Hopping Joints

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My boy Charlie has been lying on his side a bit more. I think his arthritis is bothering him. I’m trying to get glucosamine in him, but he’s a fussy eater. The DMG helps but I don’t think he can have Metacam because of his kidney issues. I just try and make him as comfy as possible and not make him run across the hall for meals. He does get plenty of exercise running after Piper all day though.


My Two “Little C’s”

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Charlie had a checkup at the vet today. His creatinine was up a little bit more, so I’m bumping up sub q fluids to 4x a week now. He seems otherwise in good health and spirits, so I’m grateful for that. My other “Little C,” foster bun Cameron had been zooming through through the living, seemingly unaware of his wobble. Sometimes he gets a little overexcited and falls over, but he is always quick to right himself.

Gimme that Gold Hay!

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Hoppy Bunny-Butt Friday from Cameron! His hobbies include lounging, chatting with his bunny-neighbors, eating Timothy Gold hay, doing binkys and being adorable! Everybun in the house is loving their Timothy Gold hay from American Pet Diner. I don’t know what it is about it, but all the buns are gobbling it up like candy! I’m so glad to see even Charlie, who is not a good hay eater at all, wolfing it down. Hay: Keeping stasis and poopy-butts at bay!

Lights Out Came Early Tonight!

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We had a big wet snow/rain storm today and lost power for a few hours. Fortunately it came back before the house got too cold. I had already moved the bunny greens into the garage as a temporary fridge in case the power stayed off all night. I was with Cameron when it came back and he had been allowed out for playtime, but didn’t want to come out in the candlelight. Once the lights came back, woosh, he came out!

The snow plow came down our street a few times, and each time Piper cocked her head, and looked over at me. I don’t think she liked it. “The only fluffy flying white stuff around here should be me!” Charlie, Hershey and Butterscotch didn’t really seem to care. As long as they got fed, they were happy.

Charlie had a vet appointment before the storm got bad, and was very good. His creatinine levels are similar, so I am keeping up the sub q fluids, three times a week. Hopefully that will be enough to help keep him healthy for the rest of his life.

Piper’s Peppy Checkup

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I brought my Charlie for a recheck at the vet today, and his mate Piper for her annual checkup. She was nervous, but mostly good. She almost jumped off the exam table twice, but she didn’t try to bite or scratch anyone. Charlie’s creatinine was a little better, so I am going to continue doing the sub q for the time being at least.

He still has an issue with poopy butt, and the vet said something interesting. I give Charlie the Oxbow apple banana treats, and she said anything with banana as an ingredient can cause poopy butt. I knew not to give him banana, but never though of those fibrous treats as being potentially bad. We’re going to try the carrot dill and cranberry ones. I may also make a treat myself using the Selective pellets he likes as a base. That way I can control the ingredients and make a treat that his body would tolerate better.

Becoming a Sub Q Expert

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I’ve been giving my Charlie sub q fluids for the past two weeks. He’s so well-behaved when I do it, which has allowed me to get very good at it. I’m able to do it all by myself. I give him half a papaya tablet to distract him while I insert the needle, then I rub his head while plunging the syringe with the other. He gets the other half of papaya when I’m almost done. Then he waits for me put open the carrier door, and he hops right back in. I was initially very nervous about doing this, but I’m fortunate to have a rabbit who is so intelligent, understanding, and trusting of me. One of my other rabbits, Butterscotch, is the complete opposite. He came down with stasis twice in the last week, and he is so tough to medicate and take temperatures. I’m very grateful that I was able to learn these things on Charlie first.

Bring on the Fluids

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My 9-year-old Charlie went back to the vet for recheck and it turns out his creatinine levels are still high. That means his kidneys are not working as well as they should be. It’s a little higher than when he was checked in November. He still has the stone from then, but it’s almost at the bladder now. I’ve been giving him oral fluids, but my vet is having me do sub q fluids again now. I’ll do it every day for  week and then three times a week. Fortunately he’s very good about it. Once I do it a few more times I think it’ll be easy for me. I don’t think he minds it very much. He’d certainly rather do that than get his butt cleaned!

Wallpaper Removal – By Rabbits!

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“Charlie & Piper”

Lately my Charlie and Piper have decided they love wallpaper. Charlie had been licking wallpaper in my bathroom and Piper had been chewing in it at corners. I also found her ripping some off of the wall behind the toilet. She even pulled the ring around the hose out that connects the plumbing, but fortunately that pops back in. Crazy rabbits. I heard her ripping the wallpaper through the wall, and I knew that she was getting into some kind of trouble. I’ve tried closing the bathroom door, but if it’s not closed tight, she can get in. For now I’ll just keep taping up her rips as I see them.

Keeping the Kronenbuns Healthy

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My Butterscotch went into stasis again on Friday, three days after dropping his double-daily dose of Relgan to 0.75mls. We medicated him with Reglan, Simethicone and Metacam and fortunately his temp usually doesn’t drop below 101. He was eating again in three hours and has been fine since.  After eliminating greens, all I can hope for now is that 1ml of Relgan twice a day will keep him stable. He has yet to get stasis on that maintenance dosage yet, so that may need to be where he stays for now.

My Charlie is still having trouble maintaining his weight, so i tried him on 1mg of Periactin once a day to stimulate his appetite. That works, but I’m concerned he may be having seizures as a result. I found him on his side on Friday and then when he got up he wobbled a little. He did something similar the week before, but I was unsure of what was happening. My dad said maybe stroke. I never actually saw him seize, so I don’t know for sure, but I stopped the Periactin just in case as seizures can be a a side effect. His kidneys may not be functioning as well and that would account for the meds staying in his body longer. I’ll be taking him to the vet soon for some bloodwork and consulting to figure out how to keep the ounces on him without causing him more trouble.

Bunny-Stall 1.0

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Meds Stall.jpg


P1320331 (1).JPG


We’ve been stasis-free in this house for a few weeks now, but I’d like to share some info from when my Charlie last had stasis and a kidney stone. I had been syringe-feeding him Critical Care twice a day for several days. Anyone who has done this knows it a messy and time-consuming process. I had gotten it down to a routine with Charlie, but it required two people. My dad had the idea of making a stall to keep Charlie from backing up, so I could do it alone. He built me something out a wood and I added the fabric over the edges. It worked pretty well. I had one hand on Charlie and the other on the syringe. He’d get feisty toward the end, but it was definitely do-able.

A couple of weeks later when Cameron got sick, I used to give him his meds on the kitchen counter. Fortunately he’s about the same size so he fit in well and took his meds like a good boy. Butterscotch was the next rabbit to get sick, but he’s a little bigger and always fusses when I give him meds, so he was not willing to sit quietly.  I don’t think a bigger one would work for him, unless it had a top, so I’ll think about that for Bunny-Stall 2.0

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