The Three Little Bunnies

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Today is my Butterscotch and Hershey’s gotcha day. They entered out house 5 years ago as foster buns, but hopped and grunted their way into our hearts to become Kronenbuns forever. We love you crazy brothers!

It’s incredibly windy here right now, so it’s quite noisy outside. So far the rabbits don’t seem too bothered, that I can see. I told them we live in a brick house, so they don’t have to worry about anything happening to them. I thought about the story of the three little pigs, and realized they probably have never heard it, (because why would they?) so I gave them the short version:

There were these pigs who lived in the woods, for some reason, and a wolf was trying to eat them because he loved bacon, apparently. One made a house from straw, because I guess he liked the beach. The wolf blew that down easily. The second made a house out of sticks because he wanted to be like Abe Lincoln, but the wolf blew that one down too. The last one made a house out of bricks because he was an engineer, like my brother, and that one could withstand a hurricane. Moral: brick house is safe, pigs (and bunnies) are safe inside.

Sometimes they seem to understand when I explain things, or maybe they just let me think that so that I’ll stop talking and go get them a treat.


Bunny Brothers

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”



Now that we’re doing bonding in the living room next to my boys Hershey and Butterscotch’s area, Cameron gets to say hello to them after the bonding session. He used to live in part of the living room and saw the boys all of the time. He hasn’t seen them much since he moved upstairs to be with Piper, so I don’t know if he misses them. Hopefully he’s happy with Piper, but he does now get to meet with them for a bit after bonding every day. I think the boys would rather meet up with Piper, but Cameron is all the boy she can handle!

Hershey’s Spa Day

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I startled Misty last night when I had to come downstairs “after bedtime” and she thumped, which set off my Butterscotch thumping. He’s always such a sympathetic thumper. Then I stand there and wait to see if anyone thumps, and as soon as I leave, I always hear a little thump. Once they get started it takes a while for them to finally stop.

I groomed my Hershey today and clipped his nails. As a Mini Rex, his shorter fur makes for a different kind of grooming session. I can’t use a comb on him, so I just use my fingers to rake through his fur. His nails are also more tricky to cut because he’s dark. Normally nails can be cut to the fur line, but with Rex fur, that would be too short. I only take a bit off at a time with him and do it more often than the other rabbits. Since he’s a little overweight, he sometimes steps on his cecotropes and I have to comb it out off his feet. If it builds up too much it can tear the fur off accidentally and I don’t want him to get sore hocks. He got some banana for being a good boy, even though I know he hates me now!

Long Hair or Rex?

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Both Celine and Ronan are long-haired rabbits and recently had a trim before coming to visit at my house. They both look like little dogs now and are adorable. All of my buns are short-haired so I don’t have much experience with the long fur. My Hershey is a Mini Rex, which is the shortest fur a rabbit can have. He’s super soft, but doesn’t like being petted very much. It’s like he knows how wonderful he is to touch so he won’t let anyone. “I’m too fabulous for you commoners!” The Rex breed was discovered by a French priest who found some wild rabbits with short, soft fur and proclaimed them the “kings” of all rabbits. Rex is Latin for king. My Hershey definitely thinks he’s a king!

Alpha Males and Lady Snores

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I had some nice snuggles with Brandon last night as he hopped on the shelf of my end table. He is so soft, almost as soft as my Mini Rex Hershey. We let my Hershey and Butterscotch see the visitors briefly today and of course Hershey was right there at the fence, laying down the law to Ronan. They’re both alpha male buns. Celine is the only lady in the room, so she mostly stays under the coffee table, to keep away any unwanted glances. She also snores, which isn’t so lady-like, but is very cute to hear.

Happy Hoppin’ Christmas

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”





When I was a kid, Christmas was naturally all about me and my brother. Now it’s all about the bunnies. If you think watching a little kid tear into a present is cute, wait until you’ve seen a rabbit do it, with their teeth! The key is to put something that smells tasty inside. This was my Cameron’s first Christmas as a Kronenbun as he was still a foster last year. The big hit this year was these little willow “barbells”. Both Piper and Cameron devoured theirs, I’ll have to buy some more. I never know what they’re going to like, as previous favorites are often less desirable the second time. “No repeats!” Treats are always popular though, so I always make sure Santa leaves them a few goodies in their stockings.

Only One Sick Bun a Time, Please

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Yesterday new rescue Opal was finally back to her hungry self again, but my Hershey came down with stasis early in the morning. He started shaking, which he has done before with stasis, so we got pain meds into him ASAP. His temp was low so we kept putting him in a carrier on a heating pad, but it took several hours for it to stabilize above 101 and for him to start eating again. Even after he started, his appetite was not back to normal until this morning. I don’t know how long he was sick overnight. The sooner you treat stasis, the quicker the recovery, so it may have taken less time if I’d found him sooner. This is the second time in 2 months for Hershey in several years. The only different thing he’s eating is oat hay, so I’m stopping that to see if it’s the culprit. Sometimes we never can tell. I’m glad Opal was better though. Once Hershey felt better, he went over to the fence near her to try and sneak a peak. He loves the ladies.

Opal is still looking for foster placement or a forever home by the end of this month. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Opal, please contact theĀ Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group.

Hershey’s Tummy Troubles

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Last week my Mini Rex, Hershey, had another bout of stasis. He’s been mostly stasis-free in his 7 and a half years, but in the past year had it a few times. This past time was a bad one for him. The first time he had it with us, he was shaking from pain and had to be hospitalized for a couple of days.

Last week he also started shaking, and of course it was at 10:30 at night. He had also been doing something I’ve never seen a rabbit do before, baring his teeth. Now, Hershey is a tough little guy, so something like that from him wouldn’t surprise me, but in this case I think he was clenching his teeth in pain.

After giving him all the stasis meds we had for pain, gas, and gut motility, I reached out a friend in the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group for a stronger pain med, Buprenex. Fortunately she was able to loan me some and within an hour of receiving a dose he was eating again and moving around like normal. He just seems to get stasis harder than his mate Butterscotch, but fortunately it does not happen as often for him.


Hoppy Halloween from the Kronenbuns!

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Halloween 2018 Bunnies

My Bonded Boys

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The “Dessert Brothers,” Hershey and Butterscotch are my bonded pair of boys. Not actually related, but have been together for most of their lives. I only know of a few other boy/boy bonded pairs, but they are not as rare as girl/girl for rabbits. Theses two sometimes chase or mount each others, but mostly just snuggle. They’re sweet to their little brother Cameron, through a fence, but I would not even begin to attempt to make an all boy trio. That would be a sight to see, but alpha-male Hershey would probably fight with them both. A bunny bond is a delicate balance of dominance, affection, and sharing/not sharing food. Not so easy when they have to eat separately!

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