Hoppy New Year!

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“Charlie & Piper”


“Butterscotch & Hershey”


“Benita & Uriel”

Since the bunnies generally “go to bed” before midnight, they all made sure they got in their New Years kisses early. Benita and Uriel are heading home today, but the living room won’t be empty for very long! When I finally went to bed last night, right before I fell asleep, my Piper thumped. There were fireworks going off in our neighborhood, so that may have spooked her. Then, 10 minutes later she thumped again. Poor girl. Not sure what it was that time, but I guess she wasn’t ready to go to bed yet! Party on!


The Whole House Has Bunny Fever

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Apparently Whitney doesn’t like carrots. I’ve never met a rabbit who didn’t like carrots. At least, she didn’t want to eat them for me. She’s been suck a sweetie though. She nuzzles into my hand and snuggled up against my arm while I was trying to give Alfie his eye drops. These buns will be hard to say goodbye to.

We’re expecting two more buns later today. Batten down the hutch hatches! Hopefully all will go smoothly and I’ll have 7 buns to look after. I know Benita is looking forward to it. She loves having Alfie and Whitney to watch. She was so excited she did bunny runs last night after looking at them.

O Christmas Tree, How YUMMY are Your Branches

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Charlie is back to his usual calm and occasionally fussy self. Our vet called us twice to see how he was doing. And that is why Catnip and Carrots are the best.

I tried to do a little Christmas photo shoot tonight. Two hours later I THINK I have one good picture. I’d be lost without digital photography. Charlie chinned the camera once. I guess that means it’s his now. Bella almost pulled their little Christmas tree down about 3 times and tried to eat the ornaments. Then, of course after 15 minutes they didn’t care about the tree anymore and lay down on the other side of the room.

This week I fashioned up a lil webpage for my bunny sitting service. It’s mostly a way for me to show off all the happy buns we’ve had here (and as “aww” ammo for certain housemates of mine who don’t want any more rabbits in the house). So if you’re local and need someone to watch your bun (even though you really don’t want to because this is the first time you’ve ever left him or her somewhere else before) check me out!

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