“Oh, Did You Go Somewhere?”

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I came home a few days ago from a week away from the buns. I had installed a webcam in my closet door at “bunny eye-level” to keep an eye on them (and their sitter) while I was away. Of course, they behaved like little angels. I don’t even think they cared that I was away! But that’s a good thing. It always made me smile when I clicked on the cam and was able to see my fluffy little sweeties. I’m sure the people around me thought I was a weirdo cooing at my phone¬† and kissing the screen, but I didn’t care! It helped that I was mostly at Walt Disney World, where “normal” behavior can vary greatly. I’m glad to be home and even happier that Bella and Charlie weren’t mad at me for leaving.


*Grunt*Grunt* See You Soon!

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I’m going to Florida this week, sans bunnies. I’m gonna miss them so much!!! But my brother is going to take good care of them. I told Charlie to tell me if he doesn’t. I hope they’re okay without me. Last time family members went away, Bella nested, so I hope that doesn’t happen. So, for this week, Charlie and Bella are in charge of the house and you know what that means…. BUNNY HOUSE PARTY!

Wild Bunnies are Growing Everywhere, Except My Garden

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We’re not currently bunny-sitting, which is an odd feeling indeed. I did get an extra dose of bunny early morning in Hershey, Pennsylvania (yay, chocolate bunnies!) and at the beach yesterday. Somehow, I think they’re attracted to me, or me to them. Some cosmic bunny force is pulling us together.

I was away for a couple of days last week and Charlie and Bella were perfect angels. But then they decided to trash the room while I went out for a few hours yesterday. Bunny logic = ??

Not much is growing in the bunny garden this year, just kale and one little strawberry. The buns like the strawberry leaves though, so I mostly keep the plant for them. You’d think with all the rain we had more would grow. Maybe we’ve got some scavengers gobbling it up before I get there.
This morning we got new carpet in the next room. Charlie was not the least bit amused. Bella didn’t seem to mind very much. Now all they want to do is go in the newly carpeted room. I’m going to make them wait a few weeks though, as apparently some new carpet can give off toxic fumes. Better safe than sorry when it comes to the buns!

Empty House, Full Nest

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Most of our house has been away all week and the buns are feeling a bit neglected (can you tell?). Charlie’s not too bad, “No more humans! I claim this room as my litter box and this room as my sleeping quarters!” Bella, however, is missing her mama.

After a couple of days I think she realized that people were gone and weren’t just going to show up in their rooms like they usually do. She also started nesting the second day they were away and continued every morning for a couple of hours. I’m running out of fabric scraps for you girl!

I now think her nesting is triggered by severe emotional changes, i.e. humans away or another rabbit in the house. When she gets stressed, her hormones must kick in and tell her to nest. Poor girl, I’m exhausted just trying to keep up with her. When mama returns tonight, she gets to take over!

Oh, Are You Back?

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The buns were not happy to see me after a week away. It’s understandable. They think I abandoned them and they were allowed to go wild and do whatever they wanted. “You came back and all you brought was yelling!” Boy was it a mess. I have to re-litter train Charlie, apparently, and do a major clean of the bunny room, which also happens to be my bedroom.

They both are also in the middle of a shed so I came home to two shaggy bunnies. They did NOT want me plucking fur. I managed to earn back their trust, groom some fur and give them some treats, not necessarily in that order. Fortunately (for all of us??) I won’t be going away again for awhile. Day trips are all we can handle!

Greetings from Bun-ifornia!

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I’ll be away from the buns for a week while I’m in California, but they’ll be well taken care of by my dad. I told Bella not to make a mess and Charlie not to pee all over the floor. I don’t think they’re going to listen to me though. They know dad’s a pushover. I just hope I come home to two bunnies that aren’t too angry with me for leaving them all week. I’m sure I can butter them up with a few presents if I have to!

Bella Starts (And Ends) Nesting

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Sorry for the lack of updates, but I was away for a week and am still settling back in. But while I was gone Bella went a little nutty and built herself a nest in my closet. She was running across the room with hay in her mouth to the complete confusion of Charlie. My mom was frantic. Both she and Charlie are altered so she couldn’t be pregnant, but usually spayed buns don’t have false pregnancies either. Bella is obviously not a usually bunny. Once she was done though, she ignored it for the rest of the week. We cleaned it up and she doesn’t seem to care. I’ll never figure that girl out! Charlie was very grumpy while I was gone but has softened upon my return. I guess that means he missed me!

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Charlie was a good boy while we were away all day. He ate all of his veggies, but still had some pellets left at 10pm when we got home. He was in mom’s room, and did not want to go near me even after I washed and changed my clothes. I think he was annoyed that I left him all day, and it took a while before he would let me pet him. Aw, he missed me.

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I could see Charlie sleeping in the morning before I turned off my computer. All I wanted to do was get home to my little bunny. When we did get home, I took off the gate and opened the door. Charlie was waiting by the door and ran out and around. He did let me pet him a but, but I think he wanted to run around. When I went over the webcam, he sat down at my feet and let me pet him, as if to say, “I’m glad you’re back,” which is all I need from my baby. He even guarded me while I slept.

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Debbie checked on the bunnycam and reported to me via twitter that bunny was okay. I kept twittering her, but she seemed to be watching the cam all day. Whenever Nanny tried to take bowls away from Charlie, he growled and tried to bite her. I warned her. He seemed happy, and spent most of his time sleeping on the floor. He even moved around his lunchbox!

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