Bunny Spa Appts

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Glenda bunny is shedding up a storm, but I’m making sure to groom her every couple of days. She is not a fan though, so I’ve been picking up her litter box after she hops in and putting it on a high table. She fusses, but doesn’t have anywhere to go, so I’m able to groom her for a while like that. I have to do the same with my boys and Piper. Charlie is pretty good about it, always has been. He’s my smartie bun though. Stella’s not shedding very much, but she is chill enough that I can groom fur from her face. She’s an incredibly calm bunny, which is a good thing when they’re as big as she is!


Cuddly Ladies

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I was out all day yesterday, so my mom looked after all the bunnies for me. Fortunately, they didn’t give her too much trouble. All the girls in the house, Stella, Glenda and Piper wanted lots of petting, and my mom obliged. The girls in the house are more cuddly than the boys right now. You could start petting them and keep going for hours before they would tell you to stop, usually when one of you has to go to the bathroom.

Hoppy Birthday Charlie!

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Today is my little man Charlie’s 9th birthday. I’m so blessed that he hopped into my life and started me on the road to bunnytown. All that have come after have him to thank. He will accept bananas and alfalfa hay as thanks. Even though you make lots of messes for me to clean up, I love you more than anything little guy. Now don’t let Piper eat that cake.

Stella bunny is visiting us, giving Glenda a girl buddy in the living room. My boys are always happy to see a pretty lady, and there’s a lot of lady to Stella! She’s a big girl, and you know how I love the big buns. Stella is a sweetie, just like Glenda, so I’m sure the two will get along very nicely.

In the Petting Zone

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Glenda’s yet another bun who loves to sleep on the shelf in our end table. It’s right next to the couch so Glenda hops in there and sticks her nose up at me. That’s my signal to start petting, and never stop! Unless it’s to feed her though, that is always an acceptable excuse to stop petting.

We received a postcard yesterday from my Piper’s brother Mason, thanking us for watching him last month. Piper is always glad to hear from her brother. Even though it looks like she’s about to take a bite out of that card, she’d never take a bite our of her brother!

The Flop Life

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Glenda bunny is getting up there in years, but she still knows how to flop like a young bun. This girl is perfectly content to relax all day long, and then just for a change of pace, relax all night too. These house rabbits are living the good life and they know it!

Gotta Hide My Carrot!

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Glenda is one of those bunnies who grabs a treat and runs off to find a safe hiding place to eat it. With bonded pairs, that’s understandable. They don’t want to get it stolen by a hungry mate. But Glenda is a single girl so there’s no threat of that. I guess she just doesn’t want to risk it being taken back by a human? No worries there girl, I don’t want your raw carrot stick! I’m actually allergic to raw carrots and some other veggies. It’s a pollen/protein issue, so I can eat them cooked, but no raw for me!

Knock Down that Tower

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Glenda is a great hay eater. I’m constantly filling the box back up. If you’re going to eat a lot of something, hay is the way to go (if you’re a rabbit)! I gave her some of the oh-so popular baby stacking cups yesterday and she knew right away what to do with them. I made a little tower and she knocked it over. Than I built it again, and she came back and knocked it over. Repeat for 20 minutes or until bun is tired of having to “fix” what you keep doing!

Glenda Lightning

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Glenda is one of the sweetest bunnies I know. Lops do tend to be more chill than up-eared bunnies, but this girl is a real gem. I opened up the window between pens so that she could see my boys yesterday and boy was she excited. Butterscotch lay down right near the fence and she started binkying, doing quick turns and running circles around her pen like lightning. That’s one happy girl! I know my Hershey loves to get that kind of response from a lady!

A Bunny Farewell

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Glenda bunny is heading home today. I know the boys will be sad to see her go as they’ve been lying next to each other through the fence all week. She’s a great footstool bun since she loves to lie at my feet and snuggle in for petting. She’s got such a soft head and doesn’t even mind if you ruffle her lop ears a little. There aren’t many more gentle buns that I’ve come across, but when it’s treat time, she switches to active mode and is ready to climb up the fences bars to grab at her treat. Always happy to have you, Glenda!

Typing Speed Limit

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I was typing fast yesterday and I have a mechanical keyboard so it tends to go clackity-clack, and my Piper did NOT like it. She jumped out of the litter box with hay still tucked into her mouth and thumped at me. Sorry girl! I guess I have to type a little slower!

Glenda is so sweet about asking for petting. She hops over to me and just puts her head under my foot. Sometimes I don’t realize she’s there right away, but she just lays down and waits for me to get the hint. She’ll stay there for a long time once I start petting her, but she doesn’t purr very much. I know she’s enjoying it though because if I stop, she moves her head to wherever my hand goes!

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