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“Billy & Nutmeg”

Billy and his girls are going home today, and we get a few days break until more bunnies come to kamp. Nutmeg gave Princess a back massage with her mouth last night. Those girls are so sweet to each other. I know the boys are going to miss having them in the living room. They love the ladies!

Butterscotch also appreciated having other bunnies around for the two nights Hershey was at the vet. He had a stasis episode and we had trouble warming him up so we brought him to the vet where they put him in a heated cage and made him all better. We’re going to replace the heating pad, thinking of getting a SnuggleSafe, so we can treat them at home. Now all 3 boy Kronenbuns have had stasis. Charlie’s seems to be the easiest to treat, but they’re all nerve wracking. Fortunately Bella seems to have an iron stomach.


Bunny Ballet

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“Princess & Nutmeg”


Last night after snuggling, Nutmeg and Billy jumped over/under each other like a crisscross. I don’t think they planned it, but it looked beautifully choreographed. Billy later came over and nudged my foot for attention. “Pet me!” Then Nutmeg joined him and I got to do a double pet. There aren’t many more pleasing sounds than two bunnies purring in unison. Maybe three bunnies. Princess isn’t too eager to be petted so I mostly leave her alone. She’s older and arthritic so I try to keep her from moving unnecessarily. We do share two nice moments every day when I give her medication. She loves that stuff and slurps it down. I guess she doesn’t mind tolerating me.

Bunnies From “Outer Space”

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“Billy & Butterscotch”

“Princess & Nutmeg”

Billy and Butterscotch had a few close encounters last night, through plastic and double fences. The girls were totally uninterested, but maybe Billy liked seeing another boy.

All of a sudden Billy started thumping last night, and then I realised that my Charlie and Bella were out in the hall upstairs and he could probably see them. “Bunnies from up above!”

For a brief period last night I was able to double pet Nutmeg and Billy while they snuggled. I even tried sitting in their bed cushion on the floor to be near them, but that only lasted a few minutes before they moved on to something else.

This morning Nutmeg was tossing around the plastic baby keys for a solid 5 minutes. It was adorable, as expected. Those keys sure are a hit with these buns!

Gettin’ Comfy at Kamp

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“Princess, Billy & Nutmeg”

Princess has been moving around a bit more these last couple of days. She tossed a set of baby keys into her water bowl in the morning and was digging at the carpet with Nutmeg a little. I guess they’re getting comfortable/bored here. I let Butterscotch out for a little while yesterday so he could come over and meet the visitors. The girls didn’t seem interested, but Billy certainly was. They were sniffing each other and probably talking too. I hope they were making friends!

Unless You Got Banana, Do Not Disturb

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“Nutmeg & Billy”

Last night I guess my mom was laughing too loudly in the kitchen, because Billy started thumping in the second floor of his cottontail cottage. That was a weird sound. Not used to hearing thumps on cardboard.

I gave all the bunnies in the house last night a little banana snack. By the time I got to the trio in the living room Nutmeg was following me around. If they didn’t like me before they certainly do now! These buns are of the variety that don’t mind having me around, but are perfectly content to just snooze with each other and ignore me all day.

Bunny Huddle-Up

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It’s gotten colder around here so the bunnies are all snuggling up more. When the trio in the living room snuggles together, they look like a “Nutmeg” Sandwich on “white bread” (Princess) and “marbled rye” (Billy). I’m always happier when we have buns who have a partner to snuggle with when the temperature dips at nighttime. It never gets too cold, but non-moving bunnies tend to get cold ears after a little while. I’ve put blankets on my buns upstairs in the past. Those stay on for about 10 minutes.

Our visitors are 3 of the best behaved bunnies we’ve had here. They’re on the older side so that probably makes a difference. No destroying furniture, no escape attempts, and no begging for human food. I’ve also got a soft spot for big bunnies like Princess. She’s the size of my cousin’s dog. I’d love to have one that big someday.

Triple the Bun!

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“Billy & Princess”

When not on one of the levels of his cottage, Billy spends some of his time talking to the boys in the dining room. Hershey and Butters are always curious to meet new bunnies and I think Billy likes having boys to talk to. Princess is the mama bun of the group. She’s very maternal and spent a long time licking Nutmeg’s ear yesterday. It’s always funny to see a lop raise their ear up like a regular “up ears” bun. My Bella was out in the hall last night and was looking down at the new visitors. Princess is about twice the size of her. I wonder what she thinks of that! Probably something along the lines of, “I can take her!”

Billy’s in the House!

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“Nutmeg & Princess”

Lion-head Billy and his two big sisters are here for a week. New Zealand White Princess settled in right away and sprawled in the middle of the floor. Girl knows how to relax! She’s getting up there in rabbit ‘ears, so she gets pampered with unlimited pellets and comfy places to sleep. Lop Nutmeg is the middle bun and she’s been quite curious about her new accommodations. She didn’t come along when her siblings came for a visit last year, so this is her first time at our house.

Billy has a cottontail cottage and spend most of the evening last night scaling the floors and even fell asleep up on the roof! He’s such an entertaining little guy. My Butterscotch and Hershey are certainly take notice of him (and the girls he came with). They’re one of the few trios I see and it’s adorable to see all 3 buns snuggled together. It must also be quite nice if you want a grooming and one mate isn’t interested, you always have a spare!


Trio of Happy Hoppers

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I heard Princess honk while she was grooming herself last night. I’ve only ever heard my Charlie do that. She spent most of the night tossing and chewing on a basket. It’s in shreds now. Glad she enjoyed it!

Glenda accidentally jumped out of her pen when I opened the gate and went over to sniff Billy. They were both very sweet and curious. Princess just flopped down to sleep, but later did come over to sniff the little girl. I bet they miss Nutmeg. I hope she comes home from the vet soon, poor girl!

Billy and Princess are going home tonight, so Glenda will have to get used to being an only-bun again. I wonder if Glenda would like a bunny friend? She’s certainly interested in them! She’s so sweet and perky, a joy to have around. She even makes little squeaking noises whilst drinking. How cute!

No! Pet ME!

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We received another bunny visitor yesterday: Glenda the sweet little lop! She’s been extremely curious about Billy and Princess. She spends a lot of time by the fence, when she isn’t running around and showing off for them. She even jumped up on the coffee table after we put them “to bed.”She demands just as much attention as Billy so I have to divide my time evenly between them or bunnies get fussy!

Billy is mighty interested in her too. His little fluffy ears are standing up and his nose is wiggling as he watches her dance around the living room. Princess—not so much. My Bella is like that with other girl bunnies too. Princess even tried to mount Billy to let Glenda know that Billy is HER man.

Charlie and Bella came out in the hall to see the new bun downstairs. I don’t know if Glenda could see them, but she certainly made them sniff around upstairs for a while.

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