Quality Parker Time

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Cheeks bunny is going home today so I’ll get to spend more  quality time with Parker. He’s slowly getting more friendly with me. He’s one of those bunnies that you have to work for their affection. Cheeks is the opposite. She’s at your feet the moment you come in her pen and wants to snuggle with your feet. Always glad to have you here, Cheeks! ,


Hoppy Birthday Butterscotch!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”





Today is my Butterscotch’s 6th birthday. We celebrated last night with an ice cream cake for the humans and some treats for the bunnies. Butterscotch was very wary of me when I tried to give him the treats though. I don’t think he was expecting a party so he started to run away from me. Once I gave him a banana chip I think he finally got the message.

Cheeks was watching this whole scene unfold and while she initially parked herself at the fence, she eventually got bored with my human antics, as bunnies often do, and hopped in the litter box. Parker was still asleep behind the couch. He doesn’t really wake up from his nap until 6pm.

There weren’t too many fireworks going on in our neighborhood, probably because they had all weekend to spread them out, so the bunnies were all fine. Thank you air conditioners and white noise machines!

Happy Bundependence Day!

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Cheeks was such a snuggle bug last night. She hopped up onto the couch with me and let me pet her for a long time, giving me the occasional lick. When I unwrapped a candy, she wanted some and even tried to lick that, so I gave her one of her bunny treats instead. I think she still wanted mine though.

Parker let me pet him for a minute before running away. His favorite thing to do is watch Cheeks. So instead of watching fireworks tonight, Parker, Butterscotch and Hershey are all going to be watching the Cheeks channel. Can’t say I blame them, she’s a pretty cool girl!

One Happy Kamper

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Parker so far has been a little shy with me, but loves Cheeks. As soon as I opened up the window for him to see her, he went right over. She came to check him out and quickly flopped against the fence. He looked at her for a little while, then lay down next her. Later he did some runs and binkys all over his pen. I guess he’s enjoying his first visit to Kamp Kronenberg!

Holiday Weekend Buns

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Cheeks is a licker! So far she’s licked my feet, ankles and hands. Last night I opened an ice cream bar, and she jumped right into my lap. I got her a treat since she obviously thought that it was for her. Then she watched me open the ice cream and tried to take bite of the wooden stick because she didn’t like the smell of the chocolate coating!

Former LIRRG bun Parker arrived today and that means a full house of bunnies for the Fourth of July! Fireworks started last night in the neighborhood, but keeping AC on high seems to keep the rabbits from getting too upset. There’s a big display going off tonight nearby so hopefully everybun will be okay. My mom is going to stay home to watch them (thank you mom!) and pet anyone who isn’t happy.

Foot Buddy

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“Allie & Cheeks”



We brought Allie back to her foster home today, then came home to clean up and set up because another bunny is coming tomorrow. No rest for the Kronenbuns! Cheeks will have me all to herself tonight. I’m sure I’ll be getting lots of feet snuggles from her! She’d make an excellent foot warmer. Too bad this is July! At least her soft fur feels nice on my bare feet.


Greetings Everybun!

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Yesterday I opened up the “windows” between pens and let all 4 buns downstairs see each other. Everyone was very well behaved. I guess two girls and two boys is the perfect combo! Every bun was laying at their fence just chilling, checking the others out. Later, Cheeks did runs and everyone was watching her from their viewing spot. She even jumped up onto the couch and ran around up there! Despite her wobbles, Allie’s favorite spot to lay is up against the fence she shares with Cheeks. She’s quite content to stretch out there after chowing down on some hay and pellets to snooze for awhile.


Meeting of Two Ladies

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In the evening yesterday I opened up the “window” between the girl’s pens. They came over and said hello to each other. They sniffed the air, and then both girls went back to eating hay, “no big deal!” Glad to know they aren’t very territorial! Cheeks loves jumping on the coffee table and even hopped onto a box I put there. She got a great view from the tallest spot in the room! Then later she went to the lowest spot in the room and snuggled with my feet. She even gave my ankles a few licks. What a sweetie!

Allie is currently up for adoption from the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Allie, check out her petfinder page!

Welcome Back, Cheeks!

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Allie got another roommate today, and this one is another girl. Cheeks (formerly LIRRG’s Lizzie) is here for a fun filled stay at Kamp Kronenberg! Allie knew right away that there a girl in the room and spent the morning sleeping up against their shared fence. I haven’t let them see each other yet to allow Cheeks to get acclimated, but I’ll see how they get along through the fence “window” later today. Usually girls don’t get on well with girls, but these two are both such sweeties, so I’ll let them take a peek!

Allie is currently up for adoption from the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Allie, check out her petfinder page!

A Chewer and a Dancer

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“Sweetie Bun & Cheeks”

Cheeks went back to her wonderful home this morning, so my boys get to play in her pen until Douglas arrives tomorrow. They said hello to Sweetie Bun who was hard at work chewing up her cardboard.We had a lot of fun last night playing with a towel. She did a little dance as I dragged the towel around and she attacked it. Once she caught it, she would instantly lose interest until I picked it up again.

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