Hoppy Halloween!

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“Charlie & Piper”

“Hershey & Butterscotch”

This year the Kronenbuns are the original quartet from Star Wars: Charlie as Luke Skywalker, Piper as Princess Leia, Hershey as Han Solo, and Butterscotch as Chewbacca. Happy Halloween!


Hoppy Super Halloween!

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My four Kronen-buns are all dressed up for Halloween as the Justice League this year. Charlie is Batman (he already has the ears and mask), Butterscotch is the Flash, Piper is Supergirl and Hershey is the Green Lantern. They all say they want some of the candy for the trick-or-treaters. I know they can smell it though the bags! I told them they’d each get a bunny treat later though.


In Newsday Today!

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My two oldest babies are in the newspaper today! (Charlie is actually from Animal Care & Control in Manhattan, but it’s a Long Island newspaper so I simplified.)

Night of the Living Bunny

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”



I carved my┬áJack O’ Lantern last night using inspiration from all 4 of our rabbits. It’s a bunny vampire. Ain’t he cute? We’ll have a week off from bunny sitting and the boys are happy to be allowed in the living room again. They say, “The best part of bunnies coming is sniffing the ground after they leave!” Smart little Hershey learned a new trick last week. He figured out how to open the kitchen accordion door from inside the dining room. That’s usually how we separate them to give Butters his extra pellets. Uh-oh! We’ll have to think up something else now!

My baby girl Bella was been wilding a lot lately. Every morning for a week now she wakes me up at 8am, digging hay in the litter box. Then she usually heads over to the closet where she chews and tosses old posters, before eventually bursting through the door. Just before I actually get up, she goes into her “cave” at the foot of my bed and rips up cardboard. I don’t know how she has so much energy! I guess that’s why she spends the rest of the day passed out under my chair.

Living Room Takeover

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I had a nice long petting with Honey last night. He let me groom his head a little too. I just kept pulling and pulling, there’s so much fur on there! He’s so fluffy. He tried to hop onto the coffee table too, but it was too slick for him to get traction. He was up on a cardboard box, so he just scampered a bit. Most bunnies don’t make it up on the coffee table, but they still try. The couch is not enough!

I always give Butterscotch an extra portion of pellets every afternoon/evening because his brother Hershey is on a diet. Sometimes I have to usher Hershey away if he sees me doing it. Recently Hershey was watching Butters eat, and only tried to sneak his nose in the bowl when i looked away. As soon as I came back, he ran away. He knows he’s not supposed to be eating those pellets. What a smart and sneaky boy!

More Greens and Pellets Please!

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I brought home a pumpkin yesterday and put it down to see what Hershey and Butterscotch made of it. They both sniffed if, but I guess it didn’t smell delicious enough because they basically ignored it. Oh well. I had a nice snuggle with Honey again last night. That little lop just pulls on the heartstrings. He’s also such a good eater that he’s always begging for more. I gave you 3 cups of greens and 1/4 cup of pellets, you’ll just have to eat hay now little guy. The only thing worse than a hungry bunny is an overweight bunny. Our Hershey might disagree with that statement, but I always have to be the bad guy when it comes to eating healthy.

Furry Halloween!

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All the buns had a pretty happy Halloween. The doorbell didn’t bother anyone (we actually had like 20 trick-or-treaters!!) and no one tried to eat any candy. I did bake some cupcakes which Bella smelled and then wanted.

Charlie dressed up as Zorro (he already has the mask), Bella is a princess, Cinnabun is a witch, and Bun-bun is Superbun!

Cinnabun and Bun-bun are going home tonight. We’ll miss them, they’re both very snuggly. They’ve been so at home here. I’m glad out home is so comfortable for visiting buns. I know leaving home can be stressful. With these two, I’m not sure how sad they’ll be to leave…

Charlie’s Wet Surprises

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While in a bunny-sitting lull, I got out the Halloween decorations today. Bella tried to eat a fake pumpkin. She doesn’t like the real ones though. They both loved sniffing the floor after I took the boxes down from the attic. I let both buns have a taste of apple cider and Bella loved it, of course. She came back for seconds and thirds and then I had to take it away before she drank the whole glass.

Lately, for a currently unknown reason, Charlie has been peeing all over the floor in my parents’ room. He could have smelled something we tracked in, felt we had somehow slighted him, or he could possibly have something wrong medically. We’re watching it. He’s always been a “malicious pee-er” and he’s good about using the litter boxes in my room, so I don’t really know what to make of it. He’s a tough little guy to figure out. In the meantime, both buns are getting limited access to my parents’ room, which is a good thing for my mom, as she recently broke a toe and doesn’t need to literally add insult to injury by stepping in bunny pee.

Back on Our Turf

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We returned home earlier this week and things have slowly gone back to normal.

I finally was able to pull this photo off of my camera of their Halloween costumes. If it isn’t obvious, Bella is Minnie Mouse and Charlie is Mickey. The costumes lasted longer this year than in previous. They actually kept them on for a full 30 seconds after the photo was taken. Next year I’m going for a full minute!

We had a visit from a bun we’ll be sitting for next week named CJ. Charlie was so curious about him that he hopped right up to his human, sniffing her all the while, and went nose to nose with CJ. They nudged noses (their way of talking) and things were going well until CJ got a bit too friendly for Charlie and he boxed him a bit. CJ was okay but Charlie came back to keep sniffing his human.

I’m surprised Charlie was as sweet as he was. He even let CJ’s human pet him. I guess the way to Charlie’s heart is with good smells!

Frankenstorm Meets Bunnyzilla

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bunny halloween

I haven’t posted all week because hurricane Sandy knocked out our power for days. This is the worst storm I have weathered and certainly for the buns. They’ve been troupers though. It gets down to 59 degrees inside and stays around 63. They don’t like the cold, (and neither do the humans!!!!!) but puff up their fur to keep warm.

I think they wonder why it’s suddenly so dark after dinner and why we’re using those funny fire sticks instead of their usual lamps. I wonder if getting electricity back will just confuse them further.

Halloween was a washout this year, but I don’t think they really minded. They did wear their costumes (for 30 seconds) and they weren’t miffed they didn’t go out trick or treating like the other kids. Their pumpkin still became a jack’o’lantern and once again they told me that they did not, in fact, like pumpkin and would I give them something else to eat?

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