Couches: The Latest Trend in Bunny-Naps

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“Minnie & Sal”



What’s cuter than a bunny on a couch? Three bunnies on the couch. They’re adorable, even though they may dig and make some holes. That’s why there’s sheets on top. My own rabbits don’t really go up on the couch much, but some rabbits love it. Sal and Minnie are practically living up there, aside from eating and using the litter box. Can’t say I blame them, curling up the couch for a nap sounds like a lovely idea!

Bunny Kingdom

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“Sal & Minnie”

Annie bun is visiting us for a couple of days, so the living room is full of bunnies! They all hopped up on the couches in their pens to get a better look at each other. Rabbits are often very curious, and these buns are no exception. My boys are happy that some of the visitors are girls, not that it really makes much of a difference. They must smell different to them though, and they like girls better. My Piper sits at her spot at the top of the stairs and looks down at everyone from the hall. She know she’s queen of the castle, so she likes to keep an eye on all the little subjects in her kingdom.

Good Hay is Hard to Find

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We don’t have great hay right now as this is the period between last years cutting and this years. I go through a lot of hay in the house with all of the rabbits, so I usually buy a bale. The last bale we got was pretty tough so I mix that with some better stuff that I buy online. I put some hay with some big long pieces into Douglas’ litter box last night. Maybe something spooked him, because this morning i saw that he had taken a chunk and ran across his pen with it, leaving bits behind. That happens with rabbits sometimes, but this hay makes it more of a mess. Annie didn’t seem to have any trouble with her hay, so maybe he just got a big clump that didn’t separate well.

Annie Says “Hello!”

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Annie bun is visiting for the weekend. Douglas isn’t too impressed, but my Cameron is so excited. He loves all bunnies, and cute girls that are just his size are probably his favorites. She hopped up on the couch with me a bit last night, but wasn’t too interested in cuddling. She’s much more of an explorer than a snuggler at my house.

Time for Snuggles?

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I had some nice, long snuggles with Mr. Stella yesterday. Annie was more interested in doing her own thing, and checking out Stella. He just lays right down at my feet and looks up at me. “Time to pet me, human!” My Charlie will come over to me like that, but he’s asking to be fed, not petted. None of my rabbits ever ask to be petted, but most will allow it if I’m so inclined. My boys Hershey and Butterscotch are the least likely though as they’re typical boys who don’t want to fussed over.

A Boy Named Stella

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Stella bunny is visiting us again, and if turns out that he is actually a boy! It is very difficult to determine the sex of rabbits and most lay people can’t tell under all that fluff. Somewhere, Stella was written down as a girl, even though he was neutered. So he’s been living as a girl for the past few years, which hasn’t made a difference to him at all. Now his mommy has to remember to call him a “he,” not that he probably minds. As long as you have food when you’re calling them, most rabbits don’t care what you say! Annie bun said hello to Stella last night, with her usual playful antics. Stella is bigger so he gets more food than Annie, which she’s not happy about. Sorry little one!

Rabbit Paradise

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Annie bun is enjoying her vacation. She takes long naps, enjoys gourmet cuisine, and interacts with the locals. Cameron, Hershey and Butterscotch always enjoy welcoming a pretty girl to our rabbit paradise. The nightlight is great too, as long as you like watching TV on a big screen and late-night meetings with the neighborhood boys. And don’t forget about the prompt room service!

Can I Please Have Some More Pellets/Greens/Whatever You’re Eating Right Now?

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Annie bunny is one of those rabbits who is a fantastic eater. They may always beg for more, but they always clean their plate. Only 3 of my rabbits are like that normally, the other 2 being more like grazers. My older bun Charlie is one of them, as appetite tends to slow down with age. In his younger days, Charlie was a faster eater. My foster bun Cameron usually hoovers up his greens, but takes his time with his pellets. I always appreciate the buns who eat everything up and keep me from worrying about GI tract issues, but those also tend to be the beggars. It’s tough to say no to a little furry face like Annie’s, when she’s propositioning you for more food, yet again.

Always Looking for Bunnies

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“Cameron & Annie”

Every day when I open up my foster Cameron’s pen, he hops over to the fence to see if there’s another bunny there to greet him. Right now Annie is usually in her litter box or asleep under the coffee table, but sometimes she lays next to the fence and Cameron can get a really good look at her. She’s a very pretty bun, and doesn’t mind being admired one bit.

I’m putting together some footage of Cameron’s day to give everyone a better impression of just how much he has improved since his first days back with us. He’s such an adorable little guy to watch hop around and is very photogenic.

So Happy to See You!!

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Every morning when I come downstairs, Annie is sitting up the couch waiting for me. Well, she’s really waiting for breakfast, but I can pretend that she’s just happy to see me. I pretty much get the same attention from all of the rabbits in the house at mealtime. It’s so nice to be greeted by cute little fluffy faces when arriving home after a busy day, but they really just want me to put down their bowl. That’s okay, I’m happy with a bowl too, (if that bowl is full of ice cream!)

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