Bunny-Mamma to the Rescue!

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This past week has been crazy for this bunny mama! Last Wednesday I helped to catch a dumped rabbit just a few blocks from my house. We named her Mirabelle, after the street she was found on. Several of the neighbors in the area had seen her and had been feeding her for several weeks or months. She’s a very sweet bun will hopefully be adopted soon!

I’m also in the middle of another catch of an abandoned rabbit in Melville this week. We attempted yesterday but were unsuccessful. Hopefully we’ll have more luck tomorrow.

My Charlie had a checkup at the vet to make sure nothing was causing his drop in appetite and slight weight loss. Seems as though it’s just his age catching up with him. He’s only lost a couple of ounces so I’m not worrying yet. He did have slightly elevated creatinine in his blood work, so the vet suggested I decreased his Metacam to 3 times a week and see how he tolerates it. I’m going to give him cranberry juice in a syringe the other 4 days so he doesn’t hate me outright for taking away his yummy medicine.

In the middle of all of this, my Butterscotch had another bout of stasis, but he seems completely recovered now. He’s incredibly difficult to medicate, but fortunately he takes Reglan in a little dish. He gets that for 2 days after he starts feeling better and having to pick him up to give it to him would cause too much stress for human and bunny alike!



Can I Borrow Some of Your Fur?

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I love that Bella always lets me put a hat on her, only to knock it off a few seconds later. Charlie isn’t always as obliging. After going back and forth, I made a pair of plastic socks for Charlie’s hocks, only to have him kick them off. I found a site that tells you how to wrap the foot with vet tape and include a cushion of shedded bunny fur. I never thought of using fur as padding. God knows I have enough of it floating around to use. I was contemplating fur-extensions before this, so there’s always that route if the booties don’t work.

Charlie’s been a real trouper through all of this, but he’s becoming too smart for us to catch him with the box. We clipped Bella’s nails tonight and used it to catch her and it was much easier. Granted he deals with the box everyday, but I think he’s a wee bit sharper than she is. That’s fine though. She can certainly get by on her looks alone, (and his fierce protectiveness of her).

Only 11 days till Bella’s 4th birthday! I still haven’t figured out her cake. I’m sure whatever I make she’ll try and sneak a bite of the sugary (not-good-for-bunnies) goodness! She got quite a fright tonight when my television had volume problems.  It suddenly got very loud and knocked my brother onto my bed. Poor little Bella was in the litter box, but ran into the cardboard tube and thumped a couple of times. Thankfully she calmed down pretty quickly.

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