Keep the Volume Thumpin

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All four buns in our house are happy. They’ll soon be joined by a number of buns arriving for Spring Break. I hope Butterscotch and Hershey will be kind to their new roommates, and not make too much noise. They already enjoy a number of loud activities including, but not limited to pulling on the fence, biting furniture, chewing cardboard and clanking dishes. Nothing out of the ordinary for bunnies.

I’m trying yet another method to improve Charlie’s litter box habits. I moved one of the boxes to the other end of the room and so far Charlie seems encouraging. He’s been in that box 3 times today already. Finger and toes crossed that this works out better than the lest 5 ideas!

Bunny Upgrades

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We cleaned the boys’ room downstairs yesterday. They weren’t exactly happy about that, but now they have nice fleecy blankets all over the floor. Hershey is still sleeping in the corner by the convector, but now Butterscotch has gone over there so he can snuggle with him. Aw, he loves his big brother!

I’m trying something different with the litter box upstairs. I was inspired by Hershey’s penchant for entering the litter box from the shelf next to it. I set up a ramp leading to the litter boxes in my room, with the hopes that Charlie will use them. He has no trouble walking up and down the ramp, he just hasn’t decided to always go in the box. I put a towel on the ramp that will be easier to wash if he pees on it, and won’t leave his bottom as stained as it was on the puppy pads.

Charlie: “She did it!”

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We clipped Bella’s nails last week. Instead of picking her up, we let her keep her back feet on the table, like I do with Charlie. She behaved a lot better than usual. I really think that makes a difference. We still need two people to do her, but at least it doesn’t take us over an hour!

After staying in my room all night, Bella went to town in my parents’  room’s litter box. The floor is more litter, poop and hay than carpet now. Fortunately, it’s not my room! She’s been waking them up whenever she’s allowed to stay in there at night. Oh Bella. We’re thinking of taking her outside so she can run off some of that excess energy.

She also scared my brother recently. I heard him yelp, wondering what on Earth would do that, only to then hear him exclaim, “Bella!”. She apparently came in and nudged his foot. I’m accustomed to that bunny greeting, but he doesn’t expect it in his room. The buns only go in there every so often.

Building a Better Litter Box

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In case some of you were wondering, this is the screen I made for my litter box. Below is a little description of what I did, but you can find others if you do a google search (that’s how I did mine).

da7af1d2-1229-4ddd-970b-7bb72cc630b3_400At Home Depot  I bought a $10 roll of 1/4 in. 23-Gauge Galvanized Hardware Cloth. It was 2 ft. x 5 ft. and I’ve already made 3 screens from the roll. My boxes are cat boxes, so the screens are around 14 in. x 10 in.

I had no idea what this was before people said they used it for litter box screens, but you can find it at most hardware stores apparently. At Home Depot it was in the gardening section.

I measured the bottom of the litter box (at the corners, because it bows in the middles)  for the dimensions.. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s still an inch or 2 smaller than the box itself, still gets the job done.



The cloth I bought I was able to cut with a scissor, but thicker stuff might need something a little stronger.I tried to cut the boxes as closes to the edge as possible to lessen the sharp bits. Definitely don’t want that for bunny feet.




After cutting, I folded the edges one row of boxes over and used a pair of pliers to flatten it. Then I cut a strip of duct tape in half and layered both strips on the edge. Repeat for all four sides, and voila!

It does tend to get pee on the edges (always where I go to grab it) but that rinses off easily.



Solving Problems at $1/Square Foot

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I recently ordered a screen for my litter box to see if it would curb Bella’s digging tendencies. Low and behold, it actually worked! so off to Home Depot to buy a big roll of hardware cloth and make some more. Then, something wonderful happened, Charlie started using the litter box again. Apparently my crazy ravings weren’t that crazy after all: Charlie didn’t like what Bella was doing to the litter box.

So after buying two more types of puppy pads, now Charlie hardly uses the pads at all! I’m happy though, even if it means that it takes longer to scoop the boxes every night.

Something so simple solved our two biggest problems. Sure, Bella isn’t too happy that she can’t dig under the screen, but she digs just about everything else.

CAUTION! Bunnies At Work

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Here’s Bella hard at work with her filing. She puts in a few hours a day, usually ( hopefully) starting after 8 a.m.

I was munching on a packet of Skittles and in the corner of my eye I saw Bella periscoping up in the litter box. After a moment of sniffing, she bolted out of the box, headed in my direction. After consuming only 3 Skittles, Bella was at my ankles, begging for some. “Please, can I have some? Please, please, please!” I thought quiet candy was safe, but I guess I was wrong.

I swear, her sense of smell has markedly improved over the years. It’s bad enough that I can’t open a bag of chips without the crinkle alerting her super-sonic bunny ears, but now she’s got a super-sniffer too!

The litter box situation is getting a bit hectic and I don’t like having to cut up puppy pads every week, so we decided to try something a little different. I don’t think Charlie likes having to hop into the box (lazy boy).  Instead he prefers to back his butt up into a corner to go. We came up with a brilliant idea of cutting off one of the sides of of the litter box. It was tested, in mom’s room of course, and seemed to start off pretty well.

It went downhill very quickly. Bella is a bunny after all and bunnies love to dig, so guess what Bella decided to do? She was spewing hay, litter and poop everywhere, with no wall to slow her down. Sadly this experiment proved to be a failure. so now it’s back to brainstorming and cutting up puppy pads.

How to Make a Better (Behaved) Bunny: Do What They Want

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Charlie’s the mellowest he’s been in ages and even Bella has stopped nipping for attention. Though she did stick her nose into the treat container and helped herself to one this morning.

Yet another litter box arrangement debuted this week. So far the results are good, poop and pee in the boxes, not the blanket. Bella seems to approve, but she’s still keen on digging at the blanket.

She’s also ripped up all the posters I had stuck in the back of my closet. I’ve had to add new ones for her to tear at. I don’t know what she thinks she’s doing in there, but at least it keeps her out of trouble!

Oh, Are You Back?

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The buns were not happy to see me after a week away. It’s understandable. They think I abandoned them and they were allowed to go wild and do whatever they wanted. “You came back and all you brought was yelling!” Boy was it a mess. I have to re-litter train Charlie, apparently, and do a major clean of the bunny room, which also happens to be my bedroom.

They both are also in the middle of a shed so I came home to two shaggy bunnies. They did NOT want me plucking fur. I managed to earn back their trust, groom some fur and give them some treats, not necessarily in that order. Fortunately (for all of us??) I won’t be going away again for awhile. Day trips are all we can handle!

My Little Sentry

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We’ve been lucky enough to get a few days of warm weather and that means it’s time to break out the frozen water bottles! I don’t know which Bella likes better: snuggling with one or licking it. I’m waiting to see the two of them snuggled together with a bottle between them.

The latest addition to our litter box/ bunny bathroom is a patio area. I’ve put a couple of bricks down to keep Bella from ripping apart the puppy pad. Now everyone can get what they want: Charlie can mark just outside the litter box, I can have clean carpet, and Bella can claw at the bricks till her heart’s content.

The other day I was in the bathroom when I saw the door open slightly in the mirror. I looked down and Charlie was there. The buns often will nudge a door open, but not usually the bathroom, so I thought something might be up. Apparently Bella was acting up again and Charlie had come to tattle on her. What a funny little boy! That and his uncanny ability to tell time (without even being able to read a clock) make for one smart bunny!

Happy 4th Birthday Bella!

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Don’t worry, that bite was part of the cake design. I wouldn’t dare let her eat a whole chunk of that yummy cake!

Bella must have known it was her birthday today because she was in total destruction mode. Last two mornings she’s been ripping at the rug outside their litter boxes and shredding the puppy pads I put down. The pads are working pretty well, Charlie doesn’t seem to mind using them as opposed to the carpet. Now if I could just get him to ONLY use the litter box…

Charlie’s hock booties didn’t work out so good, so now we’re back to just putting on cream, but every other day. His hocks are definitely better, but we’ll keep creaming him for little longer.

I promised Bella I wouldn’t discipline her today, but I had a hard time with her persistent antics. She even bit my thumb when I was just trying t pet her. With all of her aggressive behavior you wouldn’t think that she has a shy side, but she does. At her “party” today, we sang happy birthday and presented her with her cake , but after a few nibbles she ran back under the dresser. She also likes to run from the camera. Not so good for your shutterbug sister!

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