Give Me That Simethicone!

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My foster bun Cameron came home from the vet yesterday and is in very good spirits. His appetite is almost back to normal and he loves taking his meds. He takes them right in the floor, and can you believe it, loves the Simethicone! My rabbits all hate that one since it’s made for infants who can’t taste yet and therefore is unflavored. I thought my Charlie was good, but you won’t find a better med-taker than Cameron!

Stella bunny is heading home today so Cameron got a little more time to spend looking at the big girl. Stella is such a chill rabbit, she was a great bun to reintroduce rabbits to Cameron after his neuter. Thanks for being so sweet, Stella!


Always on Stasis Watch

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On Tuesday, after I had come home from bringing my foster bun Cameron to the vet, my Butterscotch went into stasis. (Treatment guide) Fortunately after the usual meds were given, and temperatures of over 101 were taken, he recovered and was eating within 4 hours. That’s about par for the course for him. Not sure if Cameron getting sick prompted him, but I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s very sensitive and likely picked up that Cameron didn’t feel well which stressed him out. That’s why it’s always important to make sure every rabbit in the house is eating, even when you’re preoccupied with another one.

Stella bunny is there to support me every evening with cuddles and snuggles. Although she probably thinks I’m doing them for her, I enjoy it too. She saw me with a bowl of crackers and immediately jumped on the couch to try and steal some. Sorry girl, no crackers for you, but we did have a nice snuggle!

Feel Better Soon Cameron

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My foster bun Cameron came down with a case of stasis yesterday morning. I could tell, the night before that was not eating as many pellets as usual, but he was still eating greens and treats. By 7AM the next morning, no pellets were eaten, and only half of his greens were gone. I treated him with pain med, Metacam, gut motility drug, Reglan, and baby gas drops, Simethicone. I had to estimate his doses based on his recent weight from his neuter and used my guide:

Unfortunately after 6 hours I had still seen no progress, aside from nibbling on a piece of apple. Fortunately his temperature never dropped below the normal 101 though. Since Cameron has only been with me a short while, I didn’t feel I knew his behavior well enough to treat him at home. The vet closed at 4PM that day, so I had to decide early if I wanted to bring him in. He is still there today, not eating on his own but is producing fecal pellets. They are syringe feeding him Critical Care, which I can do, but am grateful they are handling him for me. My own rabbits would be happier at home for recovery, but I don’t know how attached Cameron is my house, or to me. Hopefully he’ll improve more and will be able to come home tomorrow.

Stella is a great support bunny throughout this, laying at the fence near Cameron and snuggling with me in the evening while I worried. She’s been through stasis herself, so she knows what it feels like.

Couch Cuddles

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“Charlie & Piper”

I got Stella to come up in the couch with me last night for cuddles. So much better than my feet! There is nothing more soothing in this world than petting a big sweet bunny.

Charlie update: he still has the kidney stone but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at this point. His eating is almost back to normal and I’m giving him 10-15mls of water a day via syringe orally, which he loves. Piper comes over and can’t figure out why he likes sucking on syringes with just water in them.

Cameron Meets Stella

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“Stella & Cameron”

I brought our foster bun Cameron up to the living room yesterday and he seems pretty happy so far. Stella is a great girl to be his first bunny contact since his neuter. She’s very sweet and not overbearing. All they can do is look and sniff at each other through double fences with plastic windows between them, but both buns camped out at the windows last night. Cameron was a little nervous and has to adjust to the noises upstairs, but he seems to like it. He was doing bunny runs after dinner so he must like the space upgrade.

Foot Pets

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Bella bunny went home today, so now my foster bun Cameron can come upstairs to be with all the other bunnies for a little while. Stella is a very sweet girl, so I don’t think she’ll mind a curious young boy next to her.  As long as she gets her foot pets, she’s a happy rabbit! I don’t meet many rabbits who love foot snuggles as much as she does, but laying down on my foot is a good way to keep me there, petting her!

Two Big Beautiful Buns

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This weekend I have Bella and Stella visiting with us. They’re both big beautiful girls who have lots of sassy attitude, but love their cuddles! My boys are so happy to have them here. Even though there’s two, I’m sure Hershey will claim they are both his. There’s plenty of woman for both of you, little boys!

Roaring Bunny

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I got to witness Stella stretching out her big toes last night. Long toes for a long bunny! Then she yawned a big bunny yawn. Some of mine yawn by dropping their lower jaw, and others do so by lifting up their heads. Stella is one of those buns who lift up their head and looked like a lion roaring. Roar on, big girl!

Bunny: Disguised as a Foot

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Stella’s nighttime routine has become:
1: Find my feet
2: Snuggle with those feet
3: Get my feet to pet her
4: Lick my feet
I’m beginning to wonder if she thinks my feet are rabbits. My boys certainly know the difference. I know as Hershey and Butterscotch are watching us, they’re saying: “I’ll snuggle with you!”

Foot Purrs

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Yesterday my Hershey was watching Stella take a bath. She didn’t seem to mind his peeping though. Later she came over to me for snuggles and lay down on my foot while I pet her with the other. It takes a little maneuvering and crossed legs, but I manage to make it work for her. Then I got to feel her purring on the foot under her. That was a very weird but cool sensation!

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