Scratching to Make it Comfy

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Douglas is visiting us for a couple of days this week. He’s a very needy boy, and comes right over to me for pets. He made me get on the floor last night, but maybe he’ll come up on the couch tonight. He’s jumped up onto his little box, but not the couch yet. He likes to scratch at the top of that box before he lies down on it, like a dog does!


What No Bun Has Done Before

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Since my Cameron moved in with Piper, he’s settling in nicely. He’s missing out on checking out Douglas in the living room, but with Piper to entertain him, I don’t think he minds. Most of the day he sleeps underneath furniture or his boxes, but sometimes he likes to sleep on his little bed. I bought that for his carrier, but he actually likes to sleep on it! None of my other rabbits ever cared about a bed, but he frequently does things that no other bun of mine has done before.


“This Couch is Too Lumpy”

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I was lying down on the couch last night after dinner, and Douglas hopped right up onto my chest. Fortunately, living in a house with rabbits, I except such things. He didn’t stick around for long though. I guess I’m not as soft as the couch cushions are. When he’s not stretched out at the front of his pen, begging at the passersby for a treat, he’s in the back corners, digging and ripping the cardboard. Some buns like to do that more than others, and he’s definitely a cardboard shredder!

Center of Action

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Douglas is visiting us for the weekend and he settled in right away under the end table that so many bunnies before him have enjoyed. He alternated between sleeping there, and at the end of his pen. From there he’s at the edge of the living room and has a great view of everyone coming and going and all that goes on in the house. He really is at the center of action there, and that’s just where he likes to be!

Mapping out Petting

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Douglas bunny let me groom him a little last night. Sides are okay, but not the butt! All rabbits have a “map” of what parts of their body are okay to touch and groom. Each is different, tolerating different amounts of touch, depending on how well they know the human. Most rabbits are fine with a head pet and a bit down their back. Some, like my Cameron, let me pet him anywhere, but he’s an anomaly. Others, like my Butterscotch barely let me give him a head pet before hopping away. Usually you’ll find something in between, but no rabbit I’ve met yet wants their tummy rubbed. That area if off limits!

Favorite Napping Spots

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My Piper loves to lie down in the hallway. Even when it’s hot and humid outside and thus not as cool in the hallway as it is in a room, she still spends part of her day in the hall. I think she likes to be able to see what’s going on. Not that anything would be able to slip past those big satellite dish ears of hers! Douglas also likes to have a good view in the living room, so he sleeps on the coffee table. I’ve know rabbits who sleep on the couch, but he’s the only one I know who loves the coffee table!

Is it Too Warm or Too Cold?

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Douglas keeps it cool by sleeping on his tile. We’re swimming in humidity here right now so the ACs are all on for the buns. I like to keep it under 76 for them, as that is about the high end of temperature tolerance for them. They’d be happy in 60 degrees in the winter, but I can’t do that cold! Rabbits have fur coats though, so they do better in cooler temperatures than humans do. If I’m warm in the summer, I can wear thinner clothes, but a rabbit cannot take off his coat!

Good Hay is Hard to Find

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We don’t have great hay right now as this is the period between last years cutting and this years. I go through a lot of hay in the house with all of the rabbits, so I usually buy a bale. The last bale we got was pretty tough so I mix that with some better stuff that I buy online. I put some hay with some big long pieces into Douglas’ litter box last night. Maybe something spooked him, because this morning i saw that he had taken a chunk and ran across his pen with it, leaving bits behind. That happens with rabbits sometimes, but this hay makes it more of a mess. Annie didn’t seem to have any trouble with her hay, so maybe he just got a big clump that didn’t separate well.

Annie Says “Hello!”

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Annie bun is visiting for the weekend. Douglas isn’t too impressed, but my Cameron is so excited. He loves all bunnies, and cute girls that are just his size are probably his favorites. She hopped up on the couch with me a bit last night, but wasn’t too interested in cuddling. She’s much more of an explorer than a snuggler at my house.

Do You Prefer Humans or Rabbits?

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Douglas has been visiting us for a while now and I think he’s getting a little homesick. My Cameron was keeping him company at the fence last night. He sat next to his litter box and I guess Douglas wasn’t happy about that because he started digging in his box. He got some litter out of the box, and even a bit in his water dish! Good thing I check the water before I go to bed.

Douglas seems like the kind of rabbit that would rather have human-slaves to pet him and feed him than bunny friends to chat and snuggle with. Some rabbits like being an “only-bun” while others like rabbit companionship, like my Cameron. It’s always a good idea to think about your rabbit’s disposition before decided to get him a friend. He might rather have you all to himself!


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