Keeping the Kronenbuns Healthy

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My Butterscotch went into stasis again on Friday, three days after dropping his double-daily dose of Relgan to 0.75mls. We medicated him with Reglan, Simethicone and Metacam and fortunately his temp usually doesn’t drop below 101. He was eating again in three hours and has been fine since.  After eliminating greens, all I can hope for now is that 1ml of Relgan twice a day will keep him stable. He has yet to get stasis on that maintenance dosage yet, so that may need to be where he stays for now.

My Charlie is still having trouble maintaining his weight, so i tried him on 1mg of Periactin once a day to stimulate his appetite. That works, but I’m concerned he may be having seizures as a result. I found him on his side on Friday and then when he got up he wobbled a little. He did something similar the week before, but I was unsure of what was happening. My dad said maybe stroke. I never actually saw him seize, so I don’t know for sure, but I stopped the Periactin just in case as seizures can be a a side effect. His kidneys may not be functioning as well and that would account for the meds staying in his body longer. I’ll be taking him to the vet soon for some bloodwork and consulting to figure out how to keep the ounces on him without causing him more trouble.


Bunny-Stall 1.0

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Meds Stall.jpg


P1320331 (1).JPG


We’ve been stasis-free in this house for a few weeks now, but I’d like to share some info from when my Charlie last had stasis and a kidney stone. I had been syringe-feeding him Critical Care twice a day for several days. Anyone who has done this knows it a messy and time-consuming process. I had gotten it down to a routine with Charlie, but it required two people. My dad had the idea of making a stall to keep Charlie from backing up, so I could do it alone. He built me something out a wood and I added the fabric over the edges. It worked pretty well. I had one hand on Charlie and the other on the syringe. He’d get feisty toward the end, but it was definitely do-able.

A couple of weeks later when Cameron got sick, I used to give him his meds on the kitchen counter. Fortunately he’s about the same size so he fit in well and took his meds like a good boy. Butterscotch was the next rabbit to get sick, but he’s a little bigger and always fusses when I give him meds, so he was not willing to sit quietly.  I don’t think a bigger one would work for him, unless it had a top, so I’ll think about that for Bunny-Stall 2.0

Toy Demolition

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All the buns are loving the toys that Rusty gave them for Christmas. One is totally destroyed upstairs, and Cameron is having a good time ripping his apart too. I gave Charlie a butt bath yesterday, the first in a few months. He had been doing very well, but all he needs is to sit back into some cecals once, and then it all cakes up, just under his tail. Fortunately he’s very good about getting a bath in a the kitchen sink. The hay seems to be helping, as it’s full of clover right now and everyone wants to eat it. More hay is always better for good guts!

Hoppy New Year 2018!

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“Piper & Charlie”



2018 started with a bang for me—literally. Someone in our neighborhood always sets off fireworks for every holiday, though I can’t understand how fireworks and Christmas go together, but this guy must think it does. As soon as the ball dropped, loud bangs began. Piper had been giving Charlie his New Year kisses, but she immediately ran into the doorway. She always runs there when she’s scared, I don’t know why. Maybe she had earthquake training? The I heard Butterscotch thumping downstairs so I had to go check on him, and calm him down before he set the other rabbits off. We prefer New Years Day here as we always watch the Tournament of Roses Parade, and this year they even have a bunny float!


Merry Christmas Everybunny!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


“Charlie & Piper”





I think out of all the buns in the house, my Piper had the best Christmas. She got a piece of a straw hat and she was running around the house with it in her mouth, jumping up and down, just like a 3-year-old at Christmas should. She also ripped apart a toy that Rusty’s family brought her, but that’s just how she has fun. Charlie enjoys himself by watching her crazy antics. Hershey and Butterscotch weren’t too thrilled with their presents, as they cared more about getting their food. Note to self, feed rabbits first, then give them presents!

This is Cameron’s first Christmas, so he didn’t really know what to make of it. I opened his presents for him and he did come over to check them out. He was more interested in the treats than the toys though. Rusty was trying to climb his fence to get at his presents. He’s a seasoned vet of receiving gifts, so he was not about to wait until everyone else had opened theirs before he got a crack at his. All bunnies were eventually satisfied and fell asleep for their Christmas naps, some amid the debris of their “brand new” presents.

Pass those Stones, Charlie!

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Bella really loves to “dive in” at meal-time! Always happy to see a hungry bunny. It’s when they don’t want to eat that you worry. As promised, here’s my update on my Charlie:

After quickly loosing his appetite 2 Fridays ago, I initially treated my Charlie for stasis. His temp was low that day, but stayed over 101 after heating him in his carrier on a heating pad for an hour. He was eating greens and hay, but not pellets. He had 3 previous cases of stasis like this over the past two years, but this time he was taking much longer to recover. We got him into the vet the day after Thanksgiving, and his x-rays showed that he had one or two small kidney stones. Doc showed me how to give subcutaneous fluids, and he was to get 25mls a day for a week.

His follow-up appointment is tomorrow, and I believe he has passed the stone(s). His appetite is increasing every day and he is almost back to normal. His behavior isn’t as sluggish as in 2 weeks ago either, he even chased Piper around last night. I was already syringe feeding him Critical Care, since he was eating no pellets, but I have stopped that now. I also gave him 1ml syringefuls of water, which he liked taking since he’s a lazy boy.

I wonder now if the 3 previous cases of “prolonged stasis” were actually caused by kidney stones as well. I’ve cut out his dandelion and parsley since they are high in calcium, and switched to watercress, arugula and cilantro. I hope that if I notice a marked decrease in appetite again that I can just start offering syringes of water and he can pass it more easily. I’ll be asking our vet for advice on that tomorrow. For now, he seems stable, for which I am very grateful!

Hoppy Thanksgiving from the Kronenbuns!

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“Charlie & Piper”





My Charlie bunny is still having some kind of appetite issue and we are bringing him in to the vet tomorrow morning if he does not improve today. Our little foster bun Cameron was neutered yesterday and is doing well. We hope to pick him up from the vet tomorrow. I’m very thankful for our wonderful rabbit-savvy vets at Catnip and Carrots Veterinary Hospital.

As for our two visiting rabbits, they are having a very fun time together. Glenda does her bunny runs in the early evening. Last night that was when Bella was napping, but it didn’t bother her one bit. She was even snoring a little bit. Later, she started her exercise and did very loud runs around her pen.

Mystery of White Poop

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“Piper & Charlie”

A couple of weeks ago I noticed some white on my Charlie’s poops. That’s usually calcium deposits from urine but since Charlie has had sludge issues in the past, I kept a close eye on it. Yes, I keep a close eye on poop, that is one of my hobbies now! I added some more water to his greens and swapped the calcium-rich dandelion for some green leaf lettuce and so far I haven’t seen any more white deposits. The last thing I want for him is to go through another bladder flush, so keeping down calcium intake, making him move a lot, and giving him plenty of fluids is key. No sludge means a happy bunny!

That’s MY Room!

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“Piper & Charlie”

Today was room-cleaning day and that means Charlie and Piper have to vacate their living quarters for about an hour. They always fuss so much, but it’s not like they hate being out in hall. They spend half of the day out there anyway, but only on THEIR terms. After everything is cleaned and blankets changed I let them back in and of course they have to sniff around at everything. Charlie is usually not too happy that everything smells “wrong” and has to go around the room and re-mark everything.

Grooming Habits of the Sophisticated Rabbit

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“Charlie & Piper”

My little Charlie may not always have a very clean bottom, but he certainly does a great job of cleaning his lady, Piper. He’s 9, so arthritis limits him a little, but he has no trouble climbing all over her to get those tough-to-groom spots. She’s pretty good about reciprocating, but there’s a lot less of him to work with. I wish she’d clean his bottom, since he can’t, but they both leave that job for me to do. “We don’t want you to feel left out!” Thanks bunnies, I know you love each other, but you still kinda love me too. At least I know you do at feeding time!

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