Happy Birthday Piper!

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“Cameron & Piper”

Today my Piper is five years old. She is definitely a crazy five-year-old. Apparently she thought her birthday started last night as she did want to to go to bed and kept pestering me for treats. She finally had her little party this evening, complete with bunny treats for she and Cameron, and a chocolate peacock for the humans.

She’s really been loving exploring the house, now she that goes on tile, she can go everywhere. I have to be careful to keep certain hallways closed off to her. One of her favorite spots is to sit on top of the ottoman in the living room where she can survey “her” kingdom. I don’t know how little King Hershey of the dining room feels about that.

Butterscotch finally jumped up onto the new couch last night. Hershey hasn’t been up there yet, but he always does bunny runs at dinnertime, all through the living room, dining and kitchen. I’m so glad he’s getting that exercise!

Hoppy 8th Buttersotch!

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Today is my Butterscotch’s 8th Birthday. We celebrated a couple of weeks ago when I was back in New York with an ice cream cake so that I wouldn’t miss it. Butters hasn’t been eating great lately, but he gobbled down all those birthday treats. Fruit and hay for bunnies, ice cream for the humans!

Hershey always seems to eat something off the birthday cakes. When it’s fruit, I understand, but this time it was a small piece of fondant. Even I don’t like to eat that! He’s got an iron stomach that one, so I don’t think it hurt him. I quickly took the cake away though. It’s better than when he nibbled on a piece of candle!

Hoppy 3rd Birthday Cameron

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“Piper & Cameron”


“Cameron & Piper”

Yesterday was my Cameron’s 3rd birthday and his first bonded to his bun-wife Piper. She was more than happy to share in his birthday treats while the humans in the family enjoyed a cake. The Jones Beach air show was this past weekend and the Thunderbirds were in town. Now that Cameron is free roam upstairs with Piper, he has been moving around so fast. He’s almost impossible to catch when I need to get him, so I’ve been calling him my little Thunderbird. He still has a little wobble when he’s standing still but he’s as fast a jet when he moves!

Hoppy Birthday Piper!

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“Basket of Strawberries Cake”

Today was my girl Piper’s 4th Birthday. I made a chocolate covered strawberries in a basket cake for the humans to eat. I thought she might go after a strawberry, but the chocolate must have put her off. She sniffed it a lot, but just looked at me. “Why did you put all that yucky stuff on the strawberries?!” She got lots of yummy bunny treats instead.


Hoppy Birthday Cameron!

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Today was the date our vet calculated as our foster Cameron’s birthday. He is 2 years old, and since it was Memorial Day, I made themed cupcakes for the humans to eat. He was not amused by the fireworks decorations. He got to enjoy some banana, papaya tablets, Oxbow cookies and raisins. He also got a nice pen cleaning for his birthday, with a redo of his some of his setup. Since he’s a little better on balance, I took some of the bumpers out his pen. He’s been starting to rip them up and pull them out, so I didn’t want to keep fighting him on it. He still has bumpers opposite the litter box and in the corner where he sleeps to keep it nice and cozy.

Hershey’s Chocolate Birthday!

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”


My Hershey turned 7 years old this weekend so we celebrated with carrot curls and blueberries for the bunnies, and chocolate cake for the humans. Any excuse I have to make a cake, I do! Butterscotch got a little sick (GI stasis) that night, so I don’t think I’ll be repeating those treats when his next birthday comes around. His constitution is so sensitive that he has trouble if I deviate from his regular diet. He’s feeling better now though, so that’s fortunate.

Hoppy 3rd Birthday Piper!

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Today is my Piper’s 3rd Birthday. She celebrated with some raisins, Oxbow cookies, alfalfa hay, and banana. The humans got to eat her donut cake! My Piper was the baby in the house, but no longer as out foster bun Cameron is probably around a year old. I’ll get a better idea when he goes for his neuter at the end of the month, but I can tell he’s a young little guy. For an unneutered male, he’s very chill and calm. I make sure to spend some time petting him every day, and he always puts his head down and snuggles in. He’s such a sweetie, I know whomever adopts him will be one very satisfied bunny parent!

Hoppy Birthday Charlie!

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Today is my little man Charlie’s 9th birthday. I’m so blessed that he hopped into my life and started me on the road to bunnytown. All that have come after have him to thank. He will accept bananas and alfalfa hay as thanks. Even though you make lots of messes for me to clean up, I love you more than anything little guy. Now don’t let Piper eat that cake.

Stella bunny is visiting us, giving Glenda a girl buddy in the living room. My boys are always happy to see a pretty lady, and there’s a lot of lady to Stella! She’s a big girl, and you know how I love the big buns. Stella is a sweetie, just like Glenda, so I’m sure the two will get along very nicely.

Hoppy Birthday Butterscotch!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”





Today is my Butterscotch’s 6th birthday. We celebrated last night with an ice cream cake for the humans and some treats for the bunnies. Butterscotch was very wary of me when I tried to give him the treats though. I don’t think he was expecting a party so he started to run away from me. Once I gave him a banana chip I think he finally got the message.

Cheeks was watching this whole scene unfold and while she initially parked herself at the fence, she eventually got bored with my human antics, as bunnies often do, and hopped in the litter box. Parker was still asleep behind the couch. He doesn’t really wake up from his nap until 6pm.

There weren’t too many fireworks going on in our neighborhood, probably because they had all weekend to spread them out, so the bunnies were all fine. Thank you air conditioners and white noise machines!

Hoppy Birthday Piper!

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“Piper & Charlie”

My big girl Piper is two years old today. She think she’s a “grown-up” now and should get a later bedtime. She’s been with us for a little over a year now and is such a constant source of joy that I can’t imagine our lives without her now, especially her little Charlie.

Since her birthday fell on Election Day this year, I went with a “Vote for Piper” theme for her cake. Not sure what she’s running for, but whatever it is, she’s running for her 2nd term. Her campaign slogan, “A carrot in every bowl!”

Piper is also part of a quartet, so Happy Birthday to her brother Mason and sisters Chloe and Portia too!

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