Nudging Muscles

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Sadie is so cute when she’s sleeping. It’s easy to forget how crazy and high energy she can get while she’s all flopped over under the coffee table napping. I guess that’s her recharge-mode so she can be up to her wild antics later in the day. Being small helps, less energy required to propel her around, but she’s still got powerful little muscles. Rabbits tend to use their mouth as a hand, and in some cases they use that head to nudge people or objects out of their way. If you think bunnies are fragile little things, you’ve never been knocked over by one nudging your butt out of their way!


Too Cute for Trouble

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Little Nicki has gone back home, so Sadie has the living room all to herself. I’ll miss my little couch buddy, but Sadie is also a couch snuggler. She lay next to me last night and I pet her for around 20 minutes straight. That’s a pretty long time for her to be sitting still! I think Sadie will miss having Nicki around for entertainment, but at least she still has my boys to watch. They LOVE admiring Sadie!

More Puppy than Bunny

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Nicki is such a little snuggler. He loves hopping up into the couch with me and licking my hand, arm or anything else he can get his little tongue on. In fact, he seems somewhat more like a dog than a rabbit! He is definitely a lap bunny! Sadie doesn’t mind the occasional snuggle, but is much more independent. Last night I gave her a straw hat and it was decimated by this morning. “I made this mess, just for you! “

Hiding IN the Couch

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Sadie bunny is a flinger. She loves to toss around the stacking cups, baskets, pellet bowl, litter box, anything will do! This morning after I gave the bunnies pellets and fresh water, I came back to notice that the sheet I put on top of the couch to catch all the bunny fur was moving. Somehow Nicki had gotten under it. He likely would have just chewed a hole to get out but I moved the sheet aside so he could get out. Nicki the little explorer!

Haunted Thumping

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Last night my mom was lying on the floor, petting our Butterscotch and talking to me. Well once Nicki heard her, but couldn’t see her, he started thumping. He was so confused! Then once she stood up, he thumped again. “Where dat human come from, is she a ghost?” Sadie was oblivious to all of this, as she usually is. It’s very windy today and the buns can hear creaky noises. They all seem to be okay with it, but if any window in the house is open I have to be careful of things blowing around and doors shutting. “The house is haunted, I better thump!”


Fireworks & Couch Toys

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Last night there were some fireworks in the neighborhood, and whenever there is fireworks, I always check on all the buns to make sure that no one is freaking out. Everybun here was fine though, I’d say mine are pretty used to it at this point as long as it’s not the Fourth of July. After they ended, Nicki started noisily digging on the couch, like he wanted to join in! Sadie likes to bite the bottom edge of the couch in her pen, I don’t know why. That’s why she’s in the pen with the older couch though. It’s just one giant chew toy!

Hello Down There!

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Sadie had a great time running all over her pen last night. She takes a few breaks to chew up some cardboard and hop up onto the couch. She certainly likes the view she gets from up there! Nicki was a little curious about her. He also went up on his couch to get a better view of her. I opened up the “windows” between their pens and Sadie went right over to scope out the boys in town. Both little buns gave me couch snuggles, which are always appreciated!

Two Little Firecrackers

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Nicki has a female roommate now, so he’s been taking lots of baths to get himself looking sharp for her. Sadie is visiting us again and is already up to her usual tricks. I’ve put lots of cardboard around her pen and she’s ripping it up. This little girl has the energy to match Nicki, and they’re about the same size. I’ll open up the “window” between their pens this evening so they can get acquainted.

Quality Bunny Time

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“Sadie, Hershey & Butterscotch”

Little Sadie seems to have warmed up to my boys a bit. She lay down at the fence several times yesterday when either Hershey or Butterscotch was lying near her. They always love it when girls visit and Sadie is certainly a beautiful one! She’s heading home tomorrow, so they’ll have to get all their quality time in later today after everyone wakes up from their naps in the evening. The boys hope she comes back soon!

Favorite Dig Site

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I was lying down on the couch after dinner last night, and Sadie jumped on up like she usually does. She was not happy that I was taking up all of the space though. She likes to dig at the sheet on top (which is why there is a sheet on top in the first place) but couldn’t since I was in the way. “Move over, human! This is MY couch now!” Eventually I complied and she was happy again. She did let me get some petting in when she was done digging, so I guess she doesn’t hold a grudge!

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