Mamma’s Home!

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“Charlie & Piper”

My mom was away for several days this week, and when she came home yesterday, my Piper was a little upset. She started thumping when she heard her voice from across the hall. I guess she’d gotten used to her not being around and was startled to see her again. Charlie is totally used to people coming and going at this point and didn’t even seem to notice that she was gone or that she was back.

Stella bun is getting ready to go home today, but hopped up the top of the couch last night for the first (that I know of) time. She has been spotted on the couch, but only when I’m not in the pen with her. She’s s big girl, so she’s certainly capable, but like most bunnies, she’s happier on the ground.

Litter Box Theater

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Stella bunny’s stay here at Kamp Kronenberg will soon be at an end. My boys will be so sad to see her go. Butterscotch even got a little face-time in with her. Unfortunately the “window” between pens is where Stella’s litter box is, so she’s got an audience whenever she goes to the bathroom. I don’t think she minds though as she frequently turns around to face my boys and say hello. She is a little raised up, so it’s almost she’s on stage, greeting her adoring public. She certainly likes to be the center of attention. Even my Charlie and Piper can see her from upstairs, and it’s not often that my Piper can see a bun bigger than she is!

Arrangements with Rabbits

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Stella has taken to nibbling on my foot when I sit in her pen. She likes to lay on a shelf under a table, and I like to put my feet there. I don’t know if she’s trying to tell my that my feet aren’t welcome or if she wants me to pet her, so I usually just pet her and she lets my feet stay there. It’s a nice little arrangement!


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When I went into Stella’s pen yesterday to visit her, she ran over to me, as per usual, and was begging for treats. I didn’t have anything so I just pet her head. She responded by dropping down to the floor for a snuggle with my foot, or rather on top of my foot. She didn’t seem to mind that it was under her, and it meant I had to stay put and keep petting her!

A Good Grooming

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Lately Stella has been licking my hand, wrist ankles. Are we such good friends now, or do I just taste really good? I probably just had some fruit residue left on my hands! She let me groom for a while and was so well-behaved. My own big girl hates when I try to groom off loose fur, but Stella was as good about it as my Charlie, and she doesn’t even know me that well!  She’s just a big sweetie.

Gettin’ Cozy with Stella

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“Hershey & Stella”

Stella has been making greetings at the fence with my boys lately. She’s been here long enough now that they’re all comfortable with each other. Butterscotch likes to sleep up on a chair and look down at Stella, but Hershey likes to stick his nose through the fence, and chew at it a little, right there on the ground. Stella doesn’t seem too bothered by them. She’ll look over when one is making a commotion, but most of the time is content to sleep under the table or next to the couch, especially if I’m there to pet her.

Irish Bunnies

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St Patrick's Day

“Piper & Charlie”



Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day and I’m 15% Irish, so I guess that makes my buns Irish too. That would explain why they love clover so much! I have a funny feeling that rabbits of any culture wouldn’t turn down a fresh or dried clover stick though.

Stella bunny certainly doesn’t turn down clover. She’s such a good eater that she doesn’t turn down any food at all. My Charlie had a bout of stasis this week and it’s always tough to diagnose with him since he’s such a fussy eater. He’s almost back to normal now, and that means begging for pellets and keeping Piper from stealing them.

A Long Lady

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Stella is one long bunny. That fur just goes on for miles and miles. That means lots of room for petting. You could probably have 4 people at once petting her. She still wouldn’t say that is enough though! “More petting! More!” She also makes a beautiful, clean, white rug, if you don’t mind your rug getting up and moving around all on its own!

The Perfect Napping Table

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Stella likes to sleep under a big table in the middle of her pen, which is a popular spot with all the rabbits in this house. She spends most of her day there, except for mealtime and using the litter box. When I come in and sit on the couch, she just sticks her head out for petting. She even got pets from my mom and brother yesterday. Everybody wants to get their hands on some Stella!

More Snacks, Please!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

Yesterday Stella bunny was nudging my hand and sniffing it all over looking for a treat. Sorry girl! She does this frequently, just to make sure I’m not holding out on something. I had a fudge pop last night and let her sniff it. She took a brief lick but I don’t think she liked it. “Too cold and not sweet enough! Maybe add banana!” My boys have mostly been good roommates. She noshes on her pellets throughout the day and Hershey is frequently found sitting at his gate, watching. I’m not sure if he’s more interested in Stella or the pellets, but he’s got that look on his face that I swear is a smile.

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