie’s got a reprieve from the dreaded “catch-a-bunny box” for at least a couple of days. Even though I put in all those holes originally, both he and Bella have done a good job making them bigger.  Maybe that many weren’t such a good idea…

I made the mistake of sitting on the floor when I came in to see Bella today and she immediately put her paws up on me, asking for a treat. Then she licked me and I caved. That little girl sure knows how to get what she wants!

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“Charlie woke me up by binkying. He was so thrilled to be fed at 5:15 in the morning. Lol. I had a hard time catching him to bring him down, Jason helped, but he gave in easier when coming back up. He plopped down under the dining room table while we were all eating. Aw, so cute. He liked to stay under there a lot.

He checked out dad and Jason putting in the new fridge in the hall. He mostly sat under the dresser and watched. He loves to know what is going on. I changed his sandbox cover and he seems to like it. He was having a good time playing with the boxes and extra cardboard when I was doing it.”

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Charlie decided to pull out and chew on the ribbons and bows box from under mom’s bed. Luckily Jason was watching him and stopped him from eating the whole box. We gave bunny the new clear litter box and he likes it. He pooped in there like crazy and must have spent more than a half an hour in there tonight. He spent a lot of the evening sitting under my chair. What a loyal boy.

…Charlie Makes Sandcastles on the Floor

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“Charlie still got under the dresser, even though I blocked it. Jason secured the wires, and I taped up the corners. Hopefully, he should be safe and happy under there now. He did bunny runs again in the morning and came out in the hall whenever there was action with the dog. He was even in mom’s doorway when Russel came to pick up Kyle. Kyle whined when Charlie was in the hall with me, but I don’t know who he was whining for.

I added plastic flap doors to Charlie’s sandbox, but I don’t know if he’ll use them yet. He went in on the far side and slept there for a while this morning. I’m hoping the flaps will keep the sand in. He keeps digging it and spewing it out. I think he ate all of the straw I hid in the box. The whole room is a mess and needs a good cleaning this week. I guess that’ll prob happen every 2 weeks. Glad the dog is gone, now my bunny can be priority #1 again.”

…Charlie Digs to Bunny China

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“Charlie loves his new sandbox. He dug in for a while this morning and even binkyed in the box 4 times! He’s still moving the cardboard around. He seems to like to sit in the hallway just outside my room a lot. He did that for hours today. He also likes to bite the fence under the dresser, but I almost have him trained with the water bottle.

We decided that Charlie must be afraid of mom, and that’s why he snaps at her. I hope we can make him feel better about her. When she sits on the floor he seems to be okay. We had some fireworks nearby, but I don’t think Charlie was bothered by them. Tomorrow will be worse.

We ran out of greens so his food is heavy on the carrots tonight. We’ll get more tom. Charlie’s been pooping in the corner of the blanket. He seems to be eating pellets, and does not want to move when he has to go. I’ve found little piles of poop. Today when we changed the litter box I put the small one in its place. I came back to a ring of poop around the box, but not in it. I can’t understand this little guy.”

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