Wish Upon a Bun

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Rusty is heading home today, so I’ll be losing my couch-warmer. Yesterday I put his little friend up on the couch for him to snuggle with when I wasn’t there. He was licking her and snuggling and it was adorable. I’m sure he’d have been happier she was real and could help warm him back up. Maybe if you wish upon a star, Rusty, she’ll turn into a real bun!

A Rabbit Who Knows What He Wants

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As soon as I sit down on the couch in Rusty’s pen, he jumps right up and snuggles in for pets. I think he’d be happy if I sat on that couch all day long to pet him. He jumps down briefly to eat and use the litter box, but then he’s right back up. He falls asleep pretty fast and I can feel his head twitch as he dreams. If I take my hand away though, he wakes up and pesters me until I put it back. I don’t know how he knows when I stop if he’s asleep, but this bunny is very vigilant!

Relaxing Bun-cation

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I checked on Rusty before I went to bed last night and at first I couldn’t spot him. I asked Butterscotch if he knew where he was, but he just gave me his usual aloof look. Then I noticed movement on the couch and realized that Rusty was sitting in front of the pillow. He instantly snuggled down and went to sleep up on the couch. This little guy knows how to relax on vacation!

Timber, Rusty!

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Rusty bunny arrived today for a long weekend get-away! I’m always happy to have him here, even if my Hershey would prefer he was a girl. They were cutting two trees down across the street this morning so all the buns were a little out of sorts from the noise, but it was mostly done by the time Rusty came. I don’t think he was too upset about that though, he was much too busy exploring his pen instead.

Rusty’s Big Finale

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The little Rust man is going home today. He’s been here all of December so far so I know the family is going to miss him. After this stay, he’ll have been here for more days and more trips than any other visitor to Kamp Kronenberg. That makes him an honorary Kronenbun. Come back again soon Rusty, your spot in the couch is waiting!

I Got My Fur to Keep Me Warm

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

It’s been so cold here the last couple of days that our furnace has trouble keeping the house warm enough. So last night, all the bunnies got a warm snuggle-safe in their pen, just in case it got a little too cold. My Charlie slept next to his for a bit when I first put it down, but not sure if anyone else really used it. Every bun but Rusty had another bunny to snuggle with in the house, but he knows the heat comes from behind the couch and frequently snuggles up against it. Almost as good as a furry body!

Am I a Kronenbun Now?

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Rusty must be beginning to think that he’s a Kronenbun now. I don’t have the heart to tell him that he’s going home in a few days. He’ll probably be glad to have his turf back though as he doesn’t have quite as much room at my place as he is used to. I’m certainly going to miss my little couch buddy. He’s up there for petting every night like clockwork. We’ll have to throw a big party to send him off!

Bunny on the Bed

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This morning as like many mornings as of late, Piper has been jumping up on the bed to wake me, the moment after my alarm goes off. “Get up and feed me!” At this point I just expect it and am used to having 10 lbs of bunny jump onto my chest everyday. She never wants to snuggle though. Rusty at least let me pet him a little when he jumps onto me on the couch. He’s such a little guy that I barely notice!

Know Your Place, Human

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Rusty is into week three here at Kamp Kronenberg. I let him out into the second pen last night, and after having fun for a while, he came over to me on the couch for some snuggles. Freedom is one thing, but making sure your human servants know their place is very important for a bunny too. My rabbits are never shy about letting me know if I’ve stepped out of turn.

Climbing Mt. Piper

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There was (some) sun this morning and my Charlie made the most of it by basking in the rays my window let in. His back was nice and warm when I pet him. Smart little guy! Later he was snuggling with his lady, Piper, and starts to clean her ears. Her ears happen to be fairly enormous, compared to him, so it always looks like he’s “climbing Mt. Piper” when he does.

Rusty is a little purr machine. I sat on the couch with him after dinner last night and he purred and purred and purred. I think I may have fallen asleep a little, but as long as my hand was on his head, he was happy.

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