Hoppy Easter!

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Glenda bunny is visiting for Easter, and all the boys downstairs are very happy to have her. My foster Cameron even hopped down to the edge of his pen, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Cameron loves looking at other bunnies. As the only girl downstairs, Glenda is very popular. She’s very chill though, so she doesn’t really care. She’ll just lounge around being admired, just like the princes she is.


Hoppy Easter from the Kronenbuns!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


“Piper & Charlie”


Live Rabbits Should NEVER Be Easter Presents

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Whenever Glenda gets a treat in this house, she grabs it and runs, flicking her feet. She scuttles to a corner where she can chow down without any chance of anyone else getting it, not that anyone would try!

Easter Rabbits

Yesterday our Long Island newspaper, Newsday, published my letter to their new pet columnist asking her to discourage live rabbits as Easter presents to children. It’s very important to me to help prevent rabbits from becoming impulse purchases and instead encourage adopting and fostering from local rescue groups. Too few people realize that rabbits are at least a 10 year commitment like a dog or cat, and not a toy for children to play with until they get bored. Please share this advice with anything you know who may be thinking of getting a rabbit, for any reason. Rabbits everywhere will thank you!

Hoppy Easter!

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“Bella & Charlie”



We’ve got a house full of Easter bunnies again this year! They all say that because it’s Easter Sunday, they get special treats for being bunnies. I don’t know what their logic is there, but they’ll probably get a piece of banana out of me. No chocolate eggs though!

Yesterday afternoon, I forgot I left the kitchen gate open and Hershey came hopping into living room. Fortunately, Sadie was asleep under the table so there was no scrapping between bunnies, and Hudson never comes close to the edge of fence. When I got Hershey back over to the dining room, Butters got out. Once they were both back in their room, I went to close the gate only to meet Butters in the kitchen trying to get through to the other side. Smart, sneaky boy!

Hershey was watching Hudson do her evening laps last night. He’s just so fascinated with her. I guess the bigger the bunny, the more he likes her! He probably thinks that he’s about as big as she is. She can be quite tall when she stands on her hind legs. She’s bigger than most small dogs!

Basketfull of Easter Bunnies

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“Charlie & Bella”




We had two arrivals yesterday that pushed our capacity limits at Kamp Kronenberg. We had to to put a rug in the kitchen for Empress Benita, and before she arrived we let Butterscotch and Hershey run around on it. They absolutely loved it! They were now able to run all around the kitchen, without fear of slippery floor. They did runs and binkys, it was so adorable.

When Benita arrived though, she was not as happy. For some reason, being in the kitchen frightened her. We think she wasn’t used to all of the noises there, and did not like having more than one person with her in the kitchen at a time. Fortunately she was only in there for one night. She’s taking Fulton’s spot in the living room, next to her brother Uriel. She did calm down a bit when I was cleaning food and did a good job at following me around and lighting pawing at my legs begging for treats. “Please ma’am, can I have some more?”

Uriel made himself quite at home. We squeezed him in between Sadie and Fulton. He got to meet both of them, but got a little too fiesty. He scared Fulton away and almost got into a fight with Sadie. No more contact for you, little boy! He must have learned that from his big sister! He also did some loud runs yesterday.

Bunny-sitting Saga Begins

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Today starts the first day of a 2 week long bunny-sitting. Benita arrived today, and we’ll be getting another bunny on Saturday.

Benita was thrilled to have the dining room all to herself. She did get a little jumpy when she heard noises from other parts of the house, but she got used to it. My brother came down a few times and Benita was purring so much that she had her mouth open. In the evening she figured out that she could push her fencing out to expand her area in the dining room. Her ever-attendant baby-sitter (my dad) did what he does best and yelled upstairs that she was “doing something.”

Bella and Charlie spent most of the day in mom’s room. When they did come back to my room in the evening, Charlie tried to get behind my desk and Bella tried to eat my Easter eggs. They never miss a step.

Charlie Loves His Ladies

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Trader Joe's Bunny Bag

“So now they’re selling bunnies at Trader Joe’s?”

I was laid up for a days with an infected tooth root and Charlie never left the room, even as I slept. What a loyal boy! Bella stayed most of the time too, but she generally takes her cues from him. I.E. “Charlie knows where the food is.”

Greeted the dog next door today and was then rebuffed by the bunnies. Bella was happy. I think she’s jealous, but she has nothing to worry about. I’m a one-species girl!

Until recently Charlie has not permitted mom to pet Bella in his presence (he still has issues with her). But lately he’s much cooler about it, just staring daggers at them from a short distance. Tonight they were having a petting session and Charlie hopped in on it. He decided to mark his displeasure with a light thump before retreating to his favorite napping spot. Progress!

We’ll soon be more than 2 bunnies as Easter approaches. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to cohabitate peacefully. Hopefully.

Examinate! Examinate!

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easter bunny

THUMP printed my article in their latest issue.  Yays!  I never grow tired of talking about my bunnies.

We took Charlie to the vet yesterday for his annual checkup and he’s as perfect as ever.  I was a little worried about his weight since Bella joined us, but he’s just where he needs to be.  He’s quite pleased I don’t have to cut down his snacks.

It took him a while to calm down completely though.  He wasn’t as outwardly nervous as in the past, but kept backing up into the vet when she was examining him.  He spent the rest of the day under my dresser, only coming out occasionally for meals and for Bella.  I don’t even think she knew he was gone

Happy Earster!

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Proof that girls are made from sweet stuff: Bella smells like cinnamon.  And she gets into a lot worse smelling things than that.  I was grooming her this evening and she started to lick her paws just like Charlie does when he’s trying to relieve tension.  I guess that’s a bunny thing.

They’re snuggled like a figure 8 now, but get into lots of trouble during the day.  There’s now 3 towels wedged under my parents bed for them to chew.  Bella gets the two main ones and Charlie gets a little one on the far side of the bed.

I took out the Easter decorations yesterday and they both went nuts.  There’s a little plush bunny that is now part of their toy collection that Bella liked and was grooming.  I guess it smells like the attic.  I also dumped out a bunch of plastic eggs and they had fun nudging them all over.

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