Gimme that Fur!

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Duffy always puts his head down for petting when I come in his pen. He jumps up from wherever he was sleeping and runs over to the fence to greet me as well. “Hi there! You’re my best friend now!” I get nothing but love from this little guy. He’s so sweet and I’d adopt him myself in a heartbeat if I had the permanent space. If anyone is interested, check out his petfinder page before someone else scoops him up!

It seems like every bunny is my house right now is shedding. Yesterday alone I gave my Hershey and Douglas long grooming sessions. So much fur is flying! Hopefully it’s into the garbage and not into bunny’s mouths though. My Piper just got a good grooming too and she really hates it. Mason isn’t shedding too bad, but he has left a big white spot on the floor where he likes to lay. So I’ve been grooming the floor instead. I’ve been growled at, scratched, bitten and given “the bunny butt” but I’ll never stop on my quest to keep bunny tummies as fur-free as possible!



Find the High Ground!

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Douglas’ favorite thing to do now is to snuggle with the tissue box up on top of the coffee table. He’s got a great view from up there. It would probably be softer to snuggle with some actual tissues rather than the box, but he works with what he’s got. Mason’s high ground is on top of the back of the couch. Every morning and evening while he’s waiting to be fed, he perches up there. I always feed my boys in the dining room first, so he’s up there watching and waiting for me to get to the living room to feed him. “I’m hungry!”

Whenever I pet Duffy, he nudges his cute little head into my hand It’s a cuteness overload. I cannot believe someone hasn’t claimed this little guy to adopt him. He’s so friendly with my whole family and we’re complete strangers to him. He’s got the whole package: looks, personality and all his poop actually stays in the litter box. My own rabbits aren’t even that good!

Duffy is currently up for adoption from All About Rabbits Rescue. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Duffy, check out his petfinder page!

Is It Dinnertime Yet?

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Duffy is such a sweet little guy. The small ones aren’t always very friendly, but this little one is. He’s around 4-5 lbs I’d say, and as sweet as the caramel and chocolate swirls in his coat. Whenever I go into his pen to pet him, he puts his paws up on my leg to say hello. It’s hard not to want to give that cute little face a treat!

I’m not neglecting the other 5 rabbits in the house though. Everyone gets some petting time, though they’d probably all be fine with more treats instead! All of the visitors are great eaters, which is always appreciated. Mason and Douglas both put their paws up on the fence at mealtime and look just like begging puppy dogs. Love those big buns!

Duffy is currently up for adoption from All About Rabbits Rescue. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Duffy, check out his petfinder page!

Ears Up, It’s the Cops!

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I noticed that Douglas raises his ears when he’s cleaning them. It’s always odd to see a lop with their ears up, especially when they do it by themselves. An up-ears lop look like a totally different rabbit. It’s a good disguise should he ever need one!

When I was sitting with Mason last night, he came over by my feet and I assumed he wanted petting. After a little while of that he got up and started gnawing on the edge of the end table. There’s already a spot there that’s been eaten away so I don’t mind. He was chewing on that for like 15 minutes. I don’t know why he got the sudden urge, but that’s one good way to wear his teeth down!

Duffy bunny is back with us for the weekend. He’s such a friendly little guy and is also currently up for adoption from All About Rabbits Rescue. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Duffy, check out his petfinder page!

Duffy in Search of his Forever Home

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Duffy is going back to his foster home today after his weekend at Kamp Kronenberg. The little guy is still up for adoption, so if you know anyone who might be interested, check out his Petfinder Page. He’s so sweet and friendly and I can’t believe he’s the same rabbit I rescued two months ago. He lets anyone who wants to pet him and is happy to jump onto my lap on the couch for a petting session. I’d also like to mention how fantastic his litter habits are. For a rabbit who was running around outside not too long ago, he sure knows how to use a litter box! I’ll miss my little couch buddy!

Naps – The Best Time of the Day

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“Lola & Duffy”



Both of my visitors love flopping. Duffy does it under the coffee table and Lola does in the middle of the floor. She also has been known to flop on top of a table. That girl doesn’t care where she relaxes. Did someone forget to tell you you’re a prey animal, Lola? Duffy also hangs out up against the fence, which is another popular spot for rabbits. He’s got his eye on the action! Lola is going to be heading home later today so Duffy has to get his viewing in while he still can.

Duffy Jumps out of His Shell

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Yesterday Duffy jumped right into my lap on the couch for petting. It was so sweet! Then he did again for my mom and she got a long petting session with him. He’s a very friendly rabbit, so different from the crazy little guy who was running around in the bushes in Melville when I first rescued him.

Last night Lola jumped up onto my laptop. She likes being on top of the table in her pen more than being under it. She also doesn’t seem to care if there’s already something on it. She seems to spend most of the night sleeping up there. She’s like Snoopy sleeping on top of his dog house. I guess she’s got a good view from up there!

Gettin’ Friendly and Chowin’ Down

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I got to have some sweet pets with Duffy yesterday. He’s much more social than when he first arrived. He’s pretty much up for petting from anyone who walks by his pen, as is Lola but she’s always a friendly girl.

Both buns have great appetites and gobble their food up right away. I’m always glad to see good eaters, especially for buns who have never been to Kamp Kronenberg before like Duffy. Our Butterscotch is having an ongoing stasis issue, so making sure buns are always eating is a priority for me.

Weekend Bunnies

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Lola is very excited to be here at Kamp Kronenberg. She spent most of yesterday running around her pen, occasionally crashing into the wall when she didn’t slam on her breaks fast enough. Nothing fazes her though.

We also have another guest, the rabbit I helped to rescue in Melville, Duffy! Duffy was a little timid at first, but he seems much more comfortable this morning. He put his head down for petting right away when I came to change his water this morning. He’s also very happy to see Lola and I’ve left their “window” open so they can see each other all day. It’s going to be a fun weekend with these two!


Saving Duffy

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Duffy by Diana Kronenberg 1

“Duffy waiting to be rescued”

Duffy by Donna Dholakia

“Duffy safe in his foster home”

Several weeks ago, I coordinated the rescue of an adorable rabbit who was dumped in a gated community here on Long Island. This was a particularly difficult rescue since the rabbit had lots of open space and many bushes to hide in. He had been spotted with a couple of wild rabbits who likely showed him the ropes of the neighborhood and the good places to eat and hide. It took us two trips and 12 people to finally catch him. I rounded up several volunteers from the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group, and the finder/fosterer’s children brought some of their friends along to help as well. Once we had him penned in a bush, I put my hand down to pet him. He really put up a fight earlier, but as soon as I started petting him, he snuggled into the ground. I was able to gently pick him up and put him into a carrier.

He is now living with a wonderful foster family who have named him Duffy. Duffy is a very sweet bun who is full of joy, and easy to handle. He was recently neutered and received a good bill of health. Duffy is currently up for adoption and if you are interested in welcoming this sweet little fluff ball into your heart and home, please check out his petfinder page:

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