Hoppy Birthday Charlie!

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Today is my little man Charlie’s 9th birthday. I’m so blessed that he hopped into my life and started me on the road to bunnytown. All that have come after have him to thank. He will accept bananas and alfalfa hay as thanks. Even though you make lots of messes for me to clean up, I love you more than anything little guy. Now don’t let Piper eat that cake.

Stella bunny is visiting us, giving Glenda a girl buddy in the living room. My boys are always happy to see a pretty lady, and there’s a lot of lady to Stella! She’s a big girl, and you know how I love the big buns. Stella is a sweetie, just like Glenda, so I’m sure the two will get along very nicely.


Hoppy Birthday Butterscotch!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”





Today is my Butterscotch’s 6th birthday. We celebrated last night with an ice cream cake for the humans and some treats for the bunnies. Butterscotch was very wary of me when I tried to give him the treats though. I don’t think he was expecting a party so he started to run away from me. Once I gave him a banana chip I think he finally got the message.

Cheeks was watching this whole scene unfold and while she initially parked herself at the fence, she eventually got bored with my human antics, as bunnies often do, and hopped in the litter box. Parker was still asleep behind the couch. He doesn’t really wake up from his nap until 6pm.

There weren’t too many fireworks going on in our neighborhood, probably because they had all weekend to spread them out, so the bunnies were all fine. Thank you air conditioners and white noise machines!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

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My little guy’s 4 years old!




Happy 4th Birthday Bella!

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Don’t worry, that bite was part of the cake design. I wouldn’t dare let her eat a whole chunk of that yummy cake!

Bella must have known it was her birthday today because she was in total destruction mode. Last two mornings she’s been ripping at the rug outside their litter boxes and shredding the puppy pads I put down. The pads are working pretty well, Charlie doesn’t seem to mind using them as opposed to the carpet. Now if I could just get him to ONLY use the litter box…

Charlie’s hock booties didn’t work out so good, so now we’re back to just putting on cream, but every other day. His hocks are definitely better, but we’ll keep creaming him for little longer.

I promised Bella I wouldn’t discipline her today, but I had a hard time with her persistent antics. She even bit my thumb when I was just trying t pet her. With all of her aggressive behavior you wouldn’t think that she has a shy side, but she does. At her “party” today, we sang happy birthday and presented her with her cake , but after a few nibbles she ran back under the dresser. She also likes to run from the camera. Not so good for your shutterbug sister!

Let Me Eat Cake

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Apparently Charlie does have a bit of a sweet tooth. He started to tear down the Hollywood Sign before I stopped him. I expect that from Bella, but not from him. At least someone likes the fondant.

We met the 5 buns we’ll be watching next week and they’re simply adorable! I hope my duo doesn’t go nuts with the added rabbitry in the house (although some of the humans might). I’m never completely sure what’s going on in their heads. I can only glean so much from their body language

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