Dissolving Dig Box

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We have bunches of these environmentally-friendly packing pellets from Doctors Foster & Smith, and I tried to give Bella an alternative to digging in the litter box. She picked a pellet out of the box, and ate it. It’s just made of paper, so she didn’t nibble for long. Charlie at least hopped into the box to check it out. I was waiting for him to wee in there and watch the pellets all melt, but that didn’t happen. An hour later both buns couldn’t have cared less about it. Oh well.

Last night I saw Charlie take his pellet bowl in his mouth and rotate it so he could bring the pellets on the other end of the bowl closer to him. Damn, he’s a smartie. I usually see Bella grab the bowl and pull it towards her to jostle the pellets, but I’ve never seen him try anything like that.

I just noticed a missing patch of fur on Bella’s left front paw. I’m used to seeing bald spots atop heads, but not anywhere else. I don’t think it bother her, but it was odd to see a patch of pink amid the snowy white fur. Hope it grows back soon!

It’s Bella-geddon…Again!

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“Bunny Kiss!”

Bella has a new pattern of chaos as of late. Around 1pm yesterday my brother had this odd feeling that something, somewhere was wrong. After realizing Bella was not in her usualy spot, asleep, he eventually discovered her ripping into the baseboard under my parent’s carpet. Somehow, she managed to pull out a metal cd rack that was tightly wedged behind a filing cabinet. Then today she tried again. Yikes!

Charlie’s fur is growing back in a little mohawk style in the middle of his bald spot. Poor little guy. Bella keeps grooming more fur off of him. Does she really want her man to be bald? He puts up with a lot from her. Then again, I guess we all do. How do you stay mad at a bunny who doesn’t listen when you yell at her and then licks your snack off of your fingers?

Rip Out that Fur & Carpet!

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Charlie’s bald spot is still growing thanks to Bella’s aggressive grooming but he’s getting a white mossy new coat growing in. On the other end, his butt and backside are full of fluff! I’ve already had to put him on a table twice to groom him. He’s never been this fussy about grooming him on the ground. I’ve still got much fur to go.

Last week the fireworks were aplenty. Fortunately the buns didn’t seem to mind. Charlie only jerked up his head after a couple booms from our annoying neighbors down the block on the fourth.

Bella has managed to rip up most of the carpet along the walls of the closet so now we’re going to re-carpet it. So today I get to clear out the bottom of the my closet and wait for a new piece to be put in. Then she gets to start destroying that one!

Do They Make Toupees for Rabbits?

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Charlie’s going bald-er. He’s got an even bigger bald spot on his head now. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it, fortunately. I can manage a comb-over for him. Bella is certainly an aggressive groomer.

Lately Charlie has decided that his favorite pillow is Bella. She’s soft, warm and even vibrates a bit. I can’t say I blame him.

I’ve noticed that Bella hardly ever bites me anymore. Even when she does, it’s generally a warning nip or an offensive strike because because I’ve just polished my nails and she doesn’t like the odor. Who ever thought our little Bella-Lugosi would become such a tame girl?

Why Is My Bottom Wet??

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Charlie was grabbing at some hay on top of a straw box and then, as I figured he would, jumped on top of the box to get at the hay better. Unfortunately, the box was a bit tippy and plop! He fell butt-first into the water dish. I rushed over to help/clean up the water and he just hopped out and started licking his wet lower half. Needless to say, Bella was only inches away and completely clueless.

I seem to spend all of my spare moments grooming the two of them. At least they permit me to do it. Charlie seems to handle it better. Bella is so fussy! Every tiny tug on her fur sets her tail a tappin. And then there are the occasional nips. You’d think the girl (and more rugged) bunny would be better with grooming. And I don’t even dare come near either of them with a brush!


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I used a pet hair roller on Charlie this morning, and to my surprise, it pulled off loads of his fur! It’s freakin awesome. I’m going to use this from now on to pluck him. He seems to tolerate it at least. My god is he eating! I’m going to the store every few days now and constantly giving him bowls. It’s nuts. He is always hungry.

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Charlie was in and out of mom’s room all day. The window was open so he heard a lot of street noises. He decided to start eating the wood under my dresser and made such a mess. He kissed me several times today, wet, and once while my mouth was open. He started squeaking while bathing and I thought it might be from the hair so I went and plucked him. While trying to get past me in the hall, he bit my wrist and I got mad and chased him. Then he hid in the corner. I think he was sorry, so I went over and petted him. He knows a head rub means I love him.

Second Vet Visit

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“I had to chase Charlie to get him in the carrier, and then he broke the zipper and broke out. He was not happy in the car, but calmed down at the vet. He sat down several times and ate hay, but not the carrots. He was even better behaved than last time and was very good. We saw another bunny when leaving and we put him in the cage on the way home. He seemed to like that better and even sat in the litter box for stability.

Charlie weighed 4.05lbs or 4lbs .8oz. He gained about a pound from his last visit when he weighed 3.03lbs or 3lbs .48oz. He could lose a few ounces so I’m decreasing his pellets to a 1/4 cup again, but still give him it twice a day. He was good during the nail clippings and she held him up for the back feet. She also didn’t hold his paws for the clippings. Weird.

The vet said to get a more absorbent litter for his heel stains. She also thinks he should be given only a stick of carrot a day, but I know his tummy. She also thinks he should practically live in a cage. Charlie is a smart rabbit who likes being in closed in spaces. I’m sure he will have no trouble staying in a cage at the vet if he gets sick. We are trying to give him the cage as a place to sleep and I’m sure he’ll be fine. She kept a chart, so we know what to say to her for next time.

His sleeping habits were off since he lost 2 hours, but he was back to normal after dinner. Then at 11 I decided to move his cage into my room. It was crazy trying to fit everything in there, especially when he came back in, but I think I have everything about where I want it. The carrier is not here b/c he peed in it, at least once, and mom is cleaning it. We need to get a sturdier one though. Charlie went up the ramp and in the cage several times tonight. I knew that he would once it was in our room.”

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This morning I plucked a bunch of fur from Charlie’s back. He is definitely in the beginning of his summer shed. Poor boy, I hope this is a lighter one. He’s still good about letting me groom him though. Mom blocked off her room in the daytime so she didn’t have to be afraid of him popping out at her, so he slept in my room. Later, he was pulling on the baby keys, so I took them off the string and he flung them around for a bit. When I wanted him to come out to the hallway, I knelt down and motioned to him to come, and he did! What a smart little bunny!

…Charlie Asserts Himself

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“Charlie chewed Jason’s shoe this morning. I hear, “”No! Charlie, No! Charlie!”” Silence. “”Thank you.”” That was Charlie leaving the room so Jason could fix his shoes. I swear that rabbit is like a super genius. He grunted when I pet him when I woke up. He seems to grunt a lot more often now. He likes to be vocal.

He ate all his food last night, this morning, and this afternoon. He freakin loves kale. He did eat some dill later after he had eaten everything else in his bowls. Man that boy can eat, so I gave him some more dill and kale. He doesn’t seem to be as patient about the groomings anymore, but I don’t think there is a lot more fluff clumps to pull out. I’ll just get the smaller fluffies as they stick out.”

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