Hoppy 8th Buttersotch!

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Today is my Butterscotch’s 8th Birthday. We celebrated a couple of weeks ago when I was back in New York with an ice cream cake so that I wouldn’t miss it. Butters hasn’t been eating great lately, but he gobbled down all those birthday treats. Fruit and hay for bunnies, ice cream for the humans!

Hershey always seems to eat something off the birthday cakes. When it’s fruit, I understand, but this time it was a small piece of fondant. Even I don’t like to eat that! He’s got an iron stomach that one, so I don’t think it hurt him. I quickly took the cake away though. It’s better than when he nibbled on a piece of candle!


I Only Want the Good Bits

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Lately my Butterscotch hasn’t been eating his pellets at the same pace as usual. Sometimes he eats them all, other times he seems uninterested. He already gets fed four times each day because he has to eat separately from his “big” brother, but he needs more like 5 feedings to finish all the pellets. He’s great on the greens and hay, but even the tastiest pellets seem unappealing. He’s an incredibly fussy eater, and so he fits in very well with this family. The other buns in the house are much less discerning and would fight each other to get the last piece of anything. Butters would eat anything rubbed with a raisin, so I’ve done that a few times when he scoffs at his pellets. He’s like a kid that only wants to eat the marshmallows out of the cereal bowl!

Rabbit Road Trips

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“Butterscotch & Hershey

I have started taking my two pairs of rabbits for car rides to get them acclimated to traveling in the car before we move them down to Florida next month. We’re taking one pair at a time, and then I’m flying home to bring the second pair down. Now that Piper and Cameron are bonded, it will make it a lot easier. I’m still keeping them in separate carriers in the car, but can let them run around in the back at rest stops. My boys I may keep in the same, larger carrier as my Butterscotch upsets so easily and his brother, Hershey, is such a comfort to him. He was not thrilled about going to the park last week.

“That Bunny is MY Girl!”

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“Cameron & Piper”


“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Recently boding has been going pretty well. Cameron and Piper run around the living room together for 45 minutes and there isn’t much aggression. The only issue is that Cameron sprays her with urine almost every day. I’m pretty sure that he’s only doing it because he smells his brothers. When I’m not bonding, Hershey and Butterscotch have access to the living room. Cam must be marking Piper as hers.

We’re going to be moving at the beginning of the summer to Florida, to a totally bunny-neutral house. Hopefully I can bond in a space that doesn’t smell like anyone and Cam won’t feel the need to keep marking Piper. I think they’d do okay with longer sessions, once I have the time for that. I’m much more optimistic about their bond than I was last month.

Happy Easter from the Kronenbuns!

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“Piper & Cameron”


“Hershey & Butterscotch”


Clean My Room, Human!

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“Cameron & Butterscotch”

I cleaned Cameron and Piper’s room yesterday, which meant they both had to go in separate rooms for an hour and a half. I was able to do it right before bonding to prevent even more shifting around for them, but Cam wasn’t happy about being shut in another room. I think he was much happier when he went downstairs for bonding and then when he got to see the clean room later. I’d let him stay in, since I don’t think he’d eat the vacuum wire, but it’s too dangerous with the fences that I have to move around. Rabbits have a knack for going under a fence that’s leaning, and potentially knocking it over.

Lately Butterscotch and Hershey seem to want to be a part of their younger sibling’s bonding sessions. Butterscotch jump up onto a stool and sometimes the couch to get a better view of them. I keep a cardboard barrier between two fences during bonding so they can’t see each other. But they know they’re there. I don’t want to upset Piper, she’s so sensitive. I usually send her up first, and once it’s just the boys downstairs, sometimes I take away the cardboard and let Cam say hello to his big brothers. They’re so sweet, but I know better than to try and make them a trio!

I See That Girl!

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”



My boys love looking at Glenda while she’s visiting. She’s such a sweet girl that I can let them see each other without worrying about anyone getting too riled up. I let the boys see Piper earlier in the week after her bonding session with Cameron and Hershey started chasing Butterscotch around the room. Now that a bunny who lives in our house all of the time, and is on the same level as him every day for bonding, but he still got fussy about her when he could actually see her. Every rabbit reacts differently to different rabbits. Their interactions are so fascinating!

The Three Little Bunnies

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Today is my Butterscotch and Hershey’s gotcha day. They entered out house 5 years ago as foster buns, but hopped and grunted their way into our hearts to become Kronenbuns forever. We love you crazy brothers!

It’s incredibly windy here right now, so it’s quite noisy outside. So far the rabbits don’t seem too bothered, that I can see. I told them we live in a brick house, so they don’t have to worry about anything happening to them. I thought about the story of the three little pigs, and realized they probably have never heard it, (because why would they?) so I gave them the short version:

There were these pigs who lived in the woods, for some reason, and a wolf was trying to eat them because he loved bacon, apparently. One made a house from straw, because I guess he liked the beach. The wolf blew that down easily. The second made a house out of sticks because he wanted to be like Abe Lincoln, but the wolf blew that one down too. The last one made a house out of bricks because he was an engineer, like my brother, and that one could withstand a hurricane. Moral: brick house is safe, pigs (and bunnies) are safe inside.

Sometimes they seem to understand when I explain things, or maybe they just let me think that so that I’ll stop talking and go get them a treat.

Bunny Brothers

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”



Now that we’re doing bonding in the living room next to my boys Hershey and Butterscotch’s area, Cameron gets to say hello to them after the bonding session. He used to live in part of the living room and saw the boys all of the time. He hasn’t seen them much since he moved upstairs to be with Piper, so I don’t know if he misses them. Hopefully he’s happy with Piper, but he does now get to meet with them for a bit after bonding every day. I think the boys would rather meet up with Piper, but Cameron is all the boy she can handle!

Hershey’s Spa Day

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I startled Misty last night when I had to come downstairs “after bedtime” and she thumped, which set off my Butterscotch thumping. He’s always such a sympathetic thumper. Then I stand there and wait to see if anyone thumps, and as soon as I leave, I always hear a little thump. Once they get started it takes a while for them to finally stop.

I groomed my Hershey today and clipped his nails. As a Mini Rex, his shorter fur makes for a different kind of grooming session. I can’t use a comb on him, so I just use my fingers to rake through his fur. His nails are also more tricky to cut because he’s dark. Normally nails can be cut to the fur line, but with Rex fur, that would be too short. I only take a bit off at a time with him and do it more often than the other rabbits. Since he’s a little overweight, he sometimes steps on his cecotropes and I have to comb it out off his feet. If it builds up too much it can tear the fur off accidentally and I don’t want him to get sore hocks. He got some banana for being a good boy, even though I know he hates me now!

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