Welcome New Kronenbuns

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“Bella & Charlie”

Well, we’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but we’ve finally decided to keep our foster buns, Hershey and Butterscotch, and officially adopt them. They’re officially Kronen-buns now and their big brother Charlie and big sister Bella welcome them to the house! Now I’ve got a super soft Mini Rex, and the colorful Harlequin all my own. Having four bunnies full time will mean more work, and sometimes less room for bunny-sitting, but I know I’ll be happy having 4 little fuzzies to snuggle with. At first Butters and Hershey didn’t really like petting, but lately they’ve been warming up to me. I think Butters is still a bit skittish, but Hershey snuggles in and purrs when I pet. He’s so soft, I don’t know which of us is enjoying it more!


Two For the Work of One

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“Bella & Charlie”



Butterscotch and Hershey never cease to amuse me. Yesterday, Butters came over and seemed like he was trying to tell me something. I quickly realized that Hershey wasn’t in sight and went to look for him. He had pushed past a fence and was stuck in a corner. I let him out and then praised Butters for telling me Hershey was in a place he shouldn’t be.

They don’t usually get into trouble, but I guess Butterscotch was worried that Hershey was stuck. It certainly makes it simpler to take care of them when they’re each looking out for each other. These two boys are easier than one of each of my buns. (Sorry Bella and Charlie!!) It’s like they’re two halves of one bunny: a chocolate butterscotch furball, completely inseparable.

I was holding Charlie for a little grooming recently and he licked me a little. He only does this in dire situations (he’s not terribly affectionate with me). His little tongue was so warm! Bella sure is lucky to have him as her personal groomer!

On a personal note, I’m finally able to eat peanut butter again so I gave Charlie and Bella a little nibble. Charlie wasn’t interested, but Bella gobbled it right off my finger. I’m sure the sugar in it made it irresistible to her. Fortunately that sweet tooth of hers makes her a sweet bunny, or I’d worry she was going to bite my finger off along with the peanut butter.

Savoring the Dessert Bros.

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I recently got some quality time with our foster buns. Butterscotch let me snuggle with him on the floor. Usually he wants me up where he can see me when I pet him, but he put his head down on the floor and let me pet him. Hershey will only let me pet him from above, but he always nestles into my hand. Both bunny brothers eventually melt into their respective syrups. It’s best to try them after a meal as they’ll be sleepy and more likely to stay put.

As we don’t have any other buns in the living room right now, I routinely let Butterscotch and Hershey run around in there every evening. They love exploring the room, but when it’s time to go back in, they can be quite stubborn. Butterscotch will stop just outside the fence and lay down. “I’m good here, thanks!” Fortunately there’s one thing that always works: food! Even just a few dandelion greens will get them hopping right back into their room. They’re such sweeties. I wish I could get my Princess Bella to move that easily…

Quesy Butterscotch

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Poor little Butterscotch had a bout of stasis again this week. Of course it had to happen on the day we’re supposed to clean his room. After medicating him a few times (fighting him to get the medicine in) he recovered completely in a few hours. We were able to clean the room, we just did it in the afternoon instead of the morning. By that time both he and Hershey had camped out under the window in the living room anyway. Hershey was a surprisingly good bunny brother. He wanted to stay with Butters the entire time, and tried to defend him from me when I “bothered him”. He even preferred to stay with him rather than run over right away to eat pellets. Aw, what a good brother! I’ll definitely look to Hershey to tell me if this happens again. He’s a very smart rabbit.

Thump of Impending Doom

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Last night Butterscotch started thumping like mad when I went upstairs to take a shower. My mom and brother were trying to calm him down, but it went on for about 15 minutes before he stopped. He was fine by the time I came back downstairs, but we still don’t know what was upsetting him. His brother, Hershey, was just keeping it cool, totally unmoved by Butterscotch’s thumps. This seems to happen with Bella when Charlie thumps too. I thought the whole point of a thump was to signal danger, but it doesn’t do much good if other buns ignore it!

Help Needed for 2 Bonded Buns

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Firstly, I’m looking for anyone in the Long Island, NYC area can foster/adopt 2 bonded females. One is spayed, but the other is still too young. Please contact me ASAP if you think you can help: dlkrone@gmail.com

Budgie is sleeping in the sun this morning. He didn’t even run over when I came in the room. He must be so relaxed. Eventually he did come over and put his head on my knee for a snuggle. It’s gonna be hard to let this one go!! Now that Snoopy’s warmed up to me I try and pet him as much as I can. I don’t want him to feel left out. Whenever I do though, Budgie runs over to the fence. “Why have you left me???” He’s sure good at producing guilt.

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