Surprise, It’s a Bunny!

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“Charlie, Piper & Cameron”



There’s a big box in Mason’s pen and he’s decided that it makes a great perch. It’s really for sitting under, but he likes to sit on top of it as well. Guess the couch isn’t’ giving him a good enough view!

Last night we brought Cameron upstairs for some run around time, in a larger space. We’ve done this before, but this time I put a double fence down the middle of the hall, and let him see Charlie and Piper. He spends a lot of time looking at rabbits through fences, downstairs, so I thought he’d like to see the bunnies upstairs too. He did, but my Piper was very upset. I don’t know why, maybe she just wasn’t expecting to see him there. She was on high alert the whole time, except for when Charlie came over and she snuggled with him. Charlie was a little curious, but didn’t care as much as Piper.


Hoppy 10th Birthday Charlie!

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My Charlie is 10 years old today. He may have some health issues, but I’m forever grateful that he is still here with me at this age. I made a sugar geode cake for the humans, and Mason lent Charlie and Piper some of his banana to celebrate. Happy Birthday little man, enjoy your banana.

Some Improvement for Charlie

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“Piper & Charlie”

My Charlie has been on 1/8 (2.5 mg) of a 20 mg Galliprant pill for arthritis. He was very sleepy and a little lethargic the first couple of days he was on it. As a result he didn’t eat as much or move around very much. His movement and appetite had improved by the third day, and now he is moving around well and eating pretty good too. I’m going to get more to keep Charlie on this. I’m also getting some Chinese herbs for him this week, so I’ll see if that helps him further. He’s such a little trouper, and all he wants to do most of the time, is snuggle with his mate Piper. All she wants to do is eat, but she makes some time for snuggles too.

Giving Galliprant a Go

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Our vet prescribed a brand new arthritis medication for my Charlie. It’s called Galliprant and is used on dogs, but has been tested on cats, just not officially approved for use on them yet. What works for cats often works for rabbits, so Charlie is trying this new drug as it does not negatively impact kidney function like other NSAIDs. He gets 1/8 of a pill and since they’re formulated for dogs they’re liver and pork flavored (artificially I imagine), but he doesn’t seem to mind. He gets it inside a raisin and so far is gobbling it all down. He’s still adjusting to it, and I think it made him a little sleepy yesterday, but I hope it’s helping like the Metacam was.

Doing What I Can For My Little Man

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I took my almost 10-year-old Charlie to the vet yesterday for his ongoing kidney issues and arthritis. His creatinine levels are getting higher and higher, which is not what I wanted to see. I had started giving him some Metacam 4x a week since I could tell he was in pain from his arthritis, and lately he has been worse. I was hoping to be able to give him it even more, but not with the numbers he’s getting. The vet said there is a new arthritis medication that isn’t supposed to adversely affect the kidneys, and is looking into that for me.

In the meantime, I’m upping his daily sub-q fluid intake. He tolerates it, but I know he’s sitting there in quiet anger. I’m also trying to look into Chinese herbal remedies that some have recommended. I’ll do whatever I can for my little man. I don’t know how long I’ll have him for, but I want him to be as comfortable as possible while I do.

Side Flopping

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“Douglas & Noelle”

My Charlie is nearly 10 years old, and when rabbits get to that point, they tend to have trouble with arthritis. Think of it as a 70 year old human. He is on some Metacam for pain management, but I have to limit it because of his kidney issues. Sometimes I find him lying on his side, looking all adorable. He did not used to lay like this, but I think it must be more comfortable for him. It’s always important to notice any changes in rabbit behavior. Even the slightest thing might indicate something bigger, since, as prey animals, rabbits are so good at hiding any illness or ailment.

Young buns, like Noelle and Douglas downstairs, also sometimes lie on their sides, but in their cases it’s usually because they flopped over. I guess that’s just the best way for them to get comfy sometimes. Some rabbits can flop very aggressively, and even roll all the way over. My Hershey did that once and was very surprised when he landed back on his feet!


Gimme My Metacam

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Stella bunny happens to be shedding right now, much like the other rabbits in the house. He leaves behind a furry white carpet where he likes to lay. I use a lint scraper to pick up all the extra fur on the floor. When you have a house full of 6 rabbits, that’s a lot of fur. If only the scrapers worked on the rabbits!

My older bun, Charlie, just started up again on Metacam, 3x a week for his arthritis. Because of his kidney problems, he can’t have it every day. I hope it’s helping him. He still sits there sometimes with his back leg sticking forward, but he’s always able to hop around. He even chased his mate Piper a couple nights this week. He must be feeling a little better if he’s doing that!

Checking Up with My Boys

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I took my Charlie and Butterscotch to the vet this week. Butters just had an annual and he was very good. Charlie went for a bloodwork recheck and for some advice on managing his arthritis. His kidney function is slowly decreasing, so I’m going to give him 25 mls of sub q fluids every day now. Doc says that he can have Metacam every other day, even though it may adversely affect his kidneys. The arthritis is painful, but he doesn’t really feel the kidney issues, so it’s better for him to get some pain relief with the Metacam. He’s not happy about getting fluids every day now, but he does love Metacam!


Piper is the Best Medicine

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“Charlie & Piper”

My Charlie has chronic “poopy-butt,” which means he doesn’t always eat his cecotropes like rabbits are supposed to, and they get stuck to his bottom. Sometimes, the cecotropes can come out not properly formed, usually due to an imbalance of the bacteria in their gut. I cut out greens completely for him a couple months ago and they do appear better formed. Rabbits usually eat cecotropes directly from their body, but due to his arthritis, it’s hard for him to bend over like that, and so he generally poops them out. Sometimes he eats them, sometimes he sits or steps on them. I clean him every day and give him sponge baths in the sink as needed. The best medicine for arthritis is to keep moving, and Piper is the best medicine for him. She runs all over the house and he is usually following right behind her, making sure she doesn’t get into any mischief. Just keep hopping!


A Clean Bottom = Happy Bunny

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Last night all Rusty wanted was petting. He came up on the couch shortly after I sat down in his pen, and nudged at me until I started petting him. I gave my little man Charlie a bath before dinner and then groomed his “dry” bottom after dinner. His arthritis means that he tends to stay wet along the inside of his legs. I may need to step up on managing his arthritis. I’m bringing him into the vet along with Butterscotch in a week to see what I can do. He’s getting 250 mg of glucosamine powder every day in a blueberry, but he can’t really have Metacam because of his kidneys. Hopefully I’ll be able to help make him a little more comfortable.

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