Good Morning, Other Rabbits

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”



Every morning my Butterscotch waits at the end of his pen for me to take away the cardboard between pens so that he can see the other rabbits in the living room. Cameron usually comes over to greet him, and then Cheeks says hello. Most rabbits only wait for food, but some like to see other rabbits. Some even like to see people, but not most of mine. Cheeks is happy to see me for petting, so I’m always happy to oblige her on the couch.

Guard Your Blueberries

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After giving my Charlie another butt bath and grooming Cameron, I had some snuggle time with Cheeks last night. Just before I went into her pen, I put a bowl of blueberries for me on the coffee table. Well, I forgot that Cheeks goes on the coffee table, and when I returned a minute later, she was happily munching on them. She didn’t get very many, but that taught me a lesson!

Keep That Rabbit Eating

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I started my Charlie back on an appetite stimulant, Periactin. I’m only giving him 1/4 pill every two days to start. Between that and the Galliprant for pain, he tends to get a little groggy. I don’t want him to not eat because he’s too sleepy, so I have to balance it out. When you start out with a young, healthy bunny, you never think you’ll have to worry about getting them to eat more! Most of my other rabbits would love to eat all of Charlie’s food, and most of the them are a little overweight too. I keep telling my not-so-mini Rex Hershey that someday, when he’s older, he can have more pellets than the few gets on his diet now. I think he’s starting to think I’m lying to him.

Just a Lick

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Cheeks bunny likes to lick my ankles while she snuggles with them. That’s nice, especially since I don’t get that from most of my rabbits. Cameron is really the only licker. Sometimes Charlie will give my ankles a few licks, but that’s because he’s asking to eat. He has to be fed on demand, otherwise his mate Piper would eat all of his food. His joints have been a little stiffer lately, perhaps due to the cooler and damp weather. The first half of the day he sleeps more, not moving around much. He’s still running around, asking to eat in the evening though, so he’s still got some spark left in him.

Rotating Toys

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Sometimes my Cameron likes to sit on a cushion. Above he is standing on his big sister Piper’s cushion. It’s a little to big for him, but he likes to explore new things, especially if they smell like other rabbits. Bunnies frequently get bored with their toys, and a bored rabbit is a destructive rabbit. I find that rotating the toys between my rabbits helps. They will always check out a toy if it smells like another rabbit, even if it’s just a rabbit who lives upstairs.

Visiting bunnies always like the toys in my house because they smell like different rabbits. Many of them come from only-bun households, like Cheeks, so meeting and smelling other members of their own species can be exciting for them. Imagine if you didn’t see another human for months or years at a time. In some cases, you might be glad, but rabbits can be like that too. Some rabbits like being the only bun on their turf, but it can be nice to visit with others, sometimes.

A Purdy Lady

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Cheeks bunny is one of those sweeties. She likes to snuggle and she likes to lick. She’s visiting with us again, and my boys are happy to have another girl in the house. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s super purdy!

Chatting with Bunnies

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Noelle is a feisty little girl, but she’s pretty chill if I leave her to her own devices. She liked when my Cameron came over to the fences and hopped by to sniff at him and say hello. I’m sure he loves that as he always loves to “chat” with other buns. I wonder what he’s talking about all the time. Cheeks is such a mush. I went in her pen this morning to chage her water and while I’m standing there, picking up the bowl, she comes over and lies down next my ankles. She gave them a lick, so I had to give her a few pets before changing her water. Those buns always know how to con you out of something!

Meeting A Tiny Girl

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Noelle is visiting us for the first time, and she is such a little cutie. I haven’t really been able to pet her yet, but that’s okay. She’s curious and had fun exploring her pen. Her favorite place to sleep is under the table in her pen, snuggled with her blanket. My Cameron was excited to meet her. She’s one of the smallest rabbits he’s met, even a little smaller than him. Cheeks spent the evening facing her pen, letting her know a friendly face was on the side of the fence.

Foot Petting: Yea or Nay?

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Cheeks came over to my foot last night to snuggle. She likes to lick my ankles so I started to pet her with my foot. Some rabbits are fine with having a foot pet them, “No different than a hand to me!” Others are taken aback by this grave offence to their rabbit-hood, “How dare you pet me with that gross thing you walk around on?!” You don’t always know which rabbit you’re going to get, but usually a disapproving rabbit will just hop away rather than retaliate with a bite. Glenda is another rabbit who is fine with any kind of petting. I may not have as good articulation with my foot, but it’s nice to not have to bend down when the rabbit wants to pancake on the floor.

Fireworks for Butterscotch’s Birthday

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Today is my Butterscotch’s birthday, and us humans ate an ice cream cake in his honor last night. I decorated it with some bunny-approved decorations that Butterscotch promptly helped himself to. I got him this big willow twig tunnel, but I’m not sure he’s a fan. I’m not worried; one of my other four rabbits will probably find some use for it!

The occasional fireworks didn’t seem to bother any of the buns in the house last night. I told Butterscotch they were for his birthday since he’s one of my more scaredy buns. I don’t think that would really help though! Glenda isn’t bothered and Cheeks took a cue from her. Thank goodness for loud fans!


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