A Bunny with a Pig

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Lola is a happy-go-lucky bunny. She likes to flop down in the middle of the floor and cuddle with her stuffed animals. Ever seen a bunny who has a pet pig? Lola does! Stella bunny was nudging me last night for petting. There’s a lot of buns in the house right now and Stella doesn’t like to share attention. “Pet me now, human!”


Thudding Runs

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Lola bunny is visiting us again. She’s such a bundle of energy. She started doing bunny runs immediately after arriving. The lops seem to have a little more “junk in the trunk” so that makes for extra noisy thuds as her little (or not so little!) feet thunder across her pen. All the boys downstairs took notice that a girl was in town!

Digging the Way to Freedom

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Every day I open up a cardboard “window” between Butterscotch and Mr. Stella’s pens. Stella doesn’t really care, but Butterscotch always comes running over to the fence. He usually starts digging at the blanket on the floor, since all bunnies know that digging is the best way to get anywhere. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for me, he can’t dig through the carpeted floor, so the most he can do is bunch up his blanket. I’m just happy he’s not biting lots of holes in it!

Breakfast in a Nook

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“Stella & Cameron”

This morning when I went to feed Mr. Stella his breakfast, he was sitting up on the coffee table in his pen, inside a turned over cardboard box. I keep a box up there as a laptop stand when I’m in the pen, but turn it over at night so no bunny tries to do any acrobatics off of it. Stella apparently thought this was a nice place to hang out, likely as it was less slippery than the rest of the table. He was happy to come down for his food though!

Super Stella!

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Mr. Stella is usually a very chill bunny. Sometimes he likes to jump on the couch for snuggles, other times he sits on the floor and nudges my foot for pets. Come food time though, that chill goes out the window! He gets SUPER excited and jumps up as high as he can, (which is very high since he’s a big boy). He’d make a great superhero. Mild-mannered when in his alter ego of Mr. Stella, but springs into action at the first sign of danger/excitement/trouble/food and becomes Super Stella! And you’d better get out of his way if he comes flying at you!

Hopping Joints

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My boy Charlie has been lying on his side a bit more. I think his arthritis is bothering him. I’m trying to get glucosamine in him, but he’s a fussy eater. The DMG helps but I don’t think he can have Metacam because of his kidney issues. I just try and make him as comfy as possible and not make him run across the hall for meals. He does get plenty of exercise running after Piper all day though.

Use Your Feet to Pet Me!

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Last night I had a nice snuggle with Stella on the couch. I was lying down and he jumped up with me. First he wanted to snuggle with my feet since he landed near them, but I couldn’t really see him. I tried to get him to hop over toward my head, but he didn’t want to budge. He just kept nudging his head under my feet, so I got up and sat next to him for petting. He’s a big guy so there wasn’t a lot of room for him and me up there if we weren’t going to cooperate!

Forbidden Land Behind the Couch

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I recently got some NIC panels and blocked off the area under one of my living room couches. Last night I opened the area behind the couch up to my foster Cameron. It’s a little tight back there so initially I didn’t want him going back there with his wobbles. I didn’t want him to hurt himself, but he’s been doing so well lately that I decided to let him try it. He was so excited when he realized he could go back there! He was doing binkys and sometimes biting the fence, but he was okay. Stella was in the pen next to him and was very confused as to what was going on over there. Cameron can be a noisy boy when he’s exited!

I Want My Salad!

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Greens should be part of most rabbit’s diets. In some cases, they can be sensitive to them like my Charlie, and cause runny cecals. He doesn’t get greens anymore as result, much to his chagrin. My boys are around 5 lbs and get about a cup and my Piper is 9 lbs so she gets 2 cups. The general rule of thumb is to give about a cup of packed greens per 4lbs of body weight for each rabbit. Mister Stella is around 10lbs, so he gets around 2 cups, like my Piper, and boy does he gobble it all right up! I break my meals up into 2x or 3x a day, so I can make sure that they all have an appetite throughout the day. An eating bunny is a happy (and healthy) bunny!

Bunny Flopping

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Some bunnies are floppers. They frequently fall asleep in what we call the “dead bunny flop.” My Piper is modelling that above. She’s totally on her side with her tummy exposed. While sometimes a frightening sight to come upon, it’s actually a good thing. A bunny laying like this, means that they are very relaxed. My Piper is a chill girl. Stella does this too, I find that the bigger rabbits tend to do it more and the little ones are happier keeping themselves a compact loaf, but any bunny is capable of a relaxing flop.

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