Learning New Tricks

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After about a week away from home, Rusty starts to get restless. He bites on the fence a lot, and last night he jiggled it so much that he opened the gate. Now this was while I was in the pen with him, so I don’t latch the gate. I got up and closed it quickly, and latched it. Smart little boy, learned new tricks every day!

Bonding in the Jungle

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Bonding has been slow-goings lately, possibly because I’m doing it in the living room with Rusty in the next pen over, and my other two boys in another. Piper just seems very sensitive to noises and being in the back of the room, surrounded by cardboard so they can’t see the other rabbits. She likes to be able to see what’s going on so I think the lack of visibility is bothering her. Rusty says he wants to play with her. He’s about the size of her head, so I don’t that’d go over too well!

“I’m Not Licking that Hand!”

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Out of all four of my rabbits, Cameron likes to be petted the most, so he’s the one I’m petting most often. He also is a licker and likes to lick my hand frequently while I’m petting him. I’ve gotten it into my muscle memory now that after I pet a rabbit for a while, if he nudges his head up, that means he wants to lick me, so I move my hand down. This is not the case for most other rabbits I’m petting though, who would never lick me unless I was covered in banana. I did this absentmindedly with Rusty last night and he was like, “What do you expect me to do with that hand? Bite it? Cuz I’m not licking it!” Sorry little dude, force of habit!

Crash Landing

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“Piper & Cameron”



This morning Piper came zooming back into the room from the hall, and crashed right into the gate of Cameron’s pen. I don’t know how that happened, but maybe she thought that pen was open. I switch their pen’s every day and perhaps she forgot and thought she was in the left one. She tends to run at quite a clip, so sometimes her feet are moving faster than her brain. She seems to be okay though, fortunately. She definitely has a strong head, just like a dinosaur.

Rusty keeps me entertained with his antics. I keep a pair of slippers next to his pen, and I keep finding them inside the pen. Today I actually saw him pulling them in. I don’t know why as he doesn’t seem to do anything to them once they’re in there, but I guess he’s just claiming them as his!

Ya Wanna Pet Me?

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Little Rusty is a very friendly dude. He loves snuggling on the couch with me in the evening, but also begs for pets from anyone he sees. Most rabbits will not let just anyone pet them. Strangers are a no-no to my rabbits, they have to get to know you first. Even then, some have to be “in the mood” for petting. Rusty is a pet-me-anywhere type rabbit, and isn’t too fussy about who does it. “If you’re a human, start a-pettin!”

Bunny Begging

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Rusty is visiting us this week and made himself at home quite quickly. He is loving the hay from the new bales we just got from The Barn. Rusty is generally a pretty easy going guy, but if he thinks he might get a treat out of you, he can be relentless! Not that a little 3-4 pound bunny is much of a trouble-maker. My big 10 pound girl Piper on the other hand, can get quite rowdy when she isn’t getting what she wants. You don’t want to be between her and food at mealtime!

Couch Dreamin’

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Must be nice just take a nap on the couch all day. Guess I’ll never know what that’s like since my couch is occupied with a little furry body. “There isn’t any room for you up here, human! I need the whole couch to stretch out on.”

Rusty Chillin’

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Rusty has been relaxing on the couch this weekend. It’s been a little chaotic for the humans, but Rusty is chillin’ just fine. When I was in the couch last night, he didn’t even pay attention, and just ran back and forth over me, like I was part of the couch. That’s okay Rusty, my feelings aren’t hurt!

Let’s Play, Rusty!

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Rusty bunny is visiting us this weekend. He’s always such a sweet little guy, and my Cameron already likes him. They both keep going to the back corners of their pens, trying to get to each other. Cameron wants to play, Rusty I’m not so sure. Cameron just wants to play with all the bunnies!


Did You Hear That?

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Someone set of fireworks at 11:30 last night in our neighborhood. Either that or someone’s garage blew up. Could have been both I suppose. The bunnies all seemed okay. Cameron was sitting up in his pen, looking a little confused. I might have heard Butterscotch thump a little, but he thumps at everything. Rusty was grooming his stuffed bunny friend, and Piper was snuggling with Charlie. I worry about her since she’s got such big ears, she hears everything more acutely. She is not a happy girl on July 4th.

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