Bunnies On a Mission

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“Piper & Cameron”

Sometimes my rabbits are hit with the urge to get into anything and everything. Two days ago I awoke to my Piper climbing behind her litter box and the bin of hay. Later both she and Cameron decided to try and dig out the pillow blocking access to under my bed. Once they have their mind set on a task, they are not about to let me stop them. I had to put a piece of an acrylic sheet there to keep them from pulling out the pillow over and over. Piper then proceeded to dig in the litter box and finally ended her shenanigans by running around in the closet with Cameron. He’s such a cute little brother, copying whatever she does. By the end of the day they were both passed out on their sides. No wonder, they certainly had a busy day!

Easter Comes Early?

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My mom came back from Kohl’s today with tons of rabbit merch. Apparently it’s Easter already in retail, so bunny-lovers rejoice! It’s the one time of year I can actually buy something with a rabbit on it. Piper approves! The pillow in the photo is from the Kohl’s line a couple of years ago, but she is totally nailing that pose. She had her first visit to the new vet and was very frightened, but in great health. This is one bunny who doesn’t mess around!

Helping to Feed Herself

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“Cameron & Piper”

Every night when I get the rabbit greens ready for the next day, Piper comes over to “help.” It’s right next to the bedrooms on her side of the house, so as soon as she hears/sees me there, she bolts over to see what assistance she can offer. In pretty much every case, that consists of her nudging me, putting her paws up on me, and walking between my legs to get my attention. Then I usually drop a piece of lettuce to the ground for her to quickly gobble up. Then it’s back to begging for more! Our refrigerator has the freezer at the bottom, but I’m sure if the fridge part was at ground level, Piper would happily help herself to her salad, cutting out the middle man.

Merry Christmas, Now Open Up My Presents for Me!

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Christmas morning at the Kronenbun house was very busy! As expected, everyone’s favorite gifts were the edible kind, at least all the rabbits anyway. Piper was really the only one who actually wanted to help open her gifts. I did most of the unwrapping otherwise.┬áCameron was a little nervous and spent a lot of time under a chair until everything was unwrapped and he could check it all out at his leisure.

Hershey was eating the box a present came in, and then tried to eat the glitter glue name off of his stocking. I guess all the treats weren’t enough for him! Butterscotch loved his hay cubes so much that he was fighting Hershey for both of them! They’re too big to pick up in their mouths to run away with, so they had a nudge war while chomping down on them.

My Furry Christmas Elves

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It’s that time of year again! Time to rip open boxes and throw decorations around the house. And luckily for me, I have a few rabbits that are more than happy to act as my Christmas elves.

Piper loves to help with the decorations, which in her case means grabbing things and running and attempting to destroy them. Today she grabbed a little wooden sleigh and wreath off the coffee table and tried to run away with them. Fortunately I was right there and able to rescue them, allowing them to survive to see another Christmas.

I bought one of the new cardboard Christmas cottages that Target makes. My boys Butterscotch and Hershey love their Halloween version, but Piper and Cameron are very nonplussed. I think they each may have gone in it once, sniffed it, left, and haven’t gone near it again since. I guess that will wind up going to their brothers after their Halloween cottage is eventually destroyed through “bun-struction.”

Couch Sitting for the Cool Kids

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Most of the time, my rabbits stay on the ground. They prefer it that way. Every so often one of them hops up onto the couch or a chair, or even a table. Piper does this every day or so day, but Butterscotch only frequents the high-peaks about once a week. They never seem to do it when I’m sitting there though, and god forbid if I should come over and sit next to them after they jump up, they flee as if I’ve just thrown a banana across the room. I guess my sitting on the couch makes it “uncool” for them.

Hopping to New Heights

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This morning my girl decided to take another bold step, (or hop in her case) and jumped up onto one of the side tables supporting the fence at the entrance to Hershey and Butterscotch’s room. Fortunately, I was right there in the kitchen so I immediately came over and brought a chair over for her to jump back down on. She didn’t really know what to do when she got up there, but it was only another foot-and-a-half for her to jump into the boys’ room from that height.

Obviously I need to rethink that setup, but I’m glad that she waited to do it when I was right there. My bomb-proof boy Hershey was sitting right up front, munching on hay, and didn’t even flinch when she jumped up. I don’t think she’s done it before, but she’s trying new things everyday. Ten pound rabbits tend to get into trouble fairly easily.

Happy Birthday Piper!

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“Cameron & Piper”

Today my Piper is five years old. She is definitely a crazy five-year-old. Apparently she thought her birthday started last night as she did want to to go to bed and kept pestering me for treats. She finally had her little party this evening, complete with bunny treats for she and Cameron, and a chocolate peacock for the humans.

She’s really been loving exploring the house, now she that goes on tile, she can go everywhere. I have to be careful to keep certain hallways closed off to her. One of her favorite spots is to sit on top of the ottoman in the living room where she can survey “her” kingdom. I don’t know how little King Hershey of the dining room feels about that.

Butterscotch finally jumped up onto the new couch last night. Hershey hasn’t been up there yet, but he always does bunny runs at dinnertime, all through the living room, dining and kitchen. I’m so glad he’s getting that exercise!

Hoppy Halloween from the Kronenbuns!

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Fortifying the Bunny Room

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

Now that my Piper is willing to hop all around on the tile floor, I’ve put up a baby gate at the entrance to the living room. Piper says that it’s not fair, and she’s not a baby. She’s going to be five in two weeks, so she’s not wrong, but I still have to keep her safe. In order to make it safer for the buns, and easier for the humans, I’ve put clear acrylic sheets along the pen at the entrance to Hershey and Butterscotch’s room. They’ve taken over what would have been a dining room, so there isn’t a door. I upped the fence height from two feet to three feet to keep the big girl from trying to hop in, and moved around some furniture to help support it when she puts her paws up on it. They’re not terribly impressed by her. They come over to say, “hello,” when she arrives, but quickly move onto other things. They’re older and she’s their kid sister, so naturally she’s going be the one camping out outside their room.

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