Obstacle Couch

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I had a little lie down on the couch yesterday evening, and Honey decided to join me. Several times. He didn’t seem to mind that I was up there, taking up most of the space, but he didn’t stay for very long each time. As long as he’s not trying to escape, he can hop all over me!

Our little boy Butterscotch had a rough stasis bout last night that pretty much occupied most of my time. It lasted from 4pm to 12:15am through several rounds of medication, heating pads, temperature taking, one unhappy bunny, and frazzled humans. We even made a call to the vet to make sure we were doing everything we could, but she said as long as his stomach was soft, we just had to focus on warming up and not worry about getting him to eat. He did start to eat a little after midnight though, so the humans got to go to bed around 1am after confirming his temperature had reached over 101. Whew! He’s back to his normal self now, and the other bunnies in the house can finally get their share of my attention back.


You’re Not Hungry?!

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Yesterday morning my dad woke me up because Butterscotch wasn’t eating his greens. H was refusing raisins too, so my mom and I knew he must be having a stasis episode. We medicated him, and then again and again, and finally, 5 hours later, he was back to normal. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bunny, he or Charlie, take that long to recover. His ears weren’t cold, he just was not hungry. We separated him and Hershey so I could leave him his food without having shoo away Hershey. I stayed with him all morning and then went in the kitchen to clean greens after lunch. I was so relieved when I finally saw him nibbling on some alfalfa hay! He’s back to normal now, it’s just so scary when it happens. Chase bunny didn’t seem to mind the extra attention going to Butters, but I think Hershey wasn’t happy until he was allowed back with his baby brother.

Escapes and Upset Tummies

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

I tried to let Sherman come into the kitchen yesterday while I was cleaning bunny greens. I figure he must be unhappy being cooped up in his pen. He’s probably used to having more freedom at home, and he’s with us for almost 3 weeks. I opened his pen so he could come into the hall and even put down a piece of cardboard to walk on, but no dice. He did not like it and wouldn’t come out. I fully expected him to be running around the kitchen, trying to break into the dining room. Oh well.

Later in the evening though, Sherman broke out of his pen. I had gone upstairs for a moment and just clipped his gate shut with a black clip, not the gate lock, and apparently he figured out how to push past that. When I came back down not 5 minutes later, his little head was poking out into the hall. I ran in and saw his gate was wide open and he was heading for the other side of the living room. Hudson didn’t go near him,, (couldn’t care less) but I was worried that Hershey would fight him if he went close to their pen. He ran around the tiny area that is “no man’s land” in the living room for a minute before I corralled him back into his pen. Now if I could just put carpet down in kitchen, he’d run around in there instead!

This morning Butterscotch didn’t want to eat his pellets. He has gotten stasis in the past, so we were ready with the medication should the need arise. Fortunately, about 4o minutes later he was running around the room, checking out the laptop I was using to “spy” on him, and eating pellets. Phew! Crisis averted!

Bunny Supervision

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Well, Charlie had another stasis/bloat episode yesterday. I’m not sure which it was, since he recovered fairly quickly, but it came on suddenly as bloat does. This is about the third time it has happened in the morning. He eats his greens but then will not eat his pellets or anything else. We gave him a round of Simethicone, Metacam and Reglan and an hour later he didn’t want pellets but did take a raisin so I tried some parsley. He wolfed that down and his ears felt reasonably warm so I didn’t stress him out by giving him more meds. He ate regularly the rest of the day. I’m so glad that someone is always home to monitor Charlie’s (and the other buns’) eating habits since he is so bloat prone. Being here saved his life on more than one occasion.

The little bunnies downstairs knew nothing about the commotion upstairs. CJ is happily enjoying all his roommates now. Unfortunately he’s going home tonight. But I’m sure he’ll be glad to see his mama! Sadie will probably miss him, but another bonded pair is arriving tomorrow, so she’ll have two more bunnies to check out.

Quesy Butterscotch

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Poor little Butterscotch had a bout of stasis again this week. Of course it had to happen on the day we’re supposed to clean his room. After medicating him a few times (fighting him to get the medicine in) he recovered completely in a few hours. We were able to clean the room, we just did it in the afternoon instead of the morning. By that time both he and Hershey had camped out under the window in the living room anyway. Hershey was a surprisingly good bunny brother. He wanted to stay with Butters the entire time, and tried to defend him from me when I “bothered him”. He even preferred to stay with him rather than run over right away to eat pellets. Aw, what a good brother! I’ll definitely look to Hershey to tell me if this happens again. He’s a very smart rabbit.

Second Story Rabbits

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Butterscotch frequently jumps on top of my chair in the dining room to see what’s going on in the world, even more so since Clover has been here. Clover likes to sit on top of one of the boxes in her pen while I pet her. It’s adorable. She doesn’t really purr, but she does sit there for as long as I’m willing to pet her.

Not to be forgotten, (even though I spend the majority of my time with Bella and Charlie, albeit most of it is while I’m asleep) Charlie got my attention. He didn’t run for his pellets and when I went to bed he still hadn’t eaten any. After refusing some alfalfa, raisins, and papaya candy I got worried. I set my alarm for an hour and tried to go to sleep, but saw Charlie start to eat some of the hay. When my alarm went off he was hoping around and eating pellets. Phew! I need Charlie feeling good so he can help me run the house.

Diagnose Me– If You Dare

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My little man always keeps me on my toes. This morning he refused his pellets, causing me to fret and eventually decide that he must be gassy. We gave him 1.0 ml of Simethicone, 1 ml of Reglan and 0.5 ml of Metacam at 11am, against his wishes. He perked up by 1pm and started eating and snuggling with Bella again. He left quite a little mess on the blankets though. I think the meds are to blame for that. Stains can be cleaned, but my bunny’s health is paramount.

Bella’s little bald patch on her paw is growing, or rather she’s plucking it. The fur is growing back, and the skin looks ok, so I’m not worried about it. It goes just to the edge where her fingers start. It’s funny, I don’t usually think of the individual digits in their paws. They usually look like one big clump unless they’re stretching them out. Now I can see where they begin on her paw, and it’s actually kind of cool.

Bunnies Under the Tree

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I had some nice couch time with Budgie, but Snoopy didn’t really want much petting. He ran under the Christmas tree when I came over, so I let him be. Budgie did so many runs last night!

I was glad both Budge and Snoops are both so well behaved, because yesterday I had to spend the morning and early afternoon taking care of Charlie. He must have been gassy, because he refused his morning pellets, which he never does. After 4 hours, 5 syringe feedings, and some quality time together with a heating pad, Charlie is back to his normal self. It’s times like this where I’m glad he’s so smart. He did NOT like being cooped up in his carrier on the heating pad, but understood that I was doing it to help him, so he didn’t fuss. Once he started trying to escape, I knew he was feeling better.

Charlie says “No” to food???

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Poor little Charlie has tummy trouble on Saturday but fortunately he’s all better now. He’s had gas problems before, but this time his body temp was so low that we took him to the vet and they warmed him up. We gave him pain and gas meds at home, but it’s under 70 degrees in the house and I guess he just got too cold from not moving. If we’d realized we could have tried to warm him up.

We had to leave him overnight at the vet. I don’t know who it was more traumatizing for: me, Charlie, or my mom. Bella, as per usual, didn’t seem to notice anything was wrong. I suppose she just figured Charlie was in another room. I think he handled it okay, and was just one sleepy bunny when we took him home. Bella kept sniffing him all over (you smell like other bunnies!!) and waking him up, so I had to become a human shield between them so he could catch up on his Zzzs.

He’s back to his normal self now, grunting at mom, grooming his girl, and of course, being the first one at the food bowls.

Ther Other Bunny Did It!

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Bella’s still going nuts every morning. I come home to fresh destruction each day. I don’t know if it’s the weather or boredom but she hasn’t let up for over a week. If I could, I’d let her run around in the yard!

Last Wednesday night Charlie refused his dinner and a raisin! He was having a gassy tummy which sent me into a panic. It’s happened a couple of times before, but it’s hard to recognize in him because of his general fussy nature. He didn’t really want to take the medicine, but eventually I got him to lick it down. After a couple hours in the hallway he seemed well enough for me to go to bed. Seeing my feisty boy all sluggish and compliant is not a happy sight!

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