Operation Un-Stack the Cups

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“Sal & Minnie”


“Minnie & Sal”

Both Sal and Minnie love knocking over the stacking cups. The moment after I set them up, one of them comes over to knock them down again. I wonder if they just prefer to have them all on the floor in a heap? Minnie came up on the couch with me briefly yesterday, but no petting was allowed. She’s my best friend at meal time though! These two are a riot and always dance around my feet when I come into their pen. Love bonded pairs!


Back of the Couch Snuggles

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During the day, both Sal and Minnie are hiding somewhere, sleeping. At night however, is when they come out to play! Both buns jumped up on the couch, all the way up top on the back. Then they proceeded to lay down and snuggle up there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen rabbits do that before! Sal hung out with me on the couch and let me pet him a bit, but Minnie is a little more aloof. She came over to me only when I had food for her, but that’s something! I’d always rather have bunnies who “don’t need me” than ones who are always getting into trouble!

Two More Cuties

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Sal and his bun-wife Minnie are visiting us this week. So far they’re exploring and sniffing everything. Minnie is a little more shy. So far she runs into the corner every time I enter the room, but Sal seems a little more friendly. Neither has let me pet yet, but I’m giving them their space so that they can get adjusted. My Hershey really wants to see them, especially Minnie, but I don’t want to overwhelm her. Hershey can be pretty intense for a little guy!

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