Naps – The Best Time of the Day

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“Lola & Duffy”



Both of my visitors love flopping. Duffy does it under the coffee table and Lola does in the middle of the floor. She also has been known to flop on top of a table. That girl doesn’t care where she relaxes. Did someone forget to tell you you’re a prey animal, Lola? Duffy also hangs out up against the fence, which is another popular spot for rabbits. He’s got his eye on the action! Lola is going to be heading home later today so Duffy has to get his viewing in while he still can.


Duffy Jumps out of His Shell

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Yesterday Duffy jumped right into my lap on the couch for petting. It was so sweet! Then he did again for my mom and she got a long petting session with him. He’s a very friendly rabbit, so different from the crazy little guy who was running around in the bushes in Melville when I first rescued him.

Last night Lola jumped up onto my laptop. She likes being on top of the table in her pen more than being under it. She also doesn’t seem to care if there’s already something on it. She seems to spend most of the night sleeping up there. She’s like Snoopy sleeping on top of his dog house. I guess she’s got a good view from up there!

Gettin’ Friendly and Chowin’ Down

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I got to have some sweet pets with Duffy yesterday. He’s much more social than when he first arrived. He’s pretty much up for petting from anyone who walks by his pen, as is Lola but she’s always a friendly girl.

Both buns have great appetites¬†and gobble their food up right away. I’m always glad to see good eaters, especially for buns who have never been to Kamp Kronenberg before like Duffy.¬†Our Butterscotch is having an ongoing stasis issue, so making sure buns are always eating is a priority for me.

Goldibuns and the Three Nap Spots

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Lola has a few favorite napping spots. During the day she likes to sleep under her towel tent, then in the evening she moves over to the corner of her fence where she snuggles with her teddy bear and has a great view of my boys. Overnight she prefers to sleep in a loaf high atop the table so she can guard the living room. Glad she’s so comfy!

Kamp Explorer

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Lola is now climbing onto my legs and into my lap from the table. She lets me pet her once she gets there, but I think she’s really just exploring everywhere she can. She loves it when my Butterscotch or Hershey comes over to say hello. She runs right over to the fence and they stare at each other. “I like you!” Or maybe “I’m not afraid of you!”

Warm Bunny on a Snow Day

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I can tell when Lola is about to jump up onto the table in front of me now. Last night after she did and tried to eat the buttons on my remote, I picked her up and placed her on my lap. My rabbits NEVER go in my lap, unless they are looking for food, but Lola stayed there while I pet her for a while. I don’t get many lap bunnies in this house, and Lola is a nice warm one, especially on such a cold and snowy day. Thanks, lap-warmer!

Tech Savvy Bunny

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Yesterday, Lola decided to jump up onto the table next to my stuff. She sniffed my phone, laptop, and drink. She chinned my laptop, so I guess that means it’s hers now. She didn’t even try to bite my phone case, which my Piper is always trying to do, so I guess I got off pretty lucky. “You can keep the phone, but I’m keeping the laptop! I can’t do touch screen with these furry paws!”

Activate Wild Mode!

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We’re putting away our Christmas decorations now and Lola wants to help. She sees us moving boxes and taking ornaments off of the tree and she gets all excited. She does theses crazy high-speed runs. She always gets excited when someone goes into her pen, dancing around our feet and putting her paws up to say “hello!” or “feed me!”. She’s so full of energy!

We brought our Piper and Charlie to the vet this morning for their annual checkups. Charlie was losing a little weight, but he’s still fine and otherwise healthy (phew!) Piper is also in good health, but boy did she act up! She tried to jump off the counter at least 3 times and it took four of us to keep her down when she bucked up again. She’s never like this at home when we clip her nails, and wasn’t like that at the vet last year so I don’t know what got into her. Dr. Saver didn’t even look in her mouth as to not upset her, and I don’t blame her! I know her ears are all good though since Charlie spends a lot of time cleaning them!

More Room to Run

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Lola spent a lot of time up at the back of our couch yesterday, and I didn’t like he way she was eyeing the fence. I know that she’s a jumper, so I started thinking a couch might not be a good idea for her. I decided to move it out of the pen last night and put a smaller chair in its place. Now Lola has even more room to run, which she does, A LOT. She’s got oodles of energy and now she can do even faster laps around the table. She’s still got her towel-tents for brief rest periods, and then she’s off again!

Lola is Back!

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Lola bunny arrived today for week-long visit. She settled in right away and claimed the ever-popular back corner as her spot to nap in. I know my Butterscotch and Hershey will be very happy to see her again. Hershey is such a ladies-man. It’s nap time for them right now, but I’m sure as soon as they wake up and smell the lady-bun, they’ll both run over to the fence to greet her.

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