In the Petting Zone

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Glenda’s yet another bun who loves to sleep on the shelf in our end table. It’s right next to the couch so Glenda hops in there and sticks her nose up at me. That’s my signal to start petting, and never stop! Unless it’s to feed her though, that is always an acceptable excuse to stop petting.

We received a postcard yesterday from my Piper’s brother Mason, thanking us for watching him last month. Piper is always glad to hear from her brother. Even though it looks like she’s about to take a bite out of that card, she’d never take a bite our of her brother!

Grooming Time (Again)

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“Archibald & General”



Seems like all the bunnies in the house are shedding—again! I groomed Piper and Archie last night so now they both look like less scruffy ladies. They’re both big girls so that was a LOT of fur flying about. Archie is so much better about it than my Piper. Archie just lets me groom her butt, right there on the floor, but Piper I have to pick up in a litter box and put her on a counter top. She fusses the whole time. It’s not like I WANT to be doing this, girl! I think Gen might be the only one in the house right now who is not really shedding. She just gets head pets from me, so she probably likes me more than any of the other rabbits in the house right now!

Mason & His Sisters

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I showed Mason a photo of his kitty sister, Ti, on my phone. I’m sure he misses her, but they’ll be reunited in a couple of days. Until then, he can look upstairs to one of his biological sisters, Piper. If he lies on the edge of his pen, and Piper is at the top of the stairs, they can just about see each other. Last night my Hershey made an end-run through the kitchen to the living to try to get a good look at Mason. Fortunately I was faster and put some cardboard down to block his view. My Charlie and Piper were both upstairs watching the whole thing. I don’t know who they think is crazier, Hershey or me!

Bunny Demolition

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I recently bought some baby stacking cups as recommended by fellow bunny parents. So far, they’re a pretty big hit with my furry little children. Upstairs, Piper knocks the stacks down several times a day. Charlie only seems to like to knock off the top cup, but he’s so dainty and not as much a destructa-bunny as Piper.

Downstairs, Butterscotch checked out the cups a little but isn’t too interested. Hershey on the other hand loves them. Yesterday I found the cups scattered across the room along with little bits of plastic that he chewed off the edges. The floor looked like someone knocked over a tube of rainbow sprinkles. I’m fairly certain he isn’t eating the plastic, given the quantity still on the floor, his predilection for gnawing on everything, and his iron stomach.  Now the cups don’t exactly stack right, but Hershey doesn’t care. He showed those cups who’s boss!

Foot Buddy

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“Allie & Cheeks”



We brought Allie back to her foster home today, then came home to clean up and set up because another bunny is coming tomorrow. No rest for the Kronenbuns! Cheeks will have me all to herself tonight. I’m sure I’ll be getting lots of feet snuggles from her! She’d make an excellent foot warmer. Too bad this is July! At least her soft fur feels nice on my bare feet.


My Two Hungry Hoppers

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Piper and Hershey are my two super-eaters. While I often worry about the eating habits of their mates, I never have to fret over these guys. I sometimes wonder what they would be like if they were bonded. I imagine a lot of fighting over who gets the last few pellets in the bowl or the last piece of lettuce. Hershey is pretty bossy and Piper is so sweet. She’s also twice his size, but Hershey tends to use his small stature to his advantage. I don’t doubt that he would sneak underneath her to get a some food. Chow down babies!

Hare-Conditioning and Popsicles

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We’re in the middle of a mini heatwave right now and all the buns in the house are relaxing just a little bit more than usual. We have the AC on, of course, and fortunately the sometimes noisy units don’t seem to bother any buns. Rusty has been sleeping on the couch, doesn’t he know hot air rises? Snoopy is sleeping under a table in the shade, and Budgie under a box. Not that there isn’t a lot of sun in the room, but at least they know where to keep cool. My own Piper has decided that she likes popsicles. She pulled a wrapper and the stick from one out of the garbage and started to eat the wooden stick. Silly girl!


Thanks Mom!

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I’m back from my trip and my rabbits are somewhat happy to see me again. I don’t think Butterscotch and Hershey cared that I was gone, Piper didn’t seem to notice and Charlie was a little annoyed that I left him in the first place. My mom took great care of them though. It was so great to be able to enjoy myself knowing they were in her expert care. For mother’s day tomorrow, I’ll be taking over all the rabbit duties to give her a break. Litter boxes, laundry, and greens cleaning awaits!

Charlie may be a fussy little guy and required a lot of attention, but he’s got my mom “trained” too so she knows just how he likes everything. Some rabbits are very particular about their food for example, and will not eat if something is not right. Those are the rabbits you have to watch out for since they may be more prone to illness due to stress. My big girl Piper is the opposite and will eat just about anyway that is physically possible for her to do. I didn’t worry about her at all since she’s so easygoing. Maybe some of her mellow will rib off on my Charlie.

Vegetable Connoisseurs

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”


“Charlie & Piper”

Lately my boys downstairs, Butterscotch and Hershey, have been very picky about their greens. It’s the same stuff they usually get, but for the last week they’ve been taking much longer to eat everything. Upstairs, Charlie and Piper, are chowing down their veggies just fine, so it’s not the greens. Once my boys gobble up all the parsley, they let the rest sit for a while longer before coming back to finish. My boys can certainly be odd sometimes.

I’m going away on vacation tomorrow but the Kronenbuns will be well taken care of. This is the first time I’ve gone away since I got Piper, so I hope she’ll be okay without me (i.e. I’m going to miss her and her brothers terribly!) I’m sure Charlie will very cross with me when I return, as he usually is when I go on vacation. I’ll have to have treats ready!

24-Hour Freedom!

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“Piper & Charlie”

A few days ago I started letting my Piper stay out with my Charlie all day long. She used to still be penned into half of the room for 2 hours in the evening, but the fence has come down and she gets to roam free all day. I still have to separate them to feed Charlie, so I lure her into the hallway and close Charlie in the room for 10-15 min intervals throughout the day while he eats. I’m still getting them used to this new routine and the first couple of nights Piper did want to come back into the room at bedtime. “I’m gonna stay up late now!” I still close them in the room overnight, but Piper was much more interested in sitting at the top of the stairs, looking down at her brother bunnies below.

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