Merry Christmas Everybunny!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


“Charlie & Piper”





I think out of all the buns in the house, my Piper had the best Christmas. She got a piece of a straw hat and she was running around the house with it in her mouth, jumping up and down, just like a 3-year-old at Christmas should. She also ripped apart a toy that Rusty’s family brought her, but that’s just how she has fun. Charlie enjoys himself by watching her crazy antics. Hershey and Butterscotch weren’t too thrilled with their presents, as they cared more about getting their food. Note to self, feed rabbits first, then give them presents!

This is Cameron’s first Christmas, so he didn’t really know what to make of it. I opened his presents for him and he did come over to check them out. He was more interested in the treats than the toys though. Rusty was trying to climb his fence to get at his presents. He’s a seasoned vet of receiving gifts, so he was not about to wait until everyone else had opened theirs before he got a crack at his. All bunnies were eventually satisfied and fell asleep for their Christmas naps, some amid the debris of their “brand new” presents.


Hoppy Hanukkah from the Kronenbuns!

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Holiday Card 2017

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah and our menorah is patiently waiting, right next to our Christmas tree. It’s electric since fire and bunnies just don’t mix, but the wire is safely tucked away. Our tree is also full of lights and wires, so I use a shower curtain rod cover on the plug and wire. It’s hidden behind the tree, and even if it can be seen, it’s worth it not to have to worry about mishaps. We don’t keep our tree behind a fence, as we have before, but instead it sits up on top of a table, so the rabbits can go under it without being able to grab at ornaments and lights. All the rabbits love looking at the colored lights, and it makes for great photo ops!

Cameron the Sable

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

I always like to figure out what my rabbits genes are, so I did little research last night on my new foster-bun Cameron to see if I could figure him out. Turns out he’s a black Siamese Sable Dwarf. Sables are interesting because their coat can change colors as they shed and new fur grows in. They also have ruby tinted eyes, which I noticed in Cameron weeks ago. He’s like Rudolph, but with ruby eyes instead of his rose! Whatever the genes, Cameron sure is one handsome rabbit. He’s currently up for adoption through the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group:

I finished decorating for Christmas this weekend, and now the tree is fully trimmed. Hershey and Butterscotch were watching me from below. The tree looks different from their perspective, but just as bright and shiny. Hershey probably just wanted to bite it and see if there was any food in it.

Hoppy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas from the Kronenbuns!

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Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas from Piper, Charlie, Hershey & Butterscotch!

The Fussiest of Eaters

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“Charlie & Piper”


“Butterscotch & Hershey”

We’re at the end of our few day break between visitors. Soon the house will be full again for Christmas with furry stockings and furry house guests. My boys don’t always like to share the living room, but as long as they get their presents this weekend,  I don’t think they’ll be too upset.

Upstairs, my Piper has been getting lots of petting lately to keep her from eating all of Charlie’s food. They are together now, all day and night except for 2 hours in the evening when he does most of his eating. If I asked him, he’d probably rather be with her than eat, so it can be tricky to get him to eat enough. He’s such a fussy eater too, he recently decided that he doesn’t like Supreme Selective pellets anymore, and now only wants the baby Oxbow. What my little man wants, he gets.

I’ve Got Your Lick to Keep Me Warm

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“Piper & Charlie”

“Butterscotch & Hershey”

Bonding between my Charlie and Piper has been going well. They’ve snuggled a couple of times. Once Piper flopped into Charlie and used his butt as a pillow. He didn’t seem to mind. He licks her most of the time when she asks now, but she won’t reciprocate, so then he hops away. He tries putting his head under her whenever her head is up when she’s chewing on something, but she just pancakes. We moved bonding to the living room while we have some space since it’s colder in the den. They seem okay with it and now I can make the pen a little bigger for longer bonding sessions.

All of our Christmas decorations are stowed away now and that means the tree is gone too. Butterscotch and Hershey loved sitting in front of it, and I know they’ll miss it. We rearranged the furniture after taking the tree down as well, and now the boys have a new favorite spot to lay. It’s the corner of the room where the two heating convectors meet, so it’s nice and warm on cold winter nights. Smart bunnies!

Merry Christmas!

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Beginning to Sniff a Lot Like Christmas

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

We took out the Christmas decorations this week and the bunnies are all excited to see them. Butterscotch and Hershey love sitting in front of the tree. Most of the day you can find them asleep, facing the tree. It’s too cute. Butters “helped” me put lights on the tree too. Well, not so much help, as in run over the wires on the floor without chewing on them before I could pick them back up.

This is our Piper’s first Christmas (ever!), so we want it to be a special one. I don’t think she knows what to make of all the decorations, but she seems to like them. I know Charlie always likes seeing the tree lit up. I let Piper “help” me decorate too. She helped me separate the ball garland by grabbing one end and running away with it. Girl is efficient though!

Everybody Loves Lily

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“Charlie (2009)”

Lily was so relaxed yesterday. She did a bunny flop and stretched her feet out. By this morning she was running around and chewing on a cardboard box. I heard noises and went downstairs to check on her and saw Hershey just opposite her on the other side of the fence, and Butterscotch on the couch above them. Two layers of boys! They both seem to really like her, and best of all, Hershey isn’t terrorizing Butters when he tries to get close to her either. Maybe he learned some manners? Nah…

The boys still want to go under the Christmas tree. We’ll have to let them under there, supervised, before it comes down in a few days. All bunnies seem to love the Christmas tree. When we brought down Charlie for his first Christmas, he spent the whole evening under the tree. He was sniffing, exploring—and eventually—sleeping underneath the tree. Perhaps it reminds them of the forest of their wild ancestors.

Is it Time for Presents Yet??

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“Bella & Charlie”

“Butterscotch & Hershey”


“Motley Chue”

Boy are all the little furry friends in my house happy today! Some presents were had last night, the rest this morning.

It was Hershey and Butterscotch’s first Christmas with us and I think they got the hang of it pretty fast. Once they realized their presents had fun things inside they were excited. Their favorite toy was a willow ring that they kept stealing from each other. By this morning, the ring had been chewed apart entirely! The boys also got a big Cottontail cottage present a couple of weeks early. So far they’ve only made it up to the second floor. I expect Hershey to destroy it soon.

Bella and Charlie prefer the wrapping paper and boxes to all their presents. Their favorite present was the willow tent I got for them. I’d been trying to get one since the summer, but it was out of stock until recently. Bella preferred the treats in her stocking to the toys. She even grunted at me to get away when I gave them to her. “Mine!” She woke me up at 2:45 this morning digging in the litter box, but I told her that Santa hadn’t been here yet and she had to go back to sleep.

Jeffrey didn’t want to come out of his cage in the morning so we just gave him some treats by hand. He seemed to prefer his hay, but didn’t mind taking a raisin from us. Jeffrey licked my mom when she was petting him. He’s such a friendly guinea pig! I didn’t know as much about them as rabbits so I did a little research so I can interact with him better. Apparently not all pigs like being petted or as friendly as he. Nothing seems to faze the little guy.

Motley was pretty happy to get her treats. I think she wants the attention more than anything else. She’s always coming over to the fence when someone goes by and puts her head right down for some petting. When Motley moves around her pen it sounds like a human. She’s a big bun with big feet and certainly makes herself heard!

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