Sharing the Living Room

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

We rearranged the furniture in the living room and added some rugs. The buns are loving it! The morning and afternoon, Piper has access. Cameron too, but for some reason he never ventures out there. Then at dinner-time, Hershey and Butterscotch are allowed. Piper and Butters will only go on the rugs, but Hershey will hop around everywhere so he needs extra fences. He’s 8 and half years old, overweight, and a adorable Mini Rex, but he’s a fierce as a tiger. He always runs out in the living room hoping to meet up with Piper, but the fur would fly if I let that happen! Piper isn’t as enthused by other rabbits. She tolerates her little slave, Cameron, but that’s enough for her. Hershey and Butterscotch are more fond of other rabbits, certainly more than they are with humans.


Waiting for Dorian

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Hurricane Dorian has been approaching us for days now, but it feels like weeks! He’s finally supposed to arrive later today or tonight and our house is ready for him. Our hurricane shutters are up and we’ve got enough water for the humans rabbits for days if need be. If the current models are right, (even thought they shift every day) we should only get tropical storm force winds where we are.

The rain and thunder never bothers the rabbits in normal storms, but sometimes gusts of wind can unsettle them, especially my Butterscotch . It’s also noisier with the metal shutters and I imagine it will only get louder as the wind picks up. They’re on most of the windows in the house so it’s been pretty dark in here for a couple of days, even when the sun is shining outside. It has got to be confusing for them. In the morning, my Piper looks around the living room as if to say, “It’s been nighttime forever! When is the sun coming up?”

Invisible Barriers

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Of my four rabbits, only my oldest, Hershey, will hop on the tile floor in our floor. My girl, Piper will hop anywhere there is a rug, but the other two, Butterscotch and Cameron, will only stay in their areas. Butters will not leave his room, even to go to on a runner rug into the living room. Cameron will hop down the hall between bedrooms, but will not continue into the living room with Piper. They’re created invisible barriers for themselves, that will not cross, at least not yet. It certainly makes it easier for me. Hershey on the other hand, once slipped past an open gate and hopped all the way down the hall into my bedroom. Fortunately Piper and Cameron were not in there just then or a huge fight would have broken out!

Bunnies on the Island and the Table

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My Piper has been getting bolder and bolder in the new house. She loves running into the kitchen and lying underneath the table, but now she’s decided that she wants to be more adventurous. A few times last week she jumped up onto the chairs and was eyeing the table. My Hershey was in stasis last week and we were medicating him on the kitchen island. Piper, of course, had to come out to see what was going on. This was the moment that she decided to jump up on the kitchen table.

Poor Hershey was getting his temperature taken and Piper was running around the table. Fortunately he was facing away from her, or he might have jumped off the island! Since then, Hershey has made a full recovery and the kitchen chairs are being pushed in all the way now.

Hershey Surveys His New Kingdom

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“Hershey & Piper”

Earlier this week, my Hershey decided to go exploring. I had been leaving the gate to their room open, as they hadn’t gone off their rug onto the tile floor. One night when I came into the living, I saw a little black blob next to the TV. Hershey had decided the tile was no match for him. Over the next couple of days, whenever I left the gate open long enough, Hershey would come out to explore, supervised of course. One night it was bedtime, but he was too busy hopping around the kitchen to go to bed.

Yesterday we were eating dinner and he hopped all the way over to Piper and Cameron’s side of the house. I put a fence up to keep him out of their area, and she came out for a visit. She was NOT happy that he was near “her” turf, but he was. He was so chill, he even decided to lie down for a nap, right near her. Piper may be the princess, but Hershey is the king and he lets everyone know it.


“Hershey Decides to Relax”

Hoppy 8th Buttersotch!

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Today is my Butterscotch’s 8th Birthday. We celebrated a couple of weeks ago when I was back in New York with an ice cream cake so that I wouldn’t miss it. Butters hasn’t been eating great lately, but he gobbled down all those birthday treats. Fruit and hay for bunnies, ice cream for the humans!

Hershey always seems to eat something off the birthday cakes. When it’s fruit, I understand, but this time it was a small piece of fondant. Even I don’t like to eat that! He’s got an iron stomach that one, so I don’t think it hurt him. I quickly took the cake away though. It’s better than when he nibbled on a piece of candle!

I Only Want the Good Bits

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Lately my Butterscotch hasn’t been eating his pellets at the same pace as usual. Sometimes he eats them all, other times he seems uninterested. He already gets fed four times each day because he has to eat separately from his “big” brother, but he needs more like 5 feedings to finish all the pellets. He’s great on the greens and hay, but even the tastiest pellets seem unappealing. He’s an incredibly fussy eater, and so he fits in very well with this family. The other buns in the house are much less discerning and would fight each other to get the last piece of anything. Butters would eat anything rubbed with a raisin, so I’ve done that a few times when he scoffs at his pellets. He’s like a kid that only wants to eat the marshmallows out of the cereal bowl!

Rabbit Road Trips

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“Butterscotch & Hershey

I have started taking my two pairs of rabbits for car rides to get them acclimated to traveling in the car before we move them down to Florida next month. We’re taking one pair at a time, and then I’m flying home to bring the second pair down. Now that Piper and Cameron are bonded, it will make it a lot easier. I’m still keeping them in separate carriers in the car, but can let them run around in the back at rest stops. My boys I may keep in the same, larger carrier as my Butterscotch upsets so easily and his brother, Hershey, is such a comfort to him. He was not thrilled about going to the park last week.

“That Bunny is MY Girl!”

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“Cameron & Piper”


“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Recently boding has been going pretty well. Cameron and Piper run around the living room together for 45 minutes and there isn’t much aggression. The only issue is that Cameron sprays her with urine almost every day. I’m pretty sure that he’s only doing it because he smells his brothers. When I’m not bonding, Hershey and Butterscotch have access to the living room. Cam must be marking Piper as hers.

We’re going to be moving at the beginning of the summer to Florida, to a totally bunny-neutral house. Hopefully I can bond in a space that doesn’t smell like anyone and Cam won’t feel the need to keep marking Piper. I think they’d do okay with longer sessions, once I have the time for that. I’m much more optimistic about their bond than I was last month.

Happy Easter from the Kronenbuns!

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“Piper & Cameron”


“Hershey & Butterscotch”


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