Grooming Time (Again)

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“Archibald & General”



Seems like all the bunnies in the house are shedding—again! I groomed Piper and Archie last night so now they both look like less scruffy ladies. They’re both big girls so that was a LOT of fur flying about. Archie is so much better about it than my Piper. Archie just lets me groom her butt, right there on the floor, but Piper I have to pick up in a litter box and put her on a counter top. She fusses the whole time. It’s not like I WANT to be doing this, girl! I think Gen might be the only one in the house right now who is not really shedding. She just gets head pets from me, so she probably likes me more than any of the other rabbits in the house right now!

Lifestyles of Mature Rabbits

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Both General and Archibald are mature buns, meaning that they are too grown up for “kid stuff”. General likes her privacy and doesn’t appreciate young whippersnappers trying to invade her turf (i.e. Hershey staring at her through the fence). Archie knows what she wants, and when she wants it. Like food every time she sees you. And you had better not take your sweet time getting it to her either. She doesn’t have time to wait around all day for you to finally get the bowl down on the floor. She’s an important bun, with lots of important things to do, like sleeping, napping and generally lounging about.

Two Different Sisters

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The Kronenbun house has been a little crazy these past few days, but these two lovely ladies don’t seem to mind one bit. My boys are happy as long as they can see them. Butterscotch camped out at his fence trying to spot the ever elusive General when she comes out from her favorite spot behind the couch. Archibald is also plopped at the fence most of the day, that is when she’s not chowing down on food. The big buns love to eat! Archie is definitely the outgoing and friendly sister, while Gen is more quiet and thoughtful. It’s a nice break to from a bun who is nudging your ankles for pets, to one who couldn’t care less that you’re in her pen. Buns can be so different.

Enjoying the Girls

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General already picked her favorite spot to sleep. It’s the oh-so-popular next-to-the-couch spot. She’s not as voracious an eater as her sister, but she likes her herbs and of course, raisins. My mom even got to pet her today, so I think she’s slowly acclimating to her surroundings here.

Her sister Archibald is very friendly, and willing to eat just about anything I put down for her. She’s shedding a bit and she let me groom her right away. And we’ve only just met! I heard a little noise when I was sitting in the pen with her and realized that she was making it. The big girl is a little snorer!

Two Lovely Ladies

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Archibald and General are visiting us now. Don’t be fooled by their names, they are both girls, they’re just super trendy so they have boy names. Archibald is almost as big as my Piper but is a beautiful red color. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bun her color in person. General is an adorable honey-colored girl. They’re both adjusting very well, chowing down on some pellets right after they arrived. My boys are, of course, ecstatic to have a pair of girls visiting. Hershey was already up on his hind legs trying to catch a glimpse of them. Calm down boy, you don’t want to scare the ladies off!

Sharing the Sofa

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Mason is such a sweetheart. Last night was the first time he jumped up on the couch when I was sitting up there. He had been up there before, but never when I was there already. I even caught him sleeping up there on my webcam, and he’s left lots of white fur behind, but he likes to chill solo. I’m used to his sister jumping up on me while I’m sleeping. She always seems to aim for my neck or stomach for some reason.

Mason & His Sisters

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I showed Mason a photo of his kitty sister, Ti, on my phone. I’m sure he misses her, but they’ll be reunited in a couple of days. Until then, he can look upstairs to one of his biological sisters, Piper. If he lies on the edge of his pen, and Piper is at the top of the stairs, they can just about see each other. Last night my Hershey made an end-run through the kitchen to the living to try to get a good look at Mason. Fortunately I was faster and put some cardboard down to block his view. My Charlie and Piper were both upstairs watching the whole thing. I don’t know who they think is crazier, Hershey or me!

Thump War!

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Last night some bunny made a big noise and everyone started thumping. I was about to go to bed when Piper alerted me that something was amiss downstairs. I went down and gave everyone a treat and that calmed some of the down. In cases like that I just have to walk away and let them calm down on their own. Sometimes a drop of Rescue Remedy rubbed on the outside of the ears helps, but it doesn’t work on every rabbit right away.  It’s just Mason and my boys in the living room for a couple of days until the next round of bunnies arrive. I vacuumed up so much fur this morning I could make another bunny from it!

Energy Levels at Maximum

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Mason was so peppy yesterday, running all over his pen and jumping on the couch. He still won’t go up there when I’m sitting on it. I think he has in the past, and I know his sister Piper does. He just wants to have the couch to himself I guess.

Douglas enjoys making a mess. Today he even knocked over his pellet bow and I had to scoop them back in. He said he would have been fine eating them off the floor though. He’s going home tomorrow and little Duffy has gone home today. After Mason departs in a few days, we’ll have some girl power when a pair of ladies arrive. My boys will happy to have some more girls in the house.

Gimme that Fur!

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Duffy always puts his head down for petting when I come in his pen. He jumps up from wherever he was sleeping and runs over to the fence to greet me as well. “Hi there! You’re my best friend now!” I get nothing but love from this little guy. He’s so sweet and I’d adopt him myself in a heartbeat if I had the permanent space. If anyone is interested, check out his petfinder page before someone else scoops him up!

It seems like every bunny is my house right now is shedding. Yesterday alone I gave my Hershey and Douglas long grooming sessions. So much fur is flying! Hopefully it’s into the garbage and not into bunny’s mouths though. My Piper just got a good grooming too and she really hates it. Mason isn’t shedding too bad, but he has left a big white spot on the floor where he likes to lay. So I’ve been grooming the floor instead. I’ve been growled at, scratched, bitten and given “the bunny butt” but I’ll never stop on my quest to keep bunny tummies as fur-free as possible!


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