Skirt Nudgin’

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Both girls were so interested in the skirt I had on yesterday. They both came over to me when I sat on the couch and rubbed their heads on the edge. Maybe they would like skirts of their own, nah! Glenda bunny is heading home later today, which give us a chance to put up our Christmas tree before more bunnies come and take over the living room. Right now half of the tree is sitting in the corner and I don’t think the rabbits know what to make of it. “Something is wrong about that tree, but I don’t know what!”



Welcome Back, Cameron!

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Bella’s favorite thing to do here is to shred the pieces of cardboard I put in the corners of her pen. That’s exactly what they’re there for, and she certainly makes good use of them. She shredded one piece her very first night here! She then loves to flop on top of her little pile of cardboard, exhausted. Buns have such an exhausting life. Glenda isn’t as destructive, but both buns do very noisy runs every day. I think lops have bigger back feet and that makes for louder runs.

My foster bun Cameron came home from his neuter yesterday and he is in great spirits, running around, eating, just like he was before. It’s been a couple of days so I had hoped he’d be all better by the time he came home, but you never know for sure. He’ll be up for adoption soon and any home would be lucky to have this sweet little guy hopping around their house!

Pass the Cranberry Sauce!

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“Glenda & Bella”

One of my Thanksgiving traditions is to give all the bunnies in the house a little taste of my mom’s cranberry sauce. Some like it, some don’t. This year everybun ate some!¬†We had a house full of people and bunnies, and everyone was very well-behaved (well maybe except for a couple of the humans)! Our little foster bun Cameron had to spend Thanksgiving at the vet, recovering from his neuter, but he will welcomed home soon. I even saved him a little cranberry sauce!

Hoppy Thanksgiving from the Kronenbuns!

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“Charlie & Piper”





My Charlie bunny is still having some kind of appetite issue and we are bringing him in to the vet tomorrow morning if he does not improve today. Our little foster bun Cameron was neutered yesterday and is doing well. We hope to pick him up from the vet tomorrow. I’m very thankful for our wonderful rabbit-savvy vets at Catnip and Carrots Veterinary Hospital.

As for our two visiting rabbits, they are having a very fun time together. Glenda does her bunny runs in the early evening. Last night that was when Bella was napping, but it didn’t bother her one bit. She was even snoring a little bit. Later, she started her exercise and did very loud runs around her pen.

Two Hoppy Lops

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Bella and Glenda are visiting us for Thanksgiving this year. My boys Hershey and Butterscotch sure are happy to have two lovely ladies with us for the holiday. Bella has already picked out her favorite napping spot, next to the bookcase. She’s a big girl and is not bothered by anything. So very different from my big girl, Piper, but she is a lop. I know Glenda is always a mellow girl and she’s a lop too.

Bunny Spa Appts

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Glenda bunny is shedding up a storm, but I’m making sure to groom her every couple of days. She is not a fan though, so I’ve been picking up her litter box after she hops in and putting it on a high table. She fusses, but doesn’t have anywhere to go, so I’m able to groom her for a while like that. I have to do the same with my boys and Piper. Charlie is pretty good about it, always has been. He’s my smartie bun though. Stella’s not shedding very much, but she is chill enough that I can groom fur from her face. She’s an incredibly calm bunny, which is a good thing when they’re as big as she is!

Cuddly Ladies

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I was out all day yesterday, so my mom looked after all the bunnies for me. Fortunately, they didn’t give her too much trouble. All the girls in the house, Stella, Glenda and Piper wanted lots of petting, and my mom obliged. The girls in the house are more cuddly than the boys right now. You could start petting them and keep going for hours before they would tell you to stop, usually when one of you has to go to the bathroom.

Hoppy Birthday Charlie!

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Today is my little man Charlie’s 9th birthday. I’m so blessed that he hopped into my life and started me on the road to bunnytown. All that have come after have him to thank. He will accept bananas and alfalfa hay as thanks. Even though you make lots of messes for me to clean up, I love you more than anything little guy. Now don’t let Piper eat that cake.

Stella bunny is visiting us, giving Glenda a girl buddy in the living room. My boys are always happy to see a pretty lady, and there’s a lot of lady to Stella! She’s a big girl, and you know how I love the big buns. Stella is a sweetie, just like Glenda, so I’m sure the two will get along very nicely.

In the Petting Zone

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Glenda’s yet another bun who loves to sleep on the shelf in our end table. It’s right next to the couch so Glenda hops in there and sticks her nose up at me. That’s my signal to start petting, and never stop! Unless it’s to feed her though, that is always an acceptable excuse to stop petting.

We received a postcard yesterday from my Piper’s brother Mason, thanking us for watching him last month. Piper is always glad to hear from her brother. Even though it looks like she’s about to take a bite out of that card, she’d never take a bite our of her brother!

The Flop Life

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Glenda bunny is getting up there in years, but she still knows how to flop like a young bun. This girl is perfectly content to relax all day long, and then just for a change of pace, relax all night too. These house rabbits are living the good life and they know it!

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