Piper’s Peppy Checkup

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I brought my Charlie for a recheck at the vet today, and his mate Piper for her annual checkup. She was nervous, but mostly good. She almost jumped off the exam table twice, but she didn’t try to bite or scratch anyone. Charlie’s creatinine was a little better, so I am going to continue doing the sub q for the time being at least.

He still has an issue with poopy butt, and the vet said something interesting. I give Charlie the Oxbow apple banana treats, and she said anything with banana as an ingredient can cause poopy butt. I knew not to give him banana, but never though of those fibrous treats as being potentially bad. We’re going to try the carrot dill and cranberry ones. I may also make a treat myself using the Selective pellets he likes as a base. That way I can control the ingredients and make a treat that his body would tolerate better.

Bunny Twins Ready for their Forever Home

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“Chloe & Portia”



Yesterday I took my Piper’s sister’s Chloe and Portia to the vet for a checkup. These two beautiful bonded girls are still up for adoption from the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. They were both very good girls and got a clean bill of health. Portia could stand to lose a few more ounces, but who among us couldn’t? I can’t sing the praises of these sweet buns enough. They’re always easy to find, being so big and bright white, and because they’re a bonded pair, they always have each other to keep company. They may be a little shy, but just like their sister Piper, once they get to know you they’re big mushy sweethearts. They just need a forever home to flourish in. Check out their petfinder page!

Back at my house, Parker is a little disappointed that Cheeks went home, but still has my boys to look at. I’m sure they all would rather a girl was around, but at least no one is being aggressive.

Hefty but Healthy

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Rusty always hops up onto the couch with me after dinner for pets. He expects at least an hour of “quality time” every night, which means I only have one hand free for eating, drinking, using the remote and anything else I might want to do. Bunnies get priority!

My Hershey went to the vet this week and even though he’s overweight, we didn’t get yelled at. Phew! He seems to stabilize at this weight no matter what we do, so we’ll just make sure he doesn’t get any heavier. Do some runs now Hershey to keep those extra ounces off! He was a little nervous at the vet, since he only goes once a year, and was shaking a bit. My mom picked him up and held him on her lap. My mom has a special bond with our Hershey. He’s the only one of our buns we could do that with, and I wouldn’t even have attempted it!

Juicin’ Cherries & Hidin’ in the Closet

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“Charlie & Piper”

My dad recently bought some sweet cherries and I gave the buns each half a cherry, after removing the pit and stems. Boy were they happy! “Thank you, daddy!” I usually have a tissue to catch any cherry juice that drips from their mouths to prevent stains, but Piper slurped all of hers down. “I’m not missing a drop!”

Earlier this week, Charlie and Piper snuck into my mom’s closet and somehow got closed in there. It was only for a few minutes, but we still can’t figure out how they got in there. My mom only noticed because Piper started digging the blanket on the floor and it disappeared into the closet. They could have just pushed the door open, but they were having too much fun!

My Butterscotch has been having some paw trouble. Last week we noticed him picking his front right paw up and found that he had chewed some of the fur off. He tends to do this when he’s nervous. We think the construction on our block in addition to starting to use the noisy air conditioner again may have triggered it.

We took him to the vet to see if there’s anything we can do to help, aside from Metacam for pain and Rescue Remedy to calm him. He’s getting Gabapentin for a few days now to help with nerve pain and hope that he’ll get better quickly. He’s already growing fur back. He did not want to take the Gabapentin, and he is terrible at taking meds, but I realized I could mix some with banana, and now he gobbles it down!

Checkup Buddies

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“Piper & Butterscotch”

“Piper & Charlie”

Piper had her first vet visit (with us) today. She was a very good girl and in perfect health. Butterscotch was coming along to get his sore hock checked out so she had company in the car. They were both a little nervous. We think Butters got his foot irritated by something and then nervously picks at it. He’s a bit of a nervous guy, so hopefully we can get it healed up and calm him down a little.

We moved bonding upstairs this week. Next step is their actual communal living space. So far so good. They pretty much do their own thing and occasionally come to each another to beg for a snuggle. We’re up to an hour sessions, but it could probably go even longer. My mom thinks they’re already bonded at this point, but I want to keep taking it slow. I’m not ready for my baby to move in with his girlfriend! How do parents do it?

Piper frequently comes over when I’m sitting and lays down behind my legs just like a dog. She’s so very loyal. Fortunately she doesn’t seem to ever want to eat anything that I’ve got, unless it’s fruit. I had some fruity Jelly Baby candy that she smelled and her nose was bookin!

A Fluffy Date

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“Piper & Charlie”


We took my little Charlie to the vet this week since he tends to get bladder sludge. The vet was able to just express the sludge out right there, much to his dismay. We had him flushed last spring, but he had a tough time recovering, so this is ultimately better for everyone. He’ll need to get that done every few months, but it’s worth it. He was mad at me, but he’s pretty quick to forgive. I had a tough time getting him in the carrier the next day though, even though it was just to put HealX on his tootsies. Charlie may forgive, but he doesn’t forget!

We started bonding Charlie and Piper last weekend. At first they ignored each other, but they’ve been living together for over a month now so I guess the novelty has worn off. He’s a little nervous around her and she’s very energetic but they are interested in each other. Today she put her head down for him to groom but he just sniffed her and ran away. “I wanna take it slow, Piper!”

Piper has mellowed some since arriving at our home in late September. She still gets all excited for food but seems to understand that we need to put the bowl on the floor before she can eat from it. She’s still a baby so she’s learning. I know she’s got some smarts since she learned how to get out of going into her carrier. I have to use a piece of cardboard to help and as soon as she sees that, she runs into the corner. “Uh-uh, I’m too smart for that, human!”


Couch-Bunny Snuggle-Time!

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Cheeks spent a lot of time relaxing yesterday. She’s certainly having a good time. Everyone in the house comes over to pet her and she puts her head right down. She came up on the couch with me in the evening and I pet her for long time.

She sees the other bunnies getting pellets twice a day so I’ve been giving her a scoop in the morning and the evening. She’s certainly not overweight and is very active, so I don’t think it will be a problem for her. Girl could use a little more muscle on her bones for all that digging she does!

Station was running around his pen in the afternoon. Cheeks even came over to see the commotion. He came over and nudged me a few times and even gave my ankle a lick.

My Bella had another vet appointment yesterday. She’s doing pretty well. The vet gave us an appetite stimulant which she gobbled up in a piece of banana. Then just a couple hours later she was chowing down on greens, treats and veggies. Seems like that may have done the trick! We also finished her course of antibiotics, and I know those can upset human tummies, so she may feel better without that in her system too.

Cherry Flavored Dandelions

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My Bella had a recheck at the vet this week and it seems like whatever was in her lungs is getting smaller, so hopefully it was just an infection. We still have to give her the antibiotic for another 2 weeks (!) which she, and we, are NOT happy about. It’s cherry flavored (yes I tasted it, and it’s not the first rabbit med I’ve tasted) so you’d think she would gulp it down, but no. She doesn’t like being picked up every day, but I don’t think she hates us for it.

I’ve started giving her fresh dandelions from the yard, and she always gobbles those down. I just have to keep them away from her mate Charlie since he can’t have them for the calcium. I think she missed those when I took them out of their food, so she gets them sneaked to her now. Wish I could just let her run around in the yard and munch on all she wanted.

We got some fresh timothy hay that came from Canada and boy do all the bunnies love it. Charlie and Bella are spending more time in the litter box to munch on it, and Hershey and Butterscotch are snatching it up like it’s a treat. There’s some clover in it, but not a lot. I guess it’s just very tasty!

Open Wide, Here Comes the Airplane!

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“Bella Leche”

We don’t have any visitors at Kamp Kronenberg for a week, which is nice because I’m spending more time my own buns. My only girl, Bella Leche, hasn’t been eating as much lately so we took her to the vet and it seems as though she may have an infection in her lungs. Could be that, or something else, it’s hard to tell with bunnies. While we’re treating her we have to give her Critical Care supplements to get all the nutrients she’s missing out on into her. It’s my first time giving Critical Care, and Bella is NOT happy about it. It’s like feeding a baby. I keep getting blocked by a closed mouth and we’re all messy at the end of it. She seems to like singing during it though. She has been eating a little more greens the past couple days, but may also be getting full from the Critical Care. Hopefully my baby girl will get better soon!

Bella and Her Bunny Brothers

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“Charlie”                                                                      “Bella”


“Butterscotch”                                               “Hershey”

My baby girl Bella went back to the vet for a recheck and her weight was up a couple of ounces and we think she is eating a little better. The vet also said her nostrils weren’t flaring anymore. So good news so far. We have to keep giving her the antibiotic, which she took easily for the first week. Bad news is that she wont take it on the floor anymore  so we have to pick her up to give it to her. I tried mixing it with banana, but that only worked for one day. It’s her favorite food, so I don’t think it would work with anything else. Oh well. The vet also clipped her nails (yay) so we don’t have to. She popped a little for her too, but still was better behaved than at home.

Charlie has been pretty good about letting Bella eat greens, I’ve only had to take them away from him a few times. I cleaned my room today though and both bunnies did NOT want to go across the hall while I did it. I don’t know why, they usually leave after I start picking up a few things, but not today. Then as soon as I was done they came right back. I just never know what’s going on in their little heads.

We’ve been letting Hershey and Butterscotch run around the living room more now that there aren’t extra bunnies and they’re so adorable. The whole family has been able to pet the two of them more and I think they’re becoming a little more friendly towards us. Of course, they still prefer eachother’s company, which is fine with me. 4 bunnies take up a lot of my attention so it’s nice to not feel guilty about not spending too much time downstairs with them.

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