Goodbye Petting

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Billy and Nutmeg will be heading home this afternoon. I’ll miss my little couch buddy, and I know the boys will miss both of them. Hershey may prefer sniffing with a girl, but doesn’t mind sniffing at a boy either. Nutmeg and Billy came over to me last night and nudged me. Apparently they wanted some petting and I was happy to oblige. Perhaps they knew they’re leaving and wanted to get in some last pets from me before they head home? Probably not, no one ever wants my petting that much!

Dinner Battles

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“Nutmeg & Billy”

“Bella & Charlie”

Billy came up on the couch with me for a little while last night. It was pretty brief because Hershey came over to the window and Billy spotted him. He dashed onto the floor and over to the window. He’s gotta get a good sniff, even if it’s through plastic.

Butterscotch and Hershey had a “Lady and the Tramp”moment last night when they got their dinner. Both were chewing on one piece of cilantro. Well actually, one of them started eating it, then the other grabbed it and tried to steal it. The tug of war ended in a tie, as they both chomped down on it until they met in the middle. All this and there was an entire bowl of food available to both of them. Sometimes rabbits don’t make much sense.

Upstairs, Charlie and Bella were fighting over water on two separate occasions. Granted, it’s a small bowl that only one can get their nose in at a time, but it’s just water. I think Charlie started, and then Bella says, “Oh, that looks like a good idea, I’m thirsty!” and a nudge war begins.

Soft Snuggles

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Last night Hershey was chasing Butters a little, so I picked him up and held him for a few minutes. I think he was very confused by it. Usually mom holds him when we give him meds, but he was very good with me. He put his head under my chin, but I don’t think he was thrilled about it. He ran away as soon as I put him down, but I enjoyed the experience. He’s a soft boy!

I got more fleece from American pet Diner for Charlie and Bella. I can’t really tell if it’s making a difference with Charlie’s hocks yet, but at least they’re lying on it. It’s quite soft and I certainly like standing/sitting on it. It’s certainly not going to hurt at this point.

I was rubbing Billy’s cheeks last night and he was purring like a motor boat. Some rabbits like a cheek rub, some don’t, but those who do seem to REALLY like it. I even got to pet Nutmeg for a little. She’s a bit more shy with me than Billy, so that was a quite a treat!

Couch Hangouts

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“Billy & Nutmeg”


Billy came up on the couch with me last night and we had a nice little snuggle. He doesn’t stay for long, but as long as I’m petting, he’s sitting. Nutmeg was chewing and tearing at the cardboard for a while. I think Butterscotch and Hershey were on the other side and she was trying to make herself another window to see them. Guess she likes being the only girl at camp!

Butters came up on chair to get an aerial view of their pen. He’s a big fan of sitting on chairs. We’ll find him just sitting up there during the day occasionally. One morning, my mom even spotted him sleeping on the couch! That little bunny acts more like a dog than a rabbit sometimes.

Welcome Back Bunnies!

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“Billy,  Nutmeg & Hershey”

Billy and Nutmeg are here again for a weekend visit. Butterscotch and Hershey were very excited to see them again. Right after Billy and Nutmeg arrived, I opened up a window in the pen and everyone came over to say hello. There wasn’t any mounting or chasing and all buns behaved. Perhaps they’re getting used to each other? They were just here a couple of weeks ago, so that could be part of it. It’s always better when the boys get along with the visitors in the house.

Billy and Nutmeg seem pretty comfortable. I tried to make their pen as similar as before, since I know how poorly rabbits take to change. They settled in pretty quickly and are quite content to alternate between eating and sleeping. That’s just what you’d expect from a happy rabbit.

I’m Sick—No, Wait, I’m Good

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We had another scare with Butterscotch yesterday when he didn’t want his afternoon pellets. Fortunately, an hour after meds he was back to normal. I wonder if he’s getting appetite loss from stress too. These boys are the only buns I know that get this way. Maybe we’re being overly cautious, but when a bunny pushes away his full pellet bowl, something is up. Don’t know what could have caused stress yesterday though. Oh well, at least he’s feeling better!

I opened up the window to Billy and Nutmeg’s pen in the evening because Butters was sitting just outside their pen, staring at the cardboard. I didn’t want to upset him earlier, but he seemed to want to see the visitors now. Billy and Nutmeg were happy to oblige, going nose to nose at the window. That’s how I know a bunny is feeling good, all they want to do is stick their nose everywhere they can. Buns are notoriously curious!

Keepin’ it Fleecy

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“Nutmeg & Billy”

“Charlie & Bella”

Billy came up on couch again last night. He just hops over me like I’m a cushion. He tried to get a good look at Hershey and Butterscotch from above. Whenever one of them meets him at the window, he’s always transfixed. Nutmeg actually came over and nudged my feet a couple of times. I don’t know if she wanted petting, or my feet were just in her way. I gave her a head pet until she decided to move on to the litter box.

We got Charlie’s new fleece yesterday and so far so good. It’s certainly very soft. After cautiously checking it out, Charlie and Bella eventually lay down on it. They seem to like it. No one’s peed on it yet though, so I don’t know if it’s a keeper yet! If this continues to go well, I’ll buy a couple more so Charlie’s on it more of the time. Gotta keep those tootsies cushioned.

Vacuum: Monster or Meh?

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I vacuumed up in the pen yesterday and billy did not like it. He ran away from me once I started. Nutmeg, however, was laying down and let me vacuum all around her without moving once. I had to wait a while for her to move so I could vacuum the ground underneath her!

Billy hopped up onto the couch all by himself last night. He stayed up there with me for a little while, letting me pet him and checking out the view. He hit a few keys on my laptop and looked down at Nutmeg who seemed very confused at his newfound altitude. I’d say he’s having a pretty good time!

That Bunny in the Window

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“Nutmeg & Butterscotch”

Butters and Hershey wanted to help watch Billy and Nutmeg. We left a window open yesterday and both Butterscotch and Hershey got to come over and look in on the visitors. It was so cute seeing Butters and Nutmeg go nose to nose at the fence. They’ve got the same coloring and only differ in the ears. When Hershey came over to talk to Billy, he started digging at the ground. “I gotta get at that bunny!” He even went up the chair outside the pen to get a better look.

I had Billy on the couch once and he stayed up there for a good 15 minutes. He sniffed and hopped around, checking out everything from the pillows to my laptop. Fortunately I tucked away the power cord before he got any appetizing ideas.

Attached at the Fur

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“Nutmeg & Billy”

Billy and Nutmeg are inseparable. Whenever I look in on them, they’re snuggled up against each other. It’s adorable. Butterscotch and Hershey have been spending most of their day snuggling next to the pen in the living room. They must really like Billy and Nutmeg! We opened up a little plexiglass window today because Nutmeg was scratching a hole in the cardboard. She really wanted to see my boys!

As I’m writing this, my little Charlie is fast asleep and snoring. When I hear my little guy snore, I can’t help but smile. You can’t say that about a human! It’s also nice to have a sleeping bunny, because that means they aren’t getting into trouble!

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