A New Spring in His Hop

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Last night I had a very long snuggle with Budgie. He sat on my lap for about 20 minutes. He’d lick my hand for a while, then he would nudge his head under my hand, subtly letting me know that it was my turn to do the grooming. It’s certainly a nice way to keep your lap warm on cold evenings.

Later Snoopy started digging in his carrier again when Glenda came over to the fence. I had to take it out of his pen before he made a big mess. Glenda has certainly put a spring in his hop! A younger woman can do wonders for an older man, at least in the bunny world. My Piper has certainly made my eight-year-old Charlie feel younger.

Last Day of the Royal Visit

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“Annie & Penny”


King Kirby and his princesses are heading home today. For some reason, my Bella loves looking down at these visitors. She usually isn’t very interested in the visitors but for some reason he likes these guys. Maybe she’s got a thing for King Kirby? Don’t worry Princess Penny, Charlie’s not letting her go anytime soon!

I took a little map on the couch last night, or rather tried to, as Annie kept catapulting up on me. She’s not the first rabbit to do that, but she’s probably the most persistent. Later on she discovered the blanket on the couch also makes a very nice tunnel to play in. She’s explored that for a while.

I had some crackers in the afternoon and it spurred a flurry of activity centered in my lap. I guess Kirby and Penny thought I had something yummy. I showed them both bag, assuming they wouldn’t be interested, and fortunately I was right. They each had a sniff and then hopped away. Phew! Snack crisis averted.

Sunning and Stealing

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“Kirby & Penny”

The last couple of days it’s been very sunny and Kirby just loves snoozing the sunlight. He’s always so warm when I got pet him since his black coat soaks up all the rays. Some buns seek it out, others don’t. Penny prefers to sleep under her cardboard box, but Kirby likes to lie in the sun all morning. He just looks so contented. Ah to be a bunny! Annie keeps trying to steal my drink, even if it’s just iced tea. She only seems to ignore it when I have water. I can’t have a straw when  I’m in her pen either as she steals it! I can’t even put the drink on a table, because she’s taken over that as well. Oh well. Must be vigilant.

I bake my own banana bunny cookies to give our rabbits and the visitors, and I made a new batch last week. Surface space is at a premium in our house, so I left the cookie tray on my chair at the kitchen table after it had cooled, overnight. In the morning Butterscotch and Hershey are allowed in the kitchen. Well Butters made a beeline for my chair, jumped up and started eating the cookies! Luckily my dad was there to stop him from eating them all, but ever since then he always checks that chair in the kitchen for something good.


Aerial Attack Rabbit

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Last night I lay down on the couch for a little while and Annie  wanted to join me. She jumped up onto the pillow I had my head on and the next thing I see is a rabbit in the air, flying right at me. Ah!! Later, she stole the straw from my juice, and then stuck her head in my glass to try and get a sip. Not to be outdone, Kirby climbed into my lap when he heard me eating crackers. I offered him one but he refused it. I don’t know what he thought I had, but it wasn’t what he wanted.

Butterscotch is enjoying having other bunnies to watch. He was sitting up on a chair for a while in the evening to get a better view. He can look Annie in the eye when she’s up on the coffee table!

Daredevil Bunny

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“Penny & Kirby “

The annex stopped working yesterday because Penny discovered it, (she learns fast) so I’ve been giving Kirby his pellets throughout the evening when I’m in their pen. Whenever Kirby comes over to me, I put down his pellet bowl and vitamin, and then play interference with Penny by petting her until he’s had his fill for the moment. Then I repeat. Twice last night Penny started licking my leg a lot. I don’t know if she’s trying to butter me up to get some of Kirby’s pellets, or if she’s just saying thanks for petting her. Either way it’s very sweet. I hope my pants don’t taste too bad!

Annie didn’t manage to escape at all yesterday, yay! She’s still trying though. She’s learned that the fastest way to get across the pen isn’t running around the floor but rather jumping up onto the coffee table, running/sliding across, and then jumping down off the end. This little girl has no fear. She also likes to periscope while standing at the edge of the table. Doesn’t she know bunnies are fragile?? My brother spent some time with her yesterday but she wasn’t interested in petting, just running across his lap and trying to climb up his back. At least she’s providing entertainment for Butterscotch and Hershey!

Couch Frolics

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I had a long petting session with Kirby yesterday afternoon. He’s a such a soft silky guy. When I went over to greet Penny this morning he was in the litter box, but he bolted right over to Penny when I went to pet her. I don’t know if he wanted pets or just wanted to protect his lady, but it was sweet.

Last night it was raining hard and suddenly Kirby and Penny got up he chirped and thumped several times. I thought it was from the rain and I tried to calm him, but then my mom noticed that Bella and Charlie were upstairs in the hall looking down on Kirby. He must have seen my big white bunny up there and gotten upset! Bella has spent a  lot of time sitting at the top of the stairs looking down. She isn’t usually this interested, but maybe she likes these guys.

Little Annie is certainly keeping me on my toes. I gave her the couch back in the afternoon when I came to spend time in the living room. She immediately sneaked behind the couch and I had to adjust the pillows twice to stop her from doing it again. Then Later in the evening I was in Penny and Kirby’s pen and Annie found a way to squeeze down the side of the couch. She did this 3 times and each time I thought I had fixed it and went back into the other pen. Finally I had to clip a stuffed animal to the fence to block the hole and that worked. At least she doesn’t jump up on the back. I still want her to have the couch in the evening. She’s just so cute when she runs around up there.


The King and His Rabbit Princesses

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“Butterscotch & Annie”

“Kirby & Penny”

King Kirby and his two princesses arrived last night for a week long stay at Kamp Kronenberg. Annie celebrated by doing bunny runs on the couch last night. I’ve never seen a bunny do that before! She also quite enjoyed jumping up onto the coffee table and playing with a tissue box. I heard *thud thud* later in the evening and rushed down to see what was going on: Annie was tossing the tissue box on the table. That little girl sure knows how to take anything and turn it into a fun toy!

Penny and Kirby spent a good time snuggling up against the fence. Even Annie came over and lay down up against the fence near her big brother and sister. It was adorable! After some extreme ear grooming and a nudge war between Kirby and Penny, Penny let me pet her for a while. What a sweetie. This was also useful when I was trying to get Kirby to eat his pellets without Penny stealing them. I practice that trick on Hershey too. We made Kirby an annex pen when I’m not in there with him so he can eat his pellets and banana vitamin in peace. So far that’s been working out well, and Penny won’t go in there.

7 bunnies in my charge, peace of cake- right?


Miss (or Mister) Cutest Bunny Antics

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Toby has decided that he prefers to sleep under the Christmas tree rather than in his pen. It’s adorable. He’s competing with Annie for “Cutest Bunny Antics”. She’s a tough contender though. This morning she’s been sleeping in different spot along her fence. Maybe she’s moving with the sun? Although, there isn’t any sun today, it’s snowing! The royal buns are leaving this afternoon . I hope they don’t mind a few flurries! Kirby and Penny’s pen got an upgrade, as we opened up the little annex for Kirby to finish his pellets in to both of them. Yay! Kirby’s eaten all of his pellets. Now we just have to wait for Toby…

We’re Really Kangaroos

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Toby loves hopping around under the Christmas Tree. I keep an eye on him so he doesn’t chew on any branches or wires, but he mostly wants to dig at the skirt and look over at Penny and Kirby. I don’t think that they like that he has tree access, but the two of them would probably climb up into it, and knock it over. I had put a pillow on top of Annie’s chair, to prevent her from jumping up there at night. What does my dad find in the morning? Annie on top of the pillow. I swear, some bunnies have springs built into their feet. Toby hops around like an antelope!

Waiter, Where’s My Dinner!

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Everyone is still gobbling down their food, except Toby, who takes his time. I don’t know how, but Kirby and Penny always seem to know when I’m getting ready to feed them. I’m around the corner, out of their vision where only Annie can see me, but they’re always at the fence, paws up when I look at them.

When my dad was watching them for a bit yesterday, Toby jumped up on the Christmas tree platform and had to be shooed down. Of course, he waits for me to leave before he attempts it. I’m apparently the authority in the house. Annie keeps jumping up on the chair we put in her pen. She likes to sit up there and look around. Conceivably she could jump out of the pen from there, but I don’t think she realizes that. I let her run around in the kitchen a bit and she always exhausts herself. Half an hour later she’s always back in her pen sleeping. Adorable!

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