Another Bun Saved Thanks to LIRRG

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“New Rescue”

Yesterday I participated in a Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group rescue up on the north shore of Long Island. You never know what you are going to find on these rescues. When our rescue party arrived there was no sign of the bun. After walking around and taking to a few people in the area, I spotted it. We started coming around it with pens and one of our volunteers approached it with banana. Fortunately she was able to just scoop it right up. It had quite a few ticks on it, and was likely dehydrated, but now it’s safe. Douglas gave me some congratulatory snuggles on the couch afterward.


Another Rabbit Rescued While Trying to take a Ferry Off the Island

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Yesterday my mom and I went to a ferry dock parking lot to rescue a rabbit. We met with a few fellow volunteers from the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group and eventually were able to surround her with puppy x-pens. She was shaking, but happy to be rescued. First thing we do in a rescue is look them over and determine their sex. Females can always mean surprise babies, so knowing right away is important. Next is to give them Revolution which kills any little critters they may have picked up while outside. She is going to the vet today for a pregnancy check and more thorough examination. We are calling her Melody and she is absolutely beautiful.

Whenever I’m on a rescue, my rabbits always know, even if I don’t wind up bringing them back home with me. I always make sure top give them lots of pets and treats so they don’t get jealous. Lola was happy with either, and Cameron was happy just to have her as company last night.

Another Bun Saved

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Yesterday I took a break from caring for my Charlie and the rest of the rabbits in out house, to go out and rescue another rabbit abandoned in a residential neighborhood. It took our rescue party about an hour, but eventually we were successful and little Ripley was caught. It’s a boy, and he seems in good shape so far. These calls for rescue don’t always come at convenient times, but the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group does what we can to keep saving lives. I always make sure to give my buns extra pets after days like that, visitor Bella and foster Cameron included.

Stella Helps Rescue Shore

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“Shore’s LIRRG Rescue Party”

Yesterday my mom and I helped catch a dumped domestic rabbit for the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group that we named Shore. Fortunately we were successful and Shore is now in a foster home. This rescue would never have been possible without banana, and for that we have Stella to thank. I don’t usually keep bananas in the house as the humans don’t like them and the rabbits wouldn’t be able to eat one up before it went bad. Stella brought bananas with her when she arrived though, so I had one to bring to the catch. Shore thanks you Stella, and this little bunny really enjoyed that banana!

Saving Bunnies, One “Tail” at a Time

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 Zelda by Diana Kronenberg Zelda by Karin Marie 3
“Zelda Before & After Rescue”

This morning I went to help rescue an abandoned domestic rabbit. His catch was easy as we surrounded him with pens and one of our volunteers was able to just scoop him right up. Not all rescue attempts are that simple. A few weeks ago I was out walking with my brother when we spotted a little black bunny hopping in the grass. It was clearly a domestic bun, not looking at all like a wild North American Cottontail so I quickly got word to the Long Island Rabbit Rescue.

We pretty much can’t rescue buns from the wild unless we have the foster space to house them in, as our municipal shelters don’t really take in rabbits. I was frantically trying to find a fosterer while calling my mom and getting her bring my catch materials: pens, carrier and carrots. Fortunately an experienced bunny-momma stepped up and said she could take the bun. Now all we needed to do was catch it.

There were just four us- my mom, dad, brother and myself, and a few pens, but a lot of space for the bun to run. We were near a main road so we did our best to keep the rabbit from heading in that direction. After about an hour of trying, resting, and trying again we were finally able to catch it. I brought it home to look it over before bringing it to its foster home. It was a girl, and in very good condition. She hopefully wasn’t outside for very long. Her foster momma named her Zelda and she is now enjoying the good life, indoors, with her big foster sister.

Bunny Twins Ready for their Forever Home

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“Chloe & Portia”



Yesterday I took my Piper’s sister’s Chloe and Portia to the vet for a checkup. These two beautiful bonded girls are still up for adoption from the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. They were both very good girls and got a clean bill of health. Portia could stand to lose a few more ounces, but who among us couldn’t? I can’t sing the praises of these sweet buns enough. They’re always easy to find, being so big and bright white, and because they’re a bonded pair, they always have each other to keep company. They may be a little shy, but just like their sister Piper, once they get to know you they’re big mushy sweethearts. They just need a forever home to flourish in. Check out their petfinder page!

Back at my house, Parker is a little disappointed that Cheeks went home, but still has my boys to look at. I’m sure they all would rather a girl was around, but at least no one is being aggressive.

Pet Me, When Convenient

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I’ve been petting Allie quite a bit and last night I got her to purr. This morning when I came to see her, she came right over to me and let me pet her while she snuggled in. This is such a sweet girl. My mom pet her for a while last night and when she stopped, Allie put her paws up on the couch. “More petting, please.” A rabbit like this is the best kind: loves petting but isn’t super needy. I can go about my day but know that when I have time for cuddles, she’ll always be up for it.

Allie is currently up for adoption from the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Allie, check out her petfinder page!

Making Friends with Allie

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Allie is visiting Kamp Kronenberg for a 2 week stay. She’s one of the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group’s bunnies who is currently up for adoption! She’s a bit of a shy girl, so she’s visiting with me so I can try and socialize her a bit and help her to be a little friendlier with humans. She’s off to a great start already. She let both my mom and I pet her without a fuss and loved running around her pen in my living room. She is also not shy at all when it comes to other rabbits. When I opened the “window” between her pen and my boys Hershey and Butterscotch, she noticed right away and slowly made her way over to see them. Soon she was sniffing at Hershey who was just a few inches away, through some clear acrylic. I think she’s going to have a very good time at Kamp!

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Allie, check out her petfinder page!

Help us Help Ashley the Rabbit

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I don’t share these often, but this is a tough case. Ashley recently came into the care of our rescue group and we’re doing all that we can to help her pull through and get better. Please share her fundraiser and donate if you can.

 Untitled    Untitled.png

Her Story: In early June 2017, this rabbit was found starving to death, loaded with ear mites. The finder brought rabbit to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. The rabbit was in G.I. stasis, not eating or pooping. The shelter contacted a volunteer with the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group, who recommended immediate veterinary care.  This rabbit, whom we’ve named Ashley in honor of the shelter director, was in emergency care for 4 days. Ashley is so thin, her back bone is prominent. We took her into our foster care as soon as she was released from the emergency vet.  She is emaciated, anemic… she is fighting for her life.

Ashley is now living with an incredibly loving foster family, chomping on some good crunchy greens, resting on a soft blanket, enjoying a hay and alfalfa-filled litter pan. She is now a Long Island Rescue bun and this baby will not ever be left to starve or be attacked by parasites again.  But her struggle is far from over.

Please donate and share to help Ashley have a chance at life.  She is on multiple medications and supplements to combat her parasite infestation, malnutrition, liver damage and host of other issues caused by human neglect and abuse.  We need your help to give Ashley the best chance for survival.

Saving Duffy

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Duffy by Diana Kronenberg 1

“Duffy waiting to be rescued”

Duffy by Donna Dholakia

“Duffy safe in his foster home”

Several weeks ago, I coordinated the rescue of an adorable rabbit who was dumped in a gated community here on Long Island. This was a particularly difficult rescue since the rabbit had lots of open space and many bushes to hide in. He had been spotted with a couple of wild rabbits who likely showed him the ropes of the neighborhood and the good places to eat and hide. It took us two trips and 12 people to finally catch him. I rounded up several volunteers from the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group, and the finder/fosterer’s children brought some of their friends along to help as well. Once we had him penned in a bush, I put my hand down to pet him. He really put up a fight earlier, but as soon as I started petting him, he snuggled into the ground. I was able to gently pick him up and put him into a carrier.

He is now living with a wonderful foster family who have named him Duffy. Duffy is a very sweet bun who is full of joy, and easy to handle. He was recently neutered and received a good bill of health. Duffy is currently up for adoption and if you are interested in welcoming this sweet little fluff ball into your heart and home, please check out his petfinder page:

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