Eating Bunnies = Happy Humans

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

So far my Butterscotch has been stasis free for the last few weeks. He’s been on 0.5ml of Reglan every night at bedtime and we cut out his greens. Since I noticed that he tended to get stasis in the morning, a couple of hours after eating greens, I don’t think greens first thing in the morning were a good idea for him. I do plan on introducing greens back in the evening for him, but he’s never been a big greens eater to begin with. As long as all the buns come running and chow down at mealtime, I’m happy.


When Butterscotch Bunny Doesn’t Want to Eat…

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I haven’t posted in a few days because my little Butterscotch had a particularly bad bought of GI stasis. He’s mostly better now, eating pellets and greens on his own, almost as much as normal. He did loose a couple of ounces, but he’s still at a fine weight. I’m not surprised, barely eating for three days will do that to you!

Butterscotch has been a chronic stasis bunny for a few years now, getting worse last spring. We put him on maintenance Reglan, slowly tapering down, but twice now when we got him to just 0.2ml per day, he went into stasis. This time was worse than usual. He generally recovers within 4 hours, and is totally better by 8 hours after we first notice it. This time he wasn’t eating on his own for 2 days.

We caught it early, only an hour or so after he had eaten greens he refused pellets and we gave him the usual Simethicone for gas, Reglan for gut motility, and Metacam for pain, but his temp was hovering around 100 degrees and he was pushing his stomach down. We brought him into the vet so they could give him Buprenorphine, a stronger pain med, and then took him home.

We put him in his carrier on a heating pad and his temp was stable at 101 by 11:30 that night and stayed over 101 for the next few days, but he did not want to eat anything until the next day he nibbled on hay. It took another day for him to add greens, and then another to start on pellets again. We syringe fed him critical care once we got the okay from the vet and tapered that down as he began to eat more on his own.

For some reason we think Butterscotch just tends to produce gas, giving him stasis. Once he’s fully recovered we’ll keep him on maintenance Reglan, more like 0.5ml a day and see how he does on that. He’s a really fighter when it comes to giving meds though, he HATES the syringes. When he is well he prefers for me to just hold the syringe in front of him and he licks up the meds. So glad you’re feeling better my sweet little boy!

Bunny: Disguised as a Foot

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Stella’s nighttime routine has become:
1: Find my feet
2: Snuggle with those feet
3: Get my feet to pet her
4: Lick my feet
I’m beginning to wonder if she thinks my feet are rabbits. My boys certainly know the difference. I know as Hershey and Butterscotch are watching us, they’re saying: “I’ll snuggle with you!”

Butterscotch “Lost” & “Found” Himself

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Last night after dinner I had a little trouble finding my Butterscotch. My mom and I looked all over the dining room and living room, calling him. His brother Hershey kept coming over, probably because he thought we were going to give him a treat. Even Matilda starting running around her pen, trying to help us find the little guy. Eventually he just “appeared” as they always seem to do when I “lose” a rabbit. No idea where he was, but he didn’t seem to bothered by being “lost.” He spent a lot of time this morning staring at Matilda while she was eating her pellets. Not sure which he was more interested in!

Foot Guard

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Whenever I pet Stella, she lays down on my foot, effectively trapping me in place. “No leaving until I say so! Keep petting, human slave!” Fortunately for her, I’m happy to oblige, at least until my foot falls asleep. My Hershey and Butterscotch spent a lot of time in the evening yesterday laying just opposite Stella’s pen, looking at her through the window. I think she’d had enough at one point because she went behind the couch and flopped. I guess somebunny likes to have some privacy at nap time.

Thump War!

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Last night some bunny made a big noise and everyone started thumping. I was about to go to bed when Piper alerted me that something was amiss downstairs. I went down and gave everyone a treat and that calmed some of the down. In cases like that I just have to walk away and let them calm down on their own. Sometimes a drop of Rescue Remedy rubbed on the outside of the ears helps, but it doesn’t work on every rabbit right away.  It’s just Mason and my boys in the living room for a couple of days until the next round of bunnies arrive. I vacuumed up so much fur this morning I could make another bunny from it!

Bunny Demolition

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IMG_20170710_135958 (1)


I recently bought some baby stacking cups as recommended by fellow bunny parents. So far, they’re a pretty big hit with my furry little children. Upstairs, Piper knocks the stacks down several times a day. Charlie only seems to like to knock off the top cup, but he’s so dainty and not as much a destructa-bunny as Piper.

Downstairs, Butterscotch checked out the cups a little but isn’t too interested. Hershey on the other hand loves them. Yesterday I found the cups scattered across the room along with little bits of plastic that he chewed off the edges. The floor looked like someone knocked over a tube of rainbow sprinkles. I’m fairly certain he isn’t eating the plastic, given the quantity still on the floor, his predilection for gnawing on everything, and his iron stomach.  Now the cups don’t exactly stack right, but Hershey doesn’t care. He showed those cups who’s boss!

Hoppy Birthday Butterscotch!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”





Today is my Butterscotch’s 6th birthday. We celebrated last night with an ice cream cake for the humans and some treats for the bunnies. Butterscotch was very wary of me when I tried to give him the treats though. I don’t think he was expecting a party so he started to run away from me. Once I gave him a banana chip I think he finally got the message.

Cheeks was watching this whole scene unfold and while she initially parked herself at the fence, she eventually got bored with my human antics, as bunnies often do, and hopped in the litter box. Parker was still asleep behind the couch. He doesn’t really wake up from his nap until 6pm.

There weren’t too many fireworks going on in our neighborhood, probably because they had all weekend to spread them out, so the bunnies were all fine. Thank you air conditioners and white noise machines!

Keeping My Boys Well Fed

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My little Butterscotch has been having something of a mystery illness for the past 4 weeks. He had bouts of stasis 4 times and an overall decrease in appetite. Two trips to the vet later, he’s been on Reglan twice a day to help keep his gut moving and Periactin to stimulate his appetite. He seems to be eating better now, so we’re cutting back on Periactin and will soon reduce the Reglan as well. Hopefully when we do, he’ll still be eating. His blood work and x-rays didn’t show anything, and his teeth were excellent, so aside from a few gas bubbles in his stomach, there’s no obvious reason for this illness.

We’ll be bringing my Charlie to the vet this week to get more blood work to make sure everything is going all right with him. His weight has been doing well, holding stable and he’s eating enough. It just takes several feedings during the day to do that.

Oddly enough, my boy Hershey who has always been a little overweight, actually lost a few ounces over the last couple of weeks. I would have thought he’d have gained by sneaking food meant for his mate Butterscotch, but somehow the reverse happened!

Gettin’ Friendly and Chowin’ Down

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I got to have some sweet pets with Duffy yesterday. He’s much more social than when he first arrived. He’s pretty much up for petting from anyone who walks by his pen, as is Lola but she’s always a friendly girl.

Both buns have great appetites and gobble their food up right away. I’m always glad to see good eaters, especially for buns who have never been to Kamp Kronenberg before like Duffy. Our Butterscotch is having an ongoing stasis issue, so making sure buns are always eating is a priority for me.

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