Digging the Way to Freedom

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Every day I open up a cardboard “window” between Butterscotch and Mr. Stella’s pens. Stella doesn’t really care, but Butterscotch always comes running over to the fence. He usually starts digging at the blanket on the floor, since all bunnies know that digging is the best way to get anywhere. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for me, he can’t dig through the carpeted floor, so the most he can do is bunch up his blanket. I’m just happy he’s not biting lots of holes in it!


Feelin’ Fine and On the Move!

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“Cameron & Butterscotch”

Yesterday my foster Cameron had a visitor. Fellow LIRRG volunteer and wonderful lady, Denise, came to give Cameron a reiki session. We learned some interesting things from Cameron, but most importantly, he doesn’t seem to be in distress. This was reinforced by his recent antics whenever he sees either Butterscotch or Hershey across the fences. He gets so excited, and binkys, sometimes tipping over a bit in the process. He does seem less wobbly than earlier in the month too. Aside from the occasional tip, you’d hardly know he was “special needs.”

Cardboard on Windows and Plastic on Doors

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When I opened up the cardboard “window” between their pens today, Butterscotch came over to look. Then Misty ran towards her fence, and he retreated into his pen. Misty is such a little flirt. Leonidas was watching this from his spot at the fences between their pens. He may be somewhat blind, but he knows what’s going on!

Today I repaired, repainted, and then protected the bottom of my bedroom door. For months now, both Charlie and Piper have decided it is a chew toy, even when the door is open with plenty of room. I had tried fabric first, but Charlie was able to grab ahold and open the door all by himself when it was closed! Then I tried thin plastic and thin fabric, but Piper just took big bites out of those. Now I have thick plastic that is for protecting corners. I also put it on some wallpapered wall corners that they have been chewing on. Hopefully this stuff will be more bunny-proof!

New Stasis Prevention Protocol

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As many of you may know, my Butterscotch is a chronic stasis bunny. For the past several months he’s had a lot of trouble and the only thing that seemed to help him was the keep him on a maintenance dose of Reglan. Originally it was a small dose, but kept increasing as he was still getting sick. Our vet suggested removing greens from his diet, but that still did not help completely. I’m trying to get him off of the Reglan now as a friend of mine’s rabbit is in a similar situation with stasis and Reglan, but is having some neurological issues, possibly from the Reglan.

I’ve done some research and some suggest to remove pellets, rather than greens, from their diet. I have reintroduced greens and decreased his pellets for now. He was also getting a small piece of carrot which I also eliminated. He is getting parsley, cilantro, watercress and dandelion, no gas-producing veggies at all. I’m hopeful that once I take him off of the Reglan completely that he won’t immediately relapse as he has done in the months prior. I’m encouraging as much hay eating as I can, as he is not a great hay eater, by putting a bowl of fresh down several times a day. Fiber is key to stasis prevention.

Hershey’s Chocolate Birthday!

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”


My Hershey turned 7 years old this weekend so we celebrated with carrot curls and blueberries for the bunnies, and chocolate cake for the humans. Any excuse I have to make a cake, I do! Butterscotch got a little sick (GI stasis) that night, so I don’t think I’ll be repeating those treats when his next birthday comes around. His constitution is so sensitive that he has trouble if I deviate from his regular diet. He’s feeling better now though, so that’s fortunate.

Keeping the Kronenbuns Healthy

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My Butterscotch went into stasis again on Friday, three days after dropping his double-daily dose of Relgan to 0.75mls. We medicated him with Reglan, Simethicone and Metacam and fortunately his temp usually doesn’t drop below 101. He was eating again in three hours and has been fine since.  After eliminating greens, all I can hope for now is that 1ml of Relgan twice a day will keep him stable. He has yet to get stasis on that maintenance dosage yet, so that may need to be where he stays for now.

My Charlie is still having trouble maintaining his weight, so i tried him on 1mg of Periactin once a day to stimulate his appetite. That works, but I’m concerned he may be having seizures as a result. I found him on his side on Friday and then when he got up he wobbled a little. He did something similar the week before, but I was unsure of what was happening. My dad said maybe stroke. I never actually saw him seize, so I don’t know for sure, but I stopped the Periactin just in case as seizures can be a a side effect. His kidneys may not be functioning as well and that would account for the meds staying in his body longer. I’ll be taking him to the vet soon for some bloodwork and consulting to figure out how to keep the ounces on him without causing him more trouble.

Merry Christmas Everybunny!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


“Charlie & Piper”





I think out of all the buns in the house, my Piper had the best Christmas. She got a piece of a straw hat and she was running around the house with it in her mouth, jumping up and down, just like a 3-year-old at Christmas should. She also ripped apart a toy that Rusty’s family brought her, but that’s just how she has fun. Charlie enjoys himself by watching her crazy antics. Hershey and Butterscotch weren’t too thrilled with their presents, as they cared more about getting their food. Note to self, feed rabbits first, then give them presents!

This is Cameron’s first Christmas, so he didn’t really know what to make of it. I opened his presents for him and he did come over to check them out. He was more interested in the treats than the toys though. Rusty was trying to climb his fence to get at his presents. He’s a seasoned vet of receiving gifts, so he was not about to wait until everyone else had opened theirs before he got a crack at his. All bunnies were eventually satisfied and fell asleep for their Christmas naps, some amid the debris of their “brand new” presents.

Cameron the Sable

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

I always like to figure out what my rabbits genes are, so I did little research last night on my new foster-bun Cameron to see if I could figure him out. Turns out he’s a black Siamese Sable Dwarf. Sables are interesting because their coat can change colors as they shed and new fur grows in. They also have ruby tinted eyes, which I noticed in Cameron weeks ago. He’s like Rudolph, but with ruby eyes instead of his rose! Whatever the genes, Cameron sure is one handsome rabbit. He’s currently up for adoption through the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group: http://www.longislandrabbitrescue.org/adoptables.htm

I finished decorating for Christmas this weekend, and now the tree is fully trimmed. Hershey and Butterscotch were watching me from below. The tree looks different from their perspective, but just as bright and shiny. Hershey probably just wanted to bite it and see if there was any food in it.

Always on Stasis Watch

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On Tuesday, after I had come home from bringing my foster bun Cameron to the vet, my Butterscotch went into stasis. (Treatment guide) Fortunately after the usual meds were given, and temperatures of over 101 were taken, he recovered and was eating within 4 hours. That’s about par for the course for him. Not sure if Cameron getting sick prompted him, but I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s very sensitive and likely picked up that Cameron didn’t feel well which stressed him out. That’s why it’s always important to make sure every rabbit in the house is eating, even when you’re preoccupied with another one.

Stella bunny is there to support me every evening with cuddles and snuggles. Although she probably thinks I’m doing them for her, I enjoy it too. She saw me with a bowl of crackers and immediately jumped on the couch to try and steal some. Sorry girl, no crackers for you, but we did have a nice snuggle!

Thumpin’ Just ‘Cause

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

My Hershey had his annual vet appointment today and he was very good. He only goes once a year, unlike his brothers, so it’s probably a more scary experience. He’s in good health, aside from being overweight. He’s active though, so he doesn’t let it slow him down. Now we just need to lose a few more ounces, my Not-So-Mini Rex!

I came in the garage door last night, and Bella was not happy about it. She started thumping and boy are her thumps loud! They sounded like little explosions. I’m glad no one was underneath her as they might have thought it was fireworks.

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