A Bunny Farewell

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Glenda bunny is heading home today. I know the boys will be sad to see her go as they’ve been lying next to each other through the fence all week. She’s a great footstool bun since she loves to lie at my feet and snuggle in for petting. She’s got such a soft head and doesn’t even mind if you ruffle her lop ears a little. There aren’t many more gentle buns that I’ve come across, but when it’s treat time, she switches to active mode and is ready to climb up the fences bars to grab at her treat. Always happy to have you, Glenda!

Typing Speed Limit

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I was typing fast yesterday and I have a mechanical keyboard so it tends to go clackity-clack, and my Piper did NOT like it. She jumped out of the litter box with hay still tucked into her mouth and thumped at me. Sorry girl! I guess I have to type a little slower!

Glenda is so sweet about asking for petting. She hops over to me and just puts her head under my foot. Sometimes I don’t realize she’s there right away, but she just lays down and waits for me to get the hint. She’ll stay there for a long time once I start petting her, but she doesn’t purr very much. I know she’s enjoying it though because if I stop, she moves her head to wherever my hand goes!

Live Rabbits Should NEVER Be Easter Presents

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Whenever Glenda gets a treat in this house, she grabs it and runs, flicking her feet. She scuttles to a corner where she can chow down without any chance of anyone else getting it, not that anyone would try!

Easter Rabbits

Yesterday our Long Island newspaper, Newsday, published my letter to their new pet columnist asking her to discourage live rabbits as Easter presents to children. It’s very important to me to help prevent rabbits from becoming impulse purchases¬†and instead encourage adopting and fostering from local rescue groups. Too few people realize that rabbits are at least a 10 year commitment like a dog or cat, and not a toy for children to play with until they get bored. Please share this advice with anything you know who may be thinking of getting a rabbit, for any reason. Rabbits everywhere will thank you!

Bunnies at the Window

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“Butterscotch, Hershey & Glenda”

My boys are both so happy to have Glenda here. They both spend most of the day under the coffee table where they have a good view of Glenda. She likes to lay next to the fence too. I close up the window at night to give them some privacy, and this morning Glenda was sitting at the fence, waiting. She’s pretty savvy abd learns fast!

Glenda the Good Returns

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Glenda bunny arrived yesterday for a week-long stay at Kamp Kronenberg. She’s such a sweet bun and always a joy to have here. My boys know her well so they’re always well-behaved when she comes. We had some snuggles after dinner last night and she even let me groom her a little, which isn’t easy with her. She’s got a great appetite though, eating everything I put down her. I gave her a slice of banana when I was mixing some with my Charlie’s antibiotic and she grabbed it out of my hand and took off behind the couch to chow down. “No bunny’s gonna get this banana from me!”

Black Friday Bunny Traffic

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“Budgie & Snoopy”

Budgie and Snoopy went home this morning, and Glenda will be leaving later today. There won’t be any empty time though since Rusty is arriving this afternoon. Lots of bunny traffic today!

Every bun had some cranberry sauce last night, except Budgie. He sniffed it, but would not even take a lick. When his brother Snoopy ate his he did the bunny butt-twitch, which means he really liked it!

After eating a big dinner with the other humans, I lay down on the couch in Budgie’s pen. He jumped up onto me almost immediately. I just wish he hadn’t chosen my face, but fortunately he doesn’t weigh much. He snuggled in on my chest while he licked my arm and I pet him with the other. I’m thankful for bunnies to snuggle with!

Hoppy Thanksgiving!

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"Piper's Thanksgiving Lunch"

“Piper’s Thanksgiving Lunch”







Hoppy Thanksgiving from all the Kronenbuns and our holiday visitors! My Piper isn’t wasting anytime chowing down today, and ate a big hole of hay in her litter box. To be fair, it did have clover in it, and that’s like Sweet Potato Pie to a rabbit. I usually let all the buns in the house try my mother’s homemade cranberry sauce, and I imagine most will scarf it all up!

Last night my mom pet Glenda for a long time, but when she stopped, Glenda started thumping. “I didn’t say you could stop, human!” Later she did some runs and all of the boys came over to the fence to watch her. It was adorable. Snoopy lifted up one of his ears, to listen in and my Hershey had that big smile on his face that I swear I can see.


A New Spring in His Hop

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Last night I had a very long snuggle with Budgie. He sat on my lap for about 20 minutes. He’d lick my hand for a while, then he would nudge his head under my hand, subtly letting me know that it was my turn to do the grooming. It’s certainly a nice way to keep your lap warm on cold evenings.

Later Snoopy started digging in his carrier again when Glenda came over to the fence. I had to take it out of his pen before he made a big mess. Glenda has certainly put a spring in his hop! A younger woman can do wonders for an older man, at least in the bunny world. My Piper has certainly made my eight-year-old Charlie feel younger.

Enough Glenda for Everybun

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Glenda arrived yesterday and is so excited to be here. She did runs right away and made a ruckus. All four boys came over to see her, even Snoopy. I woke up this morning to find that he had dug all the newspaper out of his carrier in an attempt to dig into her pen. I wasn’t expecting that from him! Budgie can see her through Snoopy’s pen, but he was content to make me the center of his attention last night. So far my boys, Butterscotch and Hershey have been pretty well behaved. They’re less than a foot away from Glenda. Butterscotch lay down and looked at her all evening, so I know he’s enjoying her stay!

Sticky Pets

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Last night I pet Glenda while I was lying on the couch. Great position for floor pets, we both get to lay down. She let me pet her for a long time, so good thing we were both comfy! I was eating cake beforehand so initially I got her head a little sticky from the frosting. Sorry girl! I don’t think she minded though!

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