Independent Tornado

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Little Sadie’s playtime leaves a tornado’s worth of destruction behind. It’s mostly hay, willow sticks and cardboard with a few pellets mixed in. She loves to throw and drag things, keeping herself entertained for hours. She came on the couch with me a little while last night for some pets, but usually she’s content to entertain herself. Some rabbits are like that, quite happy to make their own fun. She’s so independent that if she could get her food from the container and pour it into her bowl, she would!

Pumpkins & Baskets

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Some rabbits are willing to eat pumpkin on some occasions, but none of my rabbits ever so much as took a bite out of pumpkin. I think this one might be a bit big for Piper though. Didn’t stop her from trying to grab the stem and knock it over though!

Sadie’s favorite thing to do is to drag her toys around the pen, leaving a trail of debris in her wake. There’s a basket which was mostly intact when she arrived which is now half of its former self. That little girl can sure be productive!

Bunny Energy

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Little Sadie may be six years old already, but she’s still a bundle of energy. Yesterday she managed to get under the sheet on the couch and was running around under there like a rug-bug. She also loves to drag her pellet bowl all the way across the pen. I have fed her there, but she just moves the bowl again. Maybe she likes to eat in different spots throughout the day? Some rabbits just have peculiar habits.

Sadie Bunstruction

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We recently gave Cameron a little blue bed. We bought it for his carrier, but thought he might like to check it out in the meantime. He’s so adorable. He steps into it, looks up at me, and snuggles in for petting. Sadie bunny is visiting us now and Cameron came right over to the fence to greet her. He’s such a friendly little guy. Sadie is a big fan of bunstruction, so it can get a little noisy. Fortunately Cameron is used to that from his big brother Hershey!

Doing What I Can For My Little Man

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I took my almost 10-year-old Charlie to the vet yesterday for his ongoing kidney issues and arthritis. His creatinine levels are getting higher and higher, which is not what I wanted to see. I had started giving him some Metacam 4x a week since I could tell he was in pain from his arthritis, and lately he has been worse. I was hoping to be able to give him it even more, but not with the numbers he’s getting. The vet said there is a new arthritis medication that isn’t supposed to adversely affect the kidneys, and is looking into that for me.

In the meantime, I’m upping his daily sub-q fluid intake. He tolerates it, but I know he’s sitting there in quiet anger. I’m also trying to look into Chinese herbal remedies that some have recommended. I’ll do whatever I can for my little man. I don’t know how long I’ll have him for, but I want him to be as comfortable as possible while I do.

A Little Rabbit Redecorating

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Sadie has been pulling her pellet bowl and her toys all under the coffee table. First I thought she was just playing, or maybe being bored. Then this morning she started pulling her litter box in that direction. I open up a “window” where she can see the other rabbits in the room. She likes it, and sits there “talking” to them, but maybe she wants to eat and poop in private I moved her box to a back corner and put her pellets under the coffee table with her. Just goes to show, pay attention to your rabbit’s actions. They’re always trying to tell us something, even if we don’t realize it.

Cardbord Messes

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“Sadie & Cameron”

Sadie loves bunstruction. She has a lot of cardboard toys in her pen and she loves to chew on them all day long. Cardboard is such a great toy for rabbits, as long as they don’t eat it. Most buns just leave shreds of cardboard behind. Then I get to clean it up and replace it with more cardboard. Some buns like wooden toys more, but I’d rather clean up a cardboard mess than a pile of sawdust!


Bunnies Admiring Bunnies

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When Cameron gets let out in the morning now, he runs over to the fence to see Sadie. She’s usually content to lounge under the coffee table and let him admire her. I’m sure she likes the attention. I sat in her pen last night, and she never really came over to me. She checked me out, but didn’t want snuggles. She’d rather spend her time with Cameron I guess!

Sadie in Town

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Sadie bunny is visiting and all the boys downstairs are very happy to see her. Cameron loves all bunnies and is already camping out at their fence windows to see her. I had bought Butterscotch a willow tunnel for his birthday earlier this month, but he was never very enthusiastic about it. Yesterday I gave it to Cameron to see what he would do with it and he immediately started chewing on it. I don’t leave it with him unsupervised in case he goes through and gets stuck. He has balance issues so I try to keep him away from any tight spaces.

Sure, You Can Pet Me

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I had some nice couch snuggles with Sadie last night. She just jumped up and plopped herself down right next to me, looked over at met, and put her head down. That means “You better start petting me now, human.” I’m always happy to oblige a bunny wanting pets, especially since not all of them do. Most people don’t realize it, but not all rabbits are cuddly little furballs who like to held and snuggled with. I’m lucky to pet most of the ones I’ve encountered on the floor, and some don’t even like that. They all have such different personalities, so I always present my hand and ask for permission to pet before jumping in, and possibly getting my hand bitten or scratched.

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