Surveying from the Couch

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Last night Misty hopped up onto the couch, just after I had left her pen. I don’t think she was looking for a cuddle, but rather a higher vantage point. That way she can see Leonidas better, peer over at Hershey and Butterscotch, catch Cameron in the hall, and maybe catch a glimpse of Piper and Charlie upstairs. Misty and Leo are going home today, but there’s still plenty of bunnies in the house to keep me busy!



Know Your Place, Human!

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Misty hasn’t really wanted much to do with me during her visit. She would much rather sit at the fence, next to Leonidas, admiring him. All Leonidas cares about is his food. That’s generally the impression I get from most rabbits. They want their food, and company of other rabbits. Humans are just the tools that get them those things. Once you get used to that, you don’t mind getting ignored by a fluffy little bunny-butt!

Cardboard on Windows and Plastic on Doors

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When I opened up the cardboard “window” between their pens today, Butterscotch came over to look. Then Misty ran towards her fence, and he retreated into his pen. Misty is such a little flirt. Leonidas was watching this from his spot at the fences between their pens. He may be somewhat blind, but he knows what’s going on!

Today I repaired, repainted, and then protected the bottom of my bedroom door. For months now, both Charlie and Piper have decided it is a chew toy, even when the door is open with plenty of room. I had tried fabric first, but Charlie was able to grab ahold and open the door all by himself when it was closed! Then I tried thin plastic and thin fabric, but Piper just took big bites out of those. Now I have thick plastic that is for protecting corners. I also put it on some wallpapered wall corners that they have been chewing on. Hopefully this stuff will be more bunny-proof!

Gimme Greens, I’m Irish!

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My foster bunny Cameron wishes everyone a Hoppy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m about 1/4 Irish, so while he’s in this house, that makes him Irish too!

Misty hadn’t really been eating her greens much, which happens sometimes. I always try and give buns what they’ll like the most to cut down on the waste, so I tried a few different things, and now she is finishing her greens just like her boy Leo. Now she just has to catch up to him on pellets, but the way he speed eats, I don’t think that’s going to happen!

Permission to Pet?

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Tonight Leonidas came over to me and snuggled in so I pet him. At first he snapped his mouth at me, but didn’t bite. I let him sniff me and then went to pet his head so he understood. He started purring almost immediately. I kept talking to him, telling him how good a boy he was, and he just kept on purring. He’s so soft, it’s certainly a joy to pet him!

Misty was watching from the other side of the fence. I opened up the cardboard barrier between her pen and my boys so Hershey came over to look at her for a while. He didn’t fuss like he usually does. Maybe he remembers her from when she was here before.

Bunnies Up There, Bunnies Down Here

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P1320730 (1).JPG


Now that Misty and Leonidas have taken up residence in the living room, Cameron’s playpen has moved to the hall on the other side of his pen. I took down some room dividers and now he can see all the way upstairs, and Charlie and Piper up there can see him. Charlie let out a thump tonight to let usĀ  know that he is not happy that Cameron is getting all this new space an attention. Cameron just likes to sit there and look up at them. I wonder if he might be happier with a friend. Maybe if he continues to improve we can find him a nice forever home somewhere with a bunny-wife.

Leonidas might not be able to see, but that doesn’t slow him down at meal time. He polished off all his food today whereas Misty picks out her favorites and leaves the rest for me to clean up. They do both love their hay. They use American Pet Diner, which I don’t believe I’ve tried yet, but will be after seeing how soft and green it is. We sometimes have trouble finding enough quality hay for 4+ bunnies, so good hay is always a happy find.

Buddies Through the Fence

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Misty and Leonidas are visiting us now. They’re not quite bonded, but are still dating. Misty had visited a few years ago when she was with her former mama and now she is Leo’s girlfriend. Leonidas is blind and he treated his litter box like home-base tonight. He’d hop out to explore, but kept going back to it. Misty was usually nearby on her side of the fence, sometimes in her litter box. They both love munching on their hay, which is always good for bunny guts!

A Misty Farewell

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Misty bun is going home today after many days with us at Kamp Kronenberg. I know my boys will miss her. They’ve almost “adopted” her as part of the family, but they are used to bunnies coming and going. There will be more here soon, so they won’t be upset for too long. It just won’t be the same for everyone without Misty in my living room. That will take some adjusting even for the humans! She’s a sweet girl and is welcome back here any time.

Clipping Bottles and Nails

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It was a hot one again yesterday, so I gave Misty a frozen water bottle to snuggle with. She’s the only bun in the house who doesn’t run away from it. After a few hours it starts to defrost and gets a little squishy. Misty decided that was a good time to chew on it. Fortunately I saw her (heard her) and re-wrapped the bottle. She didn’t do it again, but boy I’d hate to have her chew through it and all the water spill out onto the floor. Talk about a wet spot!

We clipped Hershey’s nails yesterday. He’s got short Rex fur, so the nails always look long compared to other buns. They’re dark though, so I’m always nervous cutting them as I can’t see where the blood quick line is. Thank goodness he’s so well behaved about it though. He’s a retired show bunny and is used to being handled so he’s probably the best behaved at clipping time. His little brother….takes 3 people to do it.

Bottle Service and Fruit Boredom

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The ultimate in bunny convenience: bottle service. No need to get up when you’re feeling parched, simply tilt your head skyward and take a sip! Misty must have been feeling particularly comfortable last night because she didn’t even sit up to take a drink. Must be nice!

Lately my Bella hasn’t been wanting to eat her banana vitamins or even finish an entire slice. I guess she’s gotten tired of it, that happens with buns and their food sometimes. She still had to get the glucosamine for her arthritis though, so I switched to a different fruit. Now she’s getting glucosamine coated raisins and she gobbles them down.

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