Hoppy Birthday Charlie!

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Today is my little man Charlie’s 9th birthday. I’m so blessed that he hopped into my life and started me on the road to bunnytown. All that have come after have him to thank. He will accept bananas and alfalfa hay as thanks. Even though you make lots of messes for me to clean up, I love you more than anything little guy. Now don’t let Piper eat that cake.

Stella bunny is visiting us, giving Glenda a girl buddy in the living room. My boys are always happy to see a pretty lady, and there’s a lot of lady to Stella! She’s a big girl, and you know how I love the big buns. Stella is a sweetie, just like Glenda, so I’m sure the two will get along very nicely.


Hoppy Birthday Butterscotch!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”





Today is my Butterscotch’s 6th birthday. We celebrated last night with an ice cream cake for the humans and some treats for the bunnies. Butterscotch was very wary of me when I tried to give him the treats though. I don’t think he was expecting a party so he started to run away from me. Once I gave him a banana chip I think he finally got the message.

Cheeks was watching this whole scene unfold and while she initially parked herself at the fence, she eventually got bored with my human antics, as bunnies often do, and hopped in the litter box. Parker was still asleep behind the couch. He doesn’t really wake up from his nap until 6pm.

There weren’t too many fireworks going on in our neighborhood, probably because they had all weekend to spread them out, so the bunnies were all fine. Thank you air conditioners and white noise machines!

Hoppy Birthday Piper!

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“Piper & Charlie”

My big girl Piper is two years old today. She think she’s a “grown-up” now and should get a later bedtime. She’s been with us for a little over a year now and is such a constant source of joy that I can’t imagine our lives without her now, especially her little Charlie.

Since her birthday fell on Election Day this year, I went with a “Vote for Piper” theme for her cake. Not sure what she’s running for, but whatever it is, she’s running for her 2nd term. Her campaign slogan, “A carrot in every bowl!”

Piper is also part of a quartet, so Happy Birthday to her brother Mason and sisters Chloe and Portia too!

Hoppy 8th Birthday Charlie!

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Yesterday my Charlie turned 8 years old and we had a little party to celebrate. Piper was very nervous as the whole family crowded into the room and was looking at her and Charlie. This was only the second birthday party she’s ever been to, so I’m sure she’ll learn. They both enjoyed all of their treats, and the humans enjoyed the cake! It’s a vegetable garden, complete with a little Charlie bunny-butt digging into the ground to get at those carrots!

Finola is staying an extra day with us (yay!) so I get more time spend with her. She’s a tough cookie with petting. She has to be in the mood, and in the right location or it’s no dice. That’s how it is with my Butterscotch and Hershey. Glenda is much more open to pets so I don’t have any trouble getting my daily petting quota in with her.

Hoppy Birthday Hershey!

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Yesterday was my Hershey’s 5th birthday! We had  a little party for him last night, but I couldn’t give him as many treats as I normally would since he’s on a diet. He still seemed pretty happy. His cake was a pizza, but made with ingredients a rabbit might use. The crust is timothy hay based, sauce is banana, “cheese” is carrot, and the toppings are green veggies and raisins. When I showed it to him, I figured he’d grab a raisin, but instead he nibbled on a piece of marzipan lettuce. Boy certainly has a sweet tooth!

Hoppy First Birthday Piper!

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“Piper & Charlie”

Yesterday we celebrated my brand new girl’s first birthday. Piper was running around her pen after midnight the night before saying, it’s my birthday! She wouldn’t settle down until I gave her an early present. Smart bunny!

We had a party during her and Charlie’s bonding session and she gobbled down her presents. I think Charlie managed to eat a couple. When I presented her with the cake I made (for the humans to eat), she just gave it a sniff and hopped away. “No people food!” It’s shaped like a sailboat because she’s named after a sailboat. Charlie had a pretty good time at the party too. He snuggled underneath her while she chewed on a basket. Awesome party!


Hoppy Birthday Charlie!

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Today was my little Charlie’s 7th birthday! We had a little party for him today, which consisted of a few snacks on a tray. He pigged out at the party, and then went under the dresser with Bella, signalling that it was time for all the guests to leave. Bella nibbled on the snacks as well, and even tried to take a bite out of a candle on the cake. And that is why I only leave the cake on the floor for a few, supervised, minutes.

And here’s a gif of my baby girl giving her man some birthday kisses!


Bang Bang Bunny

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Cheeks sure is a licker. She sits on the couch with me every evening and snuggles with me like a cat. I pet her and she purrs. When I stop petting her, she starts pawing at me and climbing into my lap. “You weren’t done yet, human!”

There were some fireworks in our neighborhood (illegal in our state, but folks still do ’em) but no one seemed too upset. I turned up my white noise machine and put the AC fan on high. We had the windows open during the day when there were a few stray bangs that I wasn’t expecting. Who sets off fireworks when it’s SUNNY? They startled me and the buns a bit, but after the initial bang everyone seemed to be okay.

We shared our Fourth of July cake with Butterscotch since he’s turning 4 this year. He wasn’t interested in the ice cream cake though. I think it was too cold for him. Brrrrrrr!

Birthday Bun and Too Much Calcium

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My Bella had her 7th birthday party yesterday. She ate all of her treats and barely had room for the banana chips on her cake (it’s not bacon!). After chowing down, she flopped down and took a long nap.

Earlier in the week, we noticed that my Charlie had some really dark colored urine. We took him to the vet and it turned out that he had bladder sludge. They flushed him out so he’s good now, but is pretty sleepy and annoyed with us for doing this to him. Apparently his body can’t tolerate as high amounts of calcium as his mate, Bella’s, can. I’m cutting out the veggies higher in calcium: dandelion, kale and parsley and removing alfalfa hay as a treat since it’s calcium rich too. Hopefully he won’t need this done again, and may even have better litter box habits now.

Downstairs, Misty is getting bolder on the couch. She climbed up a pillow to the back, but didn’t make it very far before sliding back down onto the seat. She keeps trying to hop onto the end table next to the couch, but so far she hasn’t been successful. I guess she’s just so desperate to get closer to my boys!

Sweetie Bun has been tugging at my pillow when I’m giving my laptop more attention than her. She’s quite a demanding little snuggler. I can type with one hand, but it’s kind of difficult to use the mouse with my left hand if she’s on my right side. “Bunnies have priority!”

Hoppy Birthday Hershey!

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

There’s a foot of snow outside, but there’s a party inside! Today we celebrated Hershey’s 4th Birthday  and his first at our home. We had a little party for him today and both he and his little brother had such a good time. I had to start the party a few minutes early due to dancing rabbits. The boys were following me all over the living room, jumping up and sniffing everywhere. They knew it was a special day!

Hershey and Butters enjoyed all their treats, and the humans enjoyed the cake. Hershey certainly thinks he’s top of the pyramid in our house, so his cake was reflective of that perceived status. Butters took a little taste of the peanut butter frosting, but Hershey wanted nothing to do with! He did chip a piece of the gum-paste Butters’s nose off though, and he tried to take a bite from a candle. Birthday boy does what he wants! I brought in a bowl of fresh snow for the boys to try too. Butters didn’t really care, but Hershey took a few nibbles before pushing the bowl aside.

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