Saving Bunnies, One “Tail” at a Time

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 Zelda by Diana Kronenberg Zelda by Karin Marie 3
“Zelda Before & After Rescue”

This morning I went to help rescue an abandoned domestic rabbit. His catch was easy as we surrounded him with pens and one of our volunteers was able to just scoop him right up. Not all rescue attempts are that simple. A few weeks ago I was out walking with my brother when we spotted a little black bunny hopping in the grass. It was clearly a domestic bun, not looking at all like a wild North American Cottontail so I quickly got word to the Long Island Rabbit Rescue.

We pretty much can’t rescue buns from the wild unless we have the foster space to house them in, as our municipal shelters don’t really take in rabbits. I was frantically trying to find a fosterer while calling my mom and getting her bring my catch materials: pens, carrier and carrots. Fortunately an experienced bunny-momma stepped up and said she could take the bun. Now all we needed to do was catch it.

There were just four us- my mom, dad, brother and myself, and a few pens, but a lot of space for the bun to run. We were near a main road so we did our best to keep the rabbit from heading in that direction. After about an hour of trying, resting, and trying again we were finally able to catch it. I brought it home to look it over before bringing it to its foster home. It was a girl, and in very good condition. She hopefully wasn’t outside for very long. Her foster momma named her Zelda and she is now enjoying the good life, indoors, with her big foster sister.


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