Hoppy Easter from the Kronenbuns!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


“Piper & Charlie”


Bunnies at the Window

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“Butterscotch, Hershey & Glenda”

My boys are both so happy to have Glenda here. They both spend most of the day under the coffee table where they have a good view of Glenda. She likes to lay next to the fence too. I close up the window at night to give them some privacy, and this morning Glenda was sitting at the fence, waiting. She’s pretty savvy abd learns fast!

Gettin’ Cozy with Stella

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“Hershey & Stella”

Stella has been making greetings at the fence with my boys lately. She’s been here long enough now that they’re all comfortable with each other. Butterscotch likes to sleep up on a chair and look down at Stella, but Hershey likes to stick his nose through the fence, and chew at it a little, right there on the ground. Stella doesn’t seem too bothered by them. She’ll look over when one is making a commotion, but most of the time is content to sleep under the table or next to the couch, especially if I’m there to pet her.

More Snacks, Please!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

Yesterday Stella bunny was nudging my hand and sniffing it all over looking for a treat. Sorry girl! She does this frequently, just to make sure I’m not holding out on something. I had a fudge pop last night and let her sniff it. She took a brief lick but I don’t think she liked it. “Too cold and not sweet enough! Maybe add banana!” My boys have mostly been good roommates. She noshes on her pellets throughout the day and Hershey is frequently found sitting at his gate, watching. I’m not sure if he’s more interested in Stella or the pellets, but he’s got that look on his face that I swear is a smile.

Happy Gotcha Day to the Dessert Brothers!

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Today is my Hershey and Butterscotch’s “Gotcha Day!” Three years ago today the “Dessert Brothers” became Kronenbuns. Hershey is a slightly bitter dark chocolate sometimes, but Butterscotch is nothing but sweet. These two are always entertaining us with their antics like Hershey suddenly appearing on the wrong side of the kitchen gate, clanging it to be let “back in” and finding Butterscotch fast asleep up on a chair at breakfast time in the morning. I highly recommend adopting a bonded pair of rabbits as these two boys are utterly inseparable (and we didn’t have to do the bonding!).  I can’t imagine our lives without these two!

Friendly Folks & Beautiful Coats

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Douglas is a such carefree boy. Every time I or a family member goes near his pen, he gets very excited and jumps up and down. He might be expecting a treat, but seems satisfied with some petting. He’s quite content to sit there for as long as you’re willing to pet him for, something I’m not used to with my own male rabbits. Our girl Piper is always up for petting, but she’s large like Douglas. The bigger buns do tend to be cuddlier, but I know a few small rabbits who are extremely friendly!

Hershey is enjoying the living room sun today. When the sunbeam hit his Rex fur just right, you can see the many colors scrunched up along his short strands of fur. His coat isn’t just super-soft, it’s beautiful, even though he is in the middle of a shed right now. He’s a handsome boy, and boy does he know it!

Snowed In Bunnies

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We had a big snowstorm hit yesterday, so that means staying at home with bunnies all day. Sounds good to me (and to them!) It was so cold outside our furnace was working overtime to keep the house warm. The buns all snuggled up against the convectors and each other to keep warm. Fortunately they’ve all got fur coats too! My Hershey’s got a short Rex coat though, so I always try to make sure he’s warm enough. I wonder if he’d let me put a sweater on him. “No way, human!”

Quality Bunny Time

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“Sadie, Hershey & Butterscotch”

Little Sadie seems to have warmed up to my boys a bit. She lay down at the fence several times yesterday when either Hershey or Butterscotch was lying near her. They always love it when girls visit and Sadie is certainly a beautiful one! She’s heading home tomorrow, so they’ll have to get all their quality time in later today after everyone wakes up from their naps in the evening. The boys hope she comes back soon!

Spotlight on Sadie

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Sadie bunny is here for a long weekend. My boys are extremely happy to see her again. Hershey didn’t even come for food right away since he was staring at her. She flopped next to the fence and he lay down right there next to her. Later Butterscotch waited at the fence for her for several minutes until she finally came over and said hello. She’s very aloof about them. “Oh, did you want to catch a glimpse of me?” She’s a little diva and she knows it!

Gotta Run for Raspberries!

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“Lola & Hershey”

I’ve found that Lola is much more inclined to run around on her own than sit and be petted by me. I do get in the occasional pets in the evening, but it’s not long before she’s up and off again. Last night she jumped up onto a table which just happened to be where my bowl of raspberries was sitting. She pretty much landed in the bowl. I don’t think she minded, but didn’t want to eat any of the raspberries. It’s not the first time rabbits have wound up with a paw in my raspberry bowl!

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