Budgie & Snoopy’s Grand Farewell

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“Snoopy & Budgie”

Budgie and Snoopy have just left home today. I’m going miss those sweet bunny-brothers! I’ll get a one-day break in which to clean up and set up for the next bunny-rush this weekend. My Memorial Day is going to be very furry!

The Licking Rabbit

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Budgie loves going over to Snoopy to groom him. Sometimes, Snoopy grooms him back, but mostly he just goes to sleep at the fence, and Budgie snuggles in next to him. Budgie loves attention and affection wherever he can get it. He always runs over to the fence to say “hello!” to everyone, asking for a pet for a treat. He’s probably the most affectionate rabbit I’ve ever met. Normally it’s a one-way street, I pet, they let me, but Budgie always likes to lick you back. Sometimes I think he’s more dog than rabbit!

Sleep & Pep

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After Rusty went home, I let my boys back into the end of the living room. I left the “window” between pens open so Snoopy could say hello to them. I later saw Snoopy grooming Budgie again through their fence. Snoopy sleeps for most of the day, but he’s certainly got some pep in the morning and evening. Budgie has been exploring the couch more and got a good look out of the window. “I wanna play out there!”

Petting is Your Privilege

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Yesterday Budgie climbed into my lap when I was petting him and slid on my dress a little. He didn’t seem to mind though. He continued licking me and asking me to pet him some more. Always happy to oblige this little guy.

My mom went through the pens last night, petting everyone. Even Snoopy was up for petting, but you always have to come to him for pets. He’s not about to move from his comfortable position just so I can have the pleasure of petting him.

Rusty is heading home today so he’s getting in his last good views of Budgie and Snoopy. On his second day he started digging at the blanket at the edge of his pen, just like my Butterscotch. “I wanted a suite, and these accommodations are just a single! Where’s my upgrade!'”

Snuggling Through Fences and on Couches

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Yesterday Budgie and Snoopy were grooming each other through the fence. First Budgie stuck his nose through and Snoopy licked him, then Snoopy asked Budgie to lick him back. Budgie is always happy to give a lick, so this continued until the two snuggled together against the fence. They’re such good brothers.

Rusty had to settle for snuggling with me on the couch. I don’t think he minds. Once I’m seated he hops on up and melts into a Rusty-puddle next to me while I pet his head, only stopping to scratch and then nudge my hand to start petting again.

Hare-Conditioning and Popsicles

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We’re in the middle of a mini heatwave right now and all the buns in the house are relaxing just a little bit more than usual. We have the AC on, of course, and fortunately the sometimes noisy units don’t seem to bother any buns. Rusty has been sleeping on the couch, doesn’t he know hot air rises? Snoopy is sleeping under a table in the shade, and Budgie under a box. Not that there isn’t a lot of sun in the room, but at least they know where to keep cool. My own Piper has decided that she likes popsicles. She pulled a wrapper and the stick from one out of the garbage and started to eat the wooden stick. Silly girl!


Goldibuns and the Three Thumps

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Rusty is with us also this week, making a full bunny house even fuller. We’re boy-heavy at the moment with my Piper as the only girl. That sure makes her popular!

Last night I blew my nose and all the boys freaked out. I was with Rusty at the time and he ran behind the couch and gave a little thump. Then my Butterscotch heard him and answered with another thump. Then Budgie chimed in with the loudest thump of all. I had to give every bun a Selective Supreme pellet to get them to calm down. I still heard a stray thump or two after that, but at least I stopped a chain reaction from starting!

Bunny Brothers are Back

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Budgie and Snoopy bunny arrived yesterday for a week-long stay at Kamp Kronenberg. I always love having these bunny-brothers here. They’re both sweet, but very different. Budgie is extremely friendly, but Snoopy makes you work for his attention. Both came over to me for petting right away though. Budgie likes to spend his evenings jumping up into my lap and licking me, while Snoopy prefers to sleep under my chair. He’s the older brother, so he deserves a little more rest.

Black Friday Bunny Traffic

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“Budgie & Snoopy”

Budgie and Snoopy went home this morning, and Glenda will be leaving later today. There won’t be any empty time though since Rusty is arriving this afternoon. Lots of bunny traffic today!

Every bun had some cranberry sauce last night, except Budgie. He sniffed it, but would not even take a lick. When his brother Snoopy ate his he did the bunny butt-twitch, which means he really liked it!

After eating a big dinner with the other humans, I lay down on the couch in Budgie’s pen. He jumped up onto me almost immediately. I just wish he hadn’t chosen my face, but fortunately he doesn’t weigh much. He snuggled in on my chest while he licked my arm and I pet him with the other. I’m thankful for bunnies to snuggle with!

Hoppy Thanksgiving!

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"Piper's Thanksgiving Lunch"

“Piper’s Thanksgiving Lunch”







Hoppy Thanksgiving from all the Kronenbuns and our holiday visitors! My Piper isn’t wasting anytime chowing down today, and ate a big hole of hay in her litter box. To be fair, it did have clover in it, and that’s like Sweet Potato Pie to a rabbit. I usually let all the buns in the house try my mother’s homemade cranberry sauce, and I imagine most will scarf it all up!

Last night my mom pet Glenda for a long time, but when she stopped, Glenda started thumping. “I didn’t say you could stop, human!” Later she did some runs and all of the boys came over to the fence to watch her. It was adorable. Snoopy lifted up one of his ears, to listen in and my Hershey had that big smile on his face that I swear I can see.


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