Happy 4th Birthday Bella!

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Don’t worry, that bite was part of the cake design. I wouldn’t dare let her eat a whole chunk of that yummy cake!

Bella must have known it was her birthday today because she was in total destruction mode. Last two mornings she’s been ripping at the rug outside their litter boxes and shredding the puppy pads I put down. The pads are working pretty well, Charlie doesn’t seem to mind using them as opposed to the carpet. Now if I could just get him to ONLY use the litter box…

Charlie’s hock booties didn’t work out so good, so now we’re back to just putting on cream, but every other day. His hocks are definitely better, but we’ll keep creaming him for little longer.

I promised Bella I wouldn’t discipline her today, but I had a hard time with her persistent antics. She even bit my thumb when I was just trying t pet her. With all of her aggressive behavior you wouldn’t think that she has a shy side, but she does. At her “party” today, we sang happy birthday and presented her with her cake , but after a few nibbles she ran back under the dresser. She also likes to run from the camera. Not so good for your shutterbug sister!


…The Dresser Opens Up

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“The dog was barking at 7 so I shooed Charlie back into the room. Then he was biting the fence under the dresser in the hall and made Kyle bark so I closed him in again. I kept Charlie in the room most of the day, and when I let him out in the hall while I napped at 10pm, he knocked over the little litter box. I cleaned it up and undid the fencing. He went over there and tried to gnaw on the box. He can only be there supervised for now.

I smelled something awful in the broccoli rabe bag this evening. I took out each piece and washed it, and put them in another bag. They smell okay, but the bag still smelled like rotting flesh, or dog crap. I don’t know what happened, but he ate of what I gave him from the bag.”

…Charlie is Independent on Independence Day

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Charlie spent the day mostly alone, and sometimes laid in the hall. I pet him when I could. Jason also went over to him and comforted him. He did not like Kyle barking or the initial firework in a series, but was generally all right. He did attack mom in the morning though, and scratched her hand pretty bad. Now she does not want to come in my room until we can make him unafraid of her.

…Charlie Regains His Kingdom

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“I kinda fell asleep and didn’t turn off Charlie’s light until 5 am and I fed him pellets then. The new Kaytee stuff is bigger, but he still seems to be chowing down on it. He ate all his snack, save the dandelions, and most of his breakfast so far. He seems to like to sleep by the closet now. When we came home this afternoon I was moving the Kyle-barrier and Charlie came into the hall to see what I was doing. He’s so curious.

When I had just gotten up, Kyle put his paws on the hamper so he could see over the fence and saw Charlie. He wimpered a bit, but Charlie stood by the doorway watching him. I think as long as Kyle can’t get him, he’s interested in him. Kyle liked to chase the hamster toy last night, but was afraid once I put it in the ball. Go fig.

Couldn’t find Charlie after dinner, and then Jason saw him under the dresser in the hall. He was able to sneak in on the side where mom moved a table to fit Kyle’s fence. I got him out, but he is repeatedly trying to get back in. When I grabbed him earlier, he grunted and squealed that reminded me of a pig.”

…Charlie Munch, Munch, Munches

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“Charlie was tearing at the towel I had put down on the shelf so I took it down. I also had to cover up some books with a folder as he tried to eat them. Kyle was barking in the yard, but it was very faint and Charlie didn’t seem to notice. He dug for a while in his sandbox, seemingly digging for something and then eating it.

I gave him a pitted cherry in halves and he liked it. After sleeping in his box this afternoon, he slept between the chair and closet for a while. He ate up a storm today. Kyle barked several times (we think he is a bit nervous here) but Charlie just looks up, and then goes back to sleep. Same with the loud thunder that we had this morning.”

…Club Charlie Gets a New Location

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“Charlie dug a bit under the desk again last night, but I walked over and shooed him away and he stopped. Then this morning he started to dig to get to the bookcase. I tried to stop him, but he had an agenda. He went in his box then.

I made a clubhouse on my shelf for Charlie today. He seems to likes it so far. I moved a bunch of books around and I’ll have to be careful about what he tries to eat. The dog didn’t bother him. He came out into the hall when Mom yelled at Kyle licking her legs.”

…Charlie Explores New Turf

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“Charlie spent the morning by Jason’s room. Kyle came to visit for a bit and Charlie was sitting in his spot in the hallway outside Jason’s room the whole time. He also went in the hall closet and chewed on the doors. At 11 he bolted from the hall and then bolted all over my room in short bursts. He did calm down and go to sleep.

I was doing a movie shoot in the afternoon while I thought he was sleeping. Then I come back and he’s sniffing around a sensitive shot. Oh well, he didn’t wreck anything. He nosed around a big rubber ball I was using for a while.

We tried to get Charlie on the kitchen table again tonight and this time he eventually came out of his carrier. It took like 15 mins but then he explored the table top a bit. He never settled down like he did at the vet though. Then we let him run around the living room for a while.”

…King Charlie Reclaims the Throne

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“I awoke to the sounds a Charlie eating his breakfast. How sweet. He seems to be okay with the dog here. Kyle barked this morning so I put my sound machine on and Charlie seems okay. He ate almost all of his breakfast, but not his dinner and the new cilantro was in the breakfast, so he must like that. I think I’m going to change his feedings to parallel the morning ones and then a snack around midnight if he’s eaten everything else.

I’m leaving him alone mostly this morning and so he got into the bookcase. I had to fasten it temporarily. he’s romping into Jason and mom’s room so he must be pretty happy. He was doing bunny runs at 5am and binkying. That seems to be the usual time.

Charlie slept until 5:30pm and then I took him down for dinner. He sniffed everything since it smelled like dog. I fed him pellets at 6 and then veggies at 8. He ate most of the veggies but not all.”

…I Protect My Sweet Baby

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“Charlie slept under my desk on the fleece blanket I put on the chair. I wonder if he likes it because it is fluffy like a bunny. Charlie went over to his food dish to wait when I fed him at 7. He let me pet him all over today, basically. I even laid down with him and put my arm around him. We stayed like that until dad sneezed and startled him.

Often Charlie went over to the hallway fence to look at Kyle. Jason made him a tower of toilet rolls and he likes knocking it down and trying to pull it apart. When we changed his litter box today, he had no accidents. Mom did scare some poop out of him and when she tried to scoop it up, Charlie bit the scoop and flung it into the wall.

In the afternoon Charlie’s ears felt cold. There was a breeze coming in through the window so I closed that. Perhaps it was just because he was sleeping but the room temp was 73. His nose was cold too, but he warmed up pretty quickly.

Kyle started barking like crazy today. Every time he heard a noise he went off. Then some a-holes set of fireworks in the evening and both times Kyle barked and Charlie got scared and thumped 4 times total. Poor bunny. If he comes back in July, I’ll have to keep Charlie in my air conditioned room with the door closed and TV on. He seemed okay with the fireworks themselves because they were just crackles.”

…Kyle Wants to Play With Charlie

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“Charlie and I both were up at 2:40am with really loud thunder. He was catatonic so I talked to him until it subsided. Then he went in his box. I woke up a bit later than usual to feed Charlie (7:40), and when I awoke he jumped up to my bed and scratched but fell down. I guess he can jump up that high.

When Kyle came, Charlie ran over to the edge of the cardboard to see what was going on. I took Russel up to see him, and he was a bit timid, but a good boy. He was scared of Kyle and Kyle wanted to play with him. He started whining because he couldn’t get at Charlie. Eventually he settled down and just looked at Charlie through the fence. I put a piece of cardboard up and turned Charlie’s box so he could have some privacy.

I covered up the entire fence and that allowed Charlie to run around without being bothered by Kyle. They were often inches apart and didn’t know it. I later took down the fencing in my room and used Kyle’s in the hallway to divide it. This way Charlie has his room back, but Kyle can’t visit my room.

Charlie came over and sat under my seat after I took the fence down. Aww, I think he missed me. I picked him some clovers when we took Kyle out at 11pm. Too dark though. He got past the new fence I put up under my desk, so I put lead weights on it. I don’t know though, I have one smart bunny.”

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