Waiting for Lola

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My foster bun Cameron may be a little wobbly, but that doesn’t stop him from moving fast when he wants to. Whenever we open up his pen, his zooms right out and over to the fence to greet whomever is on the other side. Right now, it’s Lola. Lola is a little shy, so she’s not always at the fence waiting for Cameron. He doesn’t mind. He spends most evenings lounging at the fence next to her litter box. “She’s gotta use the box sometime!”

My Bunny Fort

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Lola bunny is a jumper, she is one of those who require a sheet clipped to the top of her pen. I use a king sized sheet and binder clips, and then there is no chance of her leaping over the 3 ft fences. Rabbits have very powerful back legs, and can jump over 3 ft with no problem sometimes. Size can be deceptive as even the little ones can propel themselves very high. It’s always better to be safe since a rabbit jumping over a fence may hurt himself on the way down. I like to think of them as bunny forts. They sure do look like fun!

The Big Flop

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When a bunny is relaxed, flopping down they go! Lola is a big flopper. It’s always nice to see a bunny so relaxed. Some rabbits tend to flop more in the warmer weather, and “loaf up” in the cooler weather. Others tend to prefer one way of sleeping more than another. These are sometimes called “dead-bunny flops” and have given many a rabbit owner a scare! I sometimes check to make sure they’re breathing, but so far, so good!

I’m So Thirsty!

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This morning my Piper nudged her water bow and dumped almost all of the water out. Then she looked at me as if to say, “No more water. Need more.” Then she flops on her side for a nap. I think she’s acting out for attention. Other buns in the house need me more right now. I’m dealing with our recent rescue, Melody, and gave my Charlie a butt bath yesterday. Hopefully it stays clean for a few days. I do think its the Supreme Science Selective pellets that are doing it for him, but it’s so tough to wean him off and onto another brand. I don’t want him to lose weight if he won’t eat anything else. Lola bunny eats EVERYTHING, which is always helpful. Those are the bunnies who need diets though, like my Hershey and Piper. They just look at food and gain weight!

Another Rabbit Rescued While Trying to take a Ferry Off the Island

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Yesterday my mom and I went to a ferry dock parking lot to rescue a rabbit. We met with a few fellow volunteers from the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group and eventually were able to surround her with puppy x-pens. She was shaking, but happy to be rescued. First thing we do in a rescue is look them over and determine their sex. Females can always mean surprise babies, so knowing right away is important. Next is to give them Revolution which kills any little critters they may have picked up while outside. She is going to the vet today for a pregnancy check and more thorough examination. We are calling her Melody and she is absolutely beautiful.

Whenever I’m on a rescue, my rabbits always know, even if I don’t wind up bringing them back home with me. I always make sure top give them lots of pets and treats so they don’t get jealous. Lola was happy with either, and Cameron was happy just to have her as company last night.

Lola Laps

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Lola is visiting now and she is a bundle of energy. She loves to zoom around her pen at top speeds running laps. My foster Cameron is very curious about her. like most boys, I imagine he’s extra interested since she’s a girl. Lola isn’t all that interested in other rabbits though, preferring to nap in the back of her pen between runs. All that hard-to-get just makes the boys want her more!

Cameron *Hearts* Lola

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This morning when I opened up the cardboard “shutters” that I put up at night between the rabbits, my foster Cameron became very excited. I think he liked seeing Lola. She’s a very pretty girl! He was digging at the bumpers in his pen and biting on the fence, which he usually doesn’t do. I don’t usually let him out his pen until the evening when someone is around to monitor him, because he has some balance issues. Today I decided to let him out for the whole day. I figured after he ran around for a while he would settle in one spot and go to sleep for the day. He eventually did, behind the couch.

Gimme Another Drink!

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Lola bunny is a heavy drinker, of water! Some buns seem to drink more water than others. Sometimes it has to do with how much greens vs. hay they eat. It can also be indicative of a medical issue. My Charlie is a pretty good drinker and he has kidney issues. He always likes his water topped off with fresh, cold water every night. Something you have to watch out for with heavy drinkers, is that what goes in, must come out! That can make for more soaked litter boxes. That’s why I prefer wood pellets over newspaper. It’s more absorbent so I don’t have to clean boxes as often.

A Bunny with a Pig

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Lola is a happy-go-lucky bunny. She likes to flop down in the middle of the floor and cuddle with her stuffed animals. Ever seen a bunny who has a pet pig? Lola does! Stella bunny was nudging me last night for petting. There’s a lot of buns in the house right now and Stella doesn’t like to share attention. “Pet me now, human!”

Thudding Runs

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Lola bunny is visiting us again. She’s such a bundle of energy. She started doing bunny runs immediately after arriving. The lops seem to have a little more “junk in the trunk” so that makes for extra noisy thuds as her little (or not so little!) feet thunder across her pen. All the boys downstairs took notice that a girl was in town!

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