At the Rabbit Groomers

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We clipped my Charlie’s nails yesterday and he was a very good boy about it. Last time we picked him he got a butt bath, so I think he was relieved it was just a clipping! His butt looks pretty good too. He has a tendency to pee on the mat in front of the litter box, and then lean back into it while he eats pouch pellets. Now I’m putting just a little bit of alfalfa hay in the back of the litter box to entice him to come in. So far it’s been working pretty well. The box is soaked and the mat is pretty dry. Way to pee, Charlie!

Downstairs, the boys are all shedding. I groomed Jacko for a while and took off so much fur, I could make another Jacko! I need to give my Hershey a good groom, but he’s much less compliant. He’s shedding chocolate “flakes” all over.

Us Bunnies Don’t Need You

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We clipped Hershey’s nails last night and he was such a good boy. He hardly flinched at all. I’d expect nothing less from a retired show bunny! He also got raisins for being good, so there’s an incentive.

Yesterday Sherman decided to climb up on my laptop. To be fair, it was sitting on one of HIS cardboard boxes, in HIS pen, and he wanted to look over at Hudson from atop the box. That’s what I get for putting it there. At least it wasn’t open at the time. He wouldn’t care, bunnies never do. Especially when my “toys” take attention away from them. I guess I’m lucky they don’t try to destroy them!

Hudson came over to me when I was seated on the couch and lay down under my feet. I thought that meant she might want some petting. Nope! She shied away from my hand and then grunted at me, so I guess she just felt like sitting there. Sometimes bunnies are just fine without human interaction.

Bunny Spa Appointments

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Yesterday afternoon we gave Chase’s nails a little clipping. We’ve turned into a full service bunny spa. She has dark nails like Hershey, but wasn’t as fussy about my clipping. I wish we could just give them some kind of a brick they could rub them down themselves. Bella did that a little to her front nails when she was digging at my wall in her cave. Fortunately Chase wasn’t very upset and was happy to let me pet her later in the day. She even put her paws up on me and begged for a cookie I was eating.

Rusty is going home today, and I’m sure Chase will miss him. She’s leaving tomorrow though so she’ll just have the boys in the dining room for a little while longer. I don’t think she’ll mind being a solo bun back at home. She’ll be the center of attention again!

Clip, Crackle & Chase

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Two nights ago at around 12:30, there were several gunshots or fireworks that went off. I went around the house, checking on the all the buns, but they seemed okay. Never found out what it was though.

I had a nice long petting session with Chase at my feet last night. We made some adjustments to her pen as we had to make room for Rusty. She was very curious about that, and of course was very excited when he arrived this morning. I’ve let them see each other a little bit, and they seem mostly friendly. I don’t think they’ll have any trouble being good roommates.

Before Rusty arrived this morning we clipped Hershey’s nails. He is not happy when we do that. His nails are dark so I’m always a little more cautious not to clip them too short. He, however is afraid of ANY clipping, and fusses at almost every nail. I’m going to have to do his twice as often as I normally would. I always have the Kwik Stop ready, but I’ve never actually gotten blood.

Bunnies at the Salon

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“Bella & Charlie”

​I clipped Charlie’s nails yesterday. He’s such a good boy about it. Of course, he wasn’t happy about it, but he let me do it, with raisin incentives. I wish all buns were as easy to clip as him. Bella occasionally pulls the puppy pads out from under the litter box, and by that I mean once a day. One morning she did it while I was sleeping and pulled the whole pad through her cardboard tube. I couldn’t find it when I got up initially and then couldn’t believe she did that without waking me up.

Butterscotch has finally figured out that he can get to the living room if he runs through the kitchen. Now he bolts through when we open the door, so we have to barricade the other kitchen entrance. He’s so fast, he’s snuck by us several times already. Can’t outrun a bunny, have to outsmart them. Also not easy.

Hershey got a grooming this afternoon. I have to keep rolling him with sticky pads every week when he starts to get too fluffy. He doesn’t let me pluck like I do with Butterscotch and my buns, and the comb doesn’t work on his rex fur. He’s never happy with me after grooming.Both Hershey and Butterscotch’s weights are around 5 lbs now. Butters a little over and Hershey a little under. I’d like to get Hershey closer to 4 lbs eventually, but it’s not easy keeping a bunny on a diet.


Highly Intelligent Rabbits

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Hershey and Butterscotch have become fond of laying down up against the convector. I often find him snuggled up against it in the corner, where heat gets trapped. What a smart little guy. And today Hershey took a page out my Bella’s book and started ripping up the cardboard against a wall. I do hope he isn’t trying to tunnel to the backyard though.

Hershey (and Butterscotch) have been on a lighter diet for the past week and I’m already seeing improvement. I don’t find anymore uneaten pouch pellets on floor, either Hershey is making less, or is better able to reach them. Hopefully, a combination of the two. I’d like him to slim down about a pound and a half, and Butters half a pound. I don’t know how long that will take, but both boys are certainly exercising their little tails off. Go boys, go!

I clipped Charlie’s nails and was able to do all four feet by myself for the first time! It takes 2 people to do each of Bella’s, but Charlie is much calmer bun when it comes to these sort of things. He totally understands what I’m doing, and only wiggles when I clip the last nail on each foot (how does he know that?) so I’ll release his upper half. My little man earned his treats that time!

(B)unauthorized Decking the Halls

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Bella seems to be feeling better. We’re still giving her metacam twice a day but she isn’t holding her paw up much anymore.

It was time to clip Charlie’s nails this week and I had also noticed his poops were accompanied by a foul odor so I cleaned out his scent glands. I had never done this before so I wasn’t sure how he would react. He was such a good boy! He didn’t fuss at all. It’s nice to have a smart bunny at difficult times. Now we don’t have to smell his “bunny farts,” and I had a chance to try something new.

I started putting out the Christmas decorations today, and as usual, Charlie was not amused. He doesn’t like it when I start rearranging the room. He eventually left and settled in my parent’s room for awhile. Bella was zonked out under my chair. I’m sure she’ll appreciate the decorations when she eventually notices them.

Charlie: “She did it!”

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We clipped Bella’s nails last week. Instead of picking her up, we let her keep her back feet on the table, like I do with Charlie. She behaved a lot better than usual. I really think that makes a difference. We still need two people to do her, but at least it doesn’t take us over an hour!

After staying in my room all night, Bella went to town in my parents’  room’s litter box. The floor is more litter, poop and hay than carpet now. Fortunately, it’s not my room! She’s been waking them up whenever she’s allowed to stay in there at night. Oh Bella. We’re thinking of taking her outside so she can run off some of that excess energy.

She also scared my brother recently. I heard him yelp, wondering what on Earth would do that, only to then hear him exclaim, “Bella!”. She apparently came in and nudged his foot. I’m accustomed to that bunny greeting, but he doesn’t expect it in his room. The buns only go in there every so often.

Not the Feet! Anywhere But the Feet!

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Ever since we brought this tube back up after bunny sitting, our buns can’t stop chinning it (that’s how a bunny says “This Is Mine Now!) over and over. Every night they have to stop in the hall and check it out.

We clipped Bella’s back nails yesterday much to her sufferance. One foot was okay, she barely moved, but the other was a nightmare. I don’t think she likes us touching her feet (I don’t blame her) but boy is she god at wriggling out your grasp. Charlie is a little easier to keep put.

I did some cleaning and rearranging last night and that always sets the buns atwitter.  Bella got so upset that she had to leave the room during mealtime, but Charlie was just too curious. He came right over to see what I was doing, but is ready at a moment’s notice to flee.

Little Brothers Matter Too!

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Charlie's Buddy

So Bella was very well behaved when she got her back nails clipped.  I also had a pretty easy time getting her into her carrier.  I cornered her off and after exploring every potential exit, she just hopped in on her own.  Can’t guarantee that will happen again, but it’s a start!

After noticing that Charlie’s hocks were getting a bit red, I decided that the current litter box situation was a no go.  Bella wants to push all the litter towards the front and pee on plastic.  She has longer fur though, so it’s not as a big of a problem.  After several different attempts and arrangements to quell her destructive desires and keep a clean box I think we finally found something that will work.  Now I have 2 small litter boxes in my room: one in the middle and one under the window.

Now that it’s getting warmer outside, we’re opening the windows to let in a breeze.  Apparently Charlie really likes how the breeze in mom room feels since he spends most of the day sleeping right under it.  This is the rabbit who left my room 2 summers ago because I kept it “too cold” for him.

It’s not uncommon to find Charlie in my parent’s room and Bella in mine for extended periods now.  Although they do spend the night in their respective rooms.  Bella also seems to understand somehow when it’s bedtime and sometimes goes home all on her own.  She’s getter smarter every week!

At this rate she and Charlie will have enslaved the house in a few months…or have they already?

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