Hoppy International Rabbit Day!

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Today is International Rabbit Day, which is also known as every day in my house! I base my schedules around these furry little guys and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So cuddle up with a rabbit and celebrate! Unless your rabbit is like my Butterscotch, who does not like cuddles from humans and prefers that you just admire him from afar. He’s so handsome that I don’t really mind.

Yesterday was my big girl Piper’s 3rd “Gotcha Day” Anniversary, as well as her litter-mate brother Mason’s. Today, their other two litter-mate sisters, Chloe and Portia finally went to their forever home. They all share a birthday and will now all have almost the exact same “Gotcha Day” too. Congrats girls!

Sleepy Snuggles

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I had some nice snuggles with Mason last night. He likes to just lie there on the couch next to me, and we both fall asleep while I’m petting him. He is much calmer than his sister Piper. She’d probably tolerate me petting her for a while, but tends to get bored after a bit and is on to the next adventure. She’d probably snuggle with Charlie forever though.

Surprise, It’s a Bunny!

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“Charlie, Piper & Cameron”



There’s a big box in Mason’s pen and he’s decided that it makes a great perch. It’s really for sitting under, but he likes to sit on top of it as well. Guess the couch isn’t’ giving him a good enough view!

Last night we brought Cameron upstairs for some run around time, in a larger space. We’ve done this before, but this time I put a double fence down the middle of the hall, and let him see Charlie and Piper. He spends a lot of time looking at rabbits through fences, downstairs, so I thought he’d like to see the bunnies upstairs too. He did, but my Piper was very upset. I don’t know why, maybe she just wasn’t expecting to see him there. She was on high alert the whole time, except for when Charlie came over and she snuggled with him. Charlie was a little curious, but didn’t care as much as Piper.

Mason the Puppy

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I’ve always said that big bunnies are like puppy dogs, and Mason is like a sheepdog. He gets so excited whenever he *thinks* he might be getting a treat, ready to jump his three foot fence to get it. He’s also been jumping on the couch with me, but never wants to sit in my lap. No bunny ever seems to want to do that. He just snuggles next to me, and presents his head for petting.

DMG, Anybun?

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Mason gets some DMG for immune system support every day, just like my Charlie. He usually eats in some banana, but I was curious to see if he would just take it from a syringe. My Charlie always does. A dropper come with the bottle, but I find that rabbits like a syringe more than a dropper. My experiment was a resounding success. Not only did Mason slurp his DMG from the syringe, he tried to pull it out of my hand to get the last few drops! “This syringe tastes good!”

Just Keep Groomin’

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I did some bunny grooming this morning. Some rabbits are fine with grooming on the floor, others I have to pick up for it. Charlie, Cameron and Butterscotch are okay with my gentle plucking on the floor, but I have to put Piper and Hershey up on the counter to groom. I use a fur-buster comb on Piper, but Hershey has short Rex fur, so I just use my fingers. It’s always better to groom them than to let them ingest all of their fur. This is especially important for rabbits who are stasis-prone or have a mate who is. More bunny fur for me!

Snuggles or Solo?

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Sometimes Mason snuggles with me on the couch. Other times he just likes to snuggle all by himself. I don’t mind, I’m used to bunnies snubbing my affection. There’s still 5 other rabbits in the house for me to try and snuggle with!

Snuggle Boy & Destructa-bunny

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Mason jumped up on the couch last night with me and snuggled for a good 20 minutes. I don’t think his sister Piper would tolerate that for as long, unless it was snuggling with Charlie. Mason is a sweet boy though. On the other side of the living room, my Cameron is showing off his bunstruction skills. He chews on cardboard everyday, and last night he started chewing up his foam bathmat. He doesn’t ingest it, but obviously that’s not good so I had to take it away from him. He may be a little wobbly, but that doesn’t stop him from being destructive when he wants to be!

Mason Visits

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My Piper’s litter-mate Mason is visiting us. Doesn’t he look just like her? He’s a big sweet boy and loves to eat, just like his sister. He spent a lot of time up on the couch, and even went to sleep up there. He waited until after I had left the room though. I wouldn’t have minded sharing the couch with him though!


In the Petting Zone

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P1300971 (1)




Glenda’s yet another bun who loves to sleep on the shelf in our end table. It’s right next to the couch so Glenda hops in there and sticks her nose up at me. That’s my signal to start petting, and never stop! Unless it’s to feed her though, that is always an acceptable excuse to stop petting.

We received a postcard yesterday from my Piper’s brother Mason, thanking us for watching him last month. Piper is always glad to hear from her brother. Even though it looks like she’s about to take a bite out of that card, she’d never take a bite our of her brother!

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