Bunny Flopping

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Some bunnies are floppers. They frequently fall asleep in what we call the “dead bunny flop.” My Piper is modelling that above. She’s totally on her side with her tummy exposed. While sometimes a frightening sight to come upon, it’s actually a good thing. A bunny laying like this, means that they are very relaxed. My Piper is a chill girl. Stella does this too, I find that the bigger rabbits tend to do it more and the little ones are happier keeping themselves a compact loaf, but any bunny is capable of a relaxing flop.


Hoppy Easter!

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Glenda bunny is visiting for Easter, and all the boys downstairs are very happy to have her. My foster Cameron even hopped down to the edge of his pen, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Cameron loves looking at other bunnies. As the only girl downstairs, Glenda is very popular. She’s very chill though, so she doesn’t really care. She’ll just lounge around being admired, just like the princes she is.

Lights Out Came Early Tonight!

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We had a big wet snow/rain storm today and lost power for a few hours. Fortunately it came back before the house got too cold. I had already moved the bunny greens into the garage as a temporary fridge in case the power stayed off all night. I was with Cameron when it came back and he had been allowed out for playtime, but didn’t want to come out in the candlelight. Once the lights came back, woosh, he came out!

The snow plow came down our street a few times, and each time Piper cocked her head, and looked over at me. I don’t think she liked it. “The only fluffy flying white stuff around here should be me!” Charlie, Hershey and Butterscotch didn’t really seem to care. As long as they got fed, they were happy.

Charlie had a vet appointment before the storm got bad, and was very good. His creatinine levels are similar, so I am keeping up the sub q fluids, three times a week. Hopefully that will be enough to help keep him healthy for the rest of his life.

Digging for…Something?

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“Hershey & Cameron”

My Butterscotch has been sitting on top of a chair in the living room to get a better view of Cameron when he comes out to play. Hershey just goes right up to their double fence and sits there, waiting for him. Cameron does go over to toward him to say hello, but he’s not as interested in them as they are in him. He seems like he’s okay on his own, but I think he’d also do well as part of a pair. He does love grooming his stuffed toys, just like my Charlie did before we got Bella.

Lately, Piper has been digging everywhere. One of her litter boxes only has newspaper and hay since she really only goes in there to eat hay. Now I frequently find a mess of shredded newspaper mixed in with the hay. I guess it also became a digging box. She was digging at the corner of my comforter this morning, trying to get under the bed. Then she jumped up on the bed and started digging at the bedding. She jumped up onto the pillows, into the headboard, but never seemed satisfied. I have no clue what she was after!

Piper’s Peppy Checkup

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I brought my Charlie for a recheck at the vet today, and his mate Piper for her annual checkup. She was nervous, but mostly good. She almost jumped off the exam table twice, but she didn’t try to bite or scratch anyone. Charlie’s creatinine was a little better, so I am going to continue doing the sub q for the time being at least.

He still has an issue with poopy butt, and the vet said something interesting. I give Charlie the Oxbow apple banana treats, and she said anything with banana as an ingredient can cause poopy butt. I knew not to give him banana, but never though of those fibrous treats as being potentially bad. We’re going to try the carrot dill and cranberry ones. I may also make a treat myself using the Selective pellets he likes as a base. That way I can control the ingredients and make a treat that his body would tolerate better.

Wallpaper Removal – By Rabbits!

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“Charlie & Piper”

Lately my Charlie and Piper have decided they love wallpaper. Charlie had been licking wallpaper in my bathroom and Piper had been chewing in it at corners. I also found her ripping some off of the wall behind the toilet. She even pulled the ring around the hose out that connects the plumbing, but fortunately that pops back in. Crazy rabbits. I heard her ripping the wallpaper through the wall, and I knew that she was getting into some kind of trouble. I’ve tried closing the bathroom door, but if it’s not closed tight, she can get in. For now I’ll just keep taping up her rips as I see them.

Hoppy New Year 2018!

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“Piper & Charlie”



2018 started with a bang for me—literally. Someone in our neighborhood always sets off fireworks for every holiday, though I can’t understand how fireworks and Christmas go together, but this guy must think it does. As soon as the ball dropped, loud bangs began. Piper had been giving Charlie his New Year kisses, but she immediately ran into the doorway. She always runs there when she’s scared, I don’t know why. Maybe she had earthquake training? The I heard Butterscotch thumping downstairs so I had to go check on him, and calm him down before he set the other rabbits off. We prefer New Years Day here as we always watch the Tournament of Roses Parade, and this year they even have a bunny float!


Silent Dissaproval

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There’s a little cushion we put in hall to see if Piper would like to lay on it. Ever since, she loves plopping down on it. Only problem is that it’s too small to fit her, so she’s either hanging off by her front end or her back end.

I played a board game in Rusty’s pen last night, and this was the first time that he didn’t sit on the couch with me. I think he didn’t like that he wasn’t the center of attention for once. Instead, he sat on the floor, glaring at the game board on the coffee table. He didn’t try to eat any of the parts, he just sat there, silently disapproving. I’ve seen rabbits do that a LOT.

Merry Christmas Everybunny!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


“Charlie & Piper”





I think out of all the buns in the house, my Piper had the best Christmas. She got a piece of a straw hat and she was running around the house with it in her mouth, jumping up and down, just like a 3-year-old at Christmas should. She also ripped apart a toy that Rusty’s family brought her, but that’s just how she has fun. Charlie enjoys himself by watching her crazy antics. Hershey and Butterscotch weren’t too thrilled with their presents, as they cared more about getting their food. Note to self, feed rabbits first, then give them presents!

This is Cameron’s first Christmas, so he didn’t really know what to make of it. I opened his presents for him and he did come over to check them out. He was more interested in the treats than the toys though. Rusty was trying to climb his fence to get at his presents. He’s a seasoned vet of receiving gifts, so he was not about to wait until everyone else had opened theirs before he got a crack at his. All bunnies were eventually satisfied and fell asleep for their Christmas naps, some amid the debris of their “brand new” presents.

Hoppy 3rd Birthday Piper!

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Today is my Piper’s 3rd Birthday. She celebrated with some raisins, Oxbow cookies, alfalfa hay, and banana. The humans got to eat her donut cake! My Piper was the baby in the house, but no longer as out foster bun Cameron is probably around a year old. I’ll get a better idea when he goes for his neuter at the end of the month, but I can tell he’s a young little guy. For an unneutered male, he’s very chill and calm. I make sure to spend some time petting him every day, and he always puts his head down and snuggles in. He’s such a sweetie, I know whomever adopts him will be one very satisfied bunny parent!

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