Bunny Begging

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Yesterday I went in Uriel’s pen to close the curtains and he started dancing around me. Bunnies can be such good beggars. He got a carrot out of me, and then of course I had to give one to his sister Athena as well. Luckily my boys didn’t notice.

Bonding an Odd Hopper

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“Athena & Uriel”



Since yesterday was Christmas, all the bunnies in the house got a taste of my mom’s cranberry sauce. All my buns ate a bit, and some even licked the plate. Uriel didn’t want to try it, but Athena wolfed it down. She’ll eat anything though! It’s tough when you try to bond a pair like that, one healthy eater and the other a grazer, but it seems like a lot of pairs are like that.

I’ve made some new observations some bonding my Piper and Cameron. They got into a scuffle yesterday, some fur was pulled and Cam has a little mark, but nothing major. Because he has neurological issues, he doesn’t move like other rabbits. He hops in quick bursts and tends to rock forward when he “hits the breaks” and stops. Piper may be interpreting this as charging and attack behavior and that’s why she lashes out at him. They’re fine when they lie head to head. She groomed him a little yesterday and I think he did some today. It’s when he moves that she gets nervous, so I put my hand hovering between them when he heads towards her. Hopefully in time she will get more used to his movement style.

Happy Hoppin’ Christmas

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”





When I was a kid, Christmas was naturally all about me and my brother. Now it’s all about the bunnies. If you think watching a little kid tear into a present is cute, wait until you’ve seen a rabbit do it, with their teeth! The key is to put something that smells tasty inside. This was my Cameron’s first Christmas as a Kronenbun as he was still a foster last year. The big hit this year was these little willow “barbells”. Both Piper and Cameron devoured theirs, I’ll have to buy some more. I never know what they’re going to like, as previous favorites are often less desirable the second time. “No repeats!” Treats are always popular though, so I always make sure Santa leaves them a few goodies in their stockings.

Rabbits Who Prefer Rabbits

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“Uriel & Athena”



Uriel and Athena are very sweet but a little skittish. So far no one has asked me for petting, but both are okay if I offer it up. They are much more interested in each other than me, which is fine. With 4 other rabbits in the house, I only have so much time to give each of them anyway. That’s why I love bonded pairs. They have one another and don’t need me as much to entertain and snuggle with them. These two may still have a a fence between them, but they are definitely enjoying each other’s company.

Two Pairs of Bonding Rabbits

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“Athena & Uriel”

Uriel is visiting us again for the holidays, and he brought along his new friend, Athena. She looks just like a lop-eared version of my Butterscotch, very cute. They both love the lie at the fence next to each other and get into general mischief and mayhem throughout the day. They’re not quite bonded yet, but are the single-fence stage, which is progress. My Piper and Cameron aren’t there yet, but we did have a very productive bonding session today. They snuggled their heads together and she actually groomed him a little! He didn’t really move or do anything, but I hope that he’ll reciprocate soon. He’s a very affectionate rabbit, but maybe he’s challenging her for dominance!

Who’s Your Snuggle Buddy?

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When Benita was sleeping in the evening yesterday, I saw her twitching her mouth and kicking out of her feet. I wonder what she was dreaming about. Looks interesting! Uriel still has been making a point of laying down at the fence, waiting for Benita. She’s a little more interested in food than snuggling with him though. Stella loves both food and snuggles, but her preferred snuggling partner is my foot. Even if it means I can’t really reach her with my hand, she wants to flop down against my foot. My foot doesn’t mind having a soft snuggle-buddy though!

Snugglin’ Time

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Lately when I try to pet Stella, she’d rather snuggle with my feet. I love foot snuggling with a big white bunny! I wish my Piper would do that, but she’d rather snuggle with Charlie. I get it, I’d rather snuggle with a bunny too! Uriel frequently looks like he’d like to snuggle with Benita, but usually has to settle for the fence instead. She only seems interested in him when I go over to pet him.

It’s Chow Time!

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After a few days of getting comfortable, Uriel now eats with as much vigor as the girls on either side of him. At every mealtime, all three buns run to the end of their pens, waiting for me. I don’t know who figures it out first, probably Benita, but then the others take a cue and start begging. I usually feed the boys in the dining room first so Stella might have the best view, but some rabbits also seem to be able to tell time. I’m sure if Benita could tell time, she’d know when it was feeding time!

Saddle up Bun

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“Benita & Uriel”



Benita and Uriel are not bonded, but they have their own special “through-the-fence” relationship. I know of several rabbits who were unable to be safely bonded full-time, but still enjoy each other’s company. My two boys, Hershey and Butterscotch have each other, but also love seeing the other rabbits in the living room. Right now Hershey has his sights on Stella. He’s about a third of her size, but I’m sure he thinks that he could be the boss of her. I can imagine him trying to chase and mount her, and him clinging on as she runs away, almost like a human riding a horse! Whoa there, Hershey, maybe take a step back from the fence!

Who is that Trying to Pet Me?

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When I went into Stella’s pen last night to pet her, she wasn’t really interested. My mom had been petting her earlier, and I think she actually prefers her now! I still got some pets in eventually, but Stella let me know that she was doing ME a favor. Benita on the other hand doesn’t care who it is that pets her. She’d probably take pause if it was a stranger, but if they brought along a treat, she’d be their best friend. Uriel isn’t as interested in petting. He cares more about looking at the girls on either side of him. If I want to give him a pet, he lets me, but I get the feeling he’d like it better if I were a rabbit. He wouldn’t be the first to think that!

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