Happy Hanukkah!

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The Kronen-buns wish all of our readers a very Happy Hannukah!

Christmas Tree Clipping

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“Bella & Charlie”


When our four rabbits are the only buns in the house, we let Butterscotch and Hershey run around in the living room, and right now that includes our Christmas tree. They’re allowed to go under the platform the tree sits on, but Hershey likes to jump up on top of the tree skirt. Since he’s a wire biter I tried to discourage that by sticking a bunch of stuffed animals under the tree. That didn’t slow him down one bit. He found an opening and jumped right through as I was watching him! So now there’s a fence around the tree most of the time.

We clipped both Charlie and Butterscotch’s nails over the last few days. Charlie was about as good as usual. I did his front paws alone and then my mom held him for the back feet. For Butters I was going to teach my brother how to clip them, but Butters was a little too fussy so I wound up doing it. We still used my brother to hold his head down and calm him. He’s still better than Bella!

Tunnel Under the Christmas Tree

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“Bella & Charlie”

Rusty watched us decorate our Christmas tree yesterday. I don’t think he knows what to make of it. Hershey and Butterscotch liked snuggling under the tree. We have the tree up on a platform to keep bunnies out of it, but it’s not so high that they can’t jump up there. Both boys each checked the platform out yesterday. Butters came down as soon as he realized I saw him up there, but Hershey stayed so long that I had to nudge him off to keep him eating a branch. I usually keep a fence in front of it, but open it up if I’m there to watch them. Hershey LOVES chewing, so I doubt he’d hesitate to chomp down on a wire.

There’s a blanket in part of Rusty’s pen that he’s been sticking his head under the last few days. Last night he finally tunneled under and all I could see was a lump moving around. It must be dark in there, but bunnies burrow in the wild so I guess he had the instinct.

Finally, I’ll close today’s entry with a mystery. Last night when I went upstairs to give Charlie and Bella their after-dinner carrot and noticed something odd in their water dish. I picked it up and realized that there were about 10 poops in there. Somebunny had pooped in the water bowl! It couldn’t have been there for more than an hour, and hopefully no one took a drink. So far no one has fessed up, so we may never know who pooped in the water bowl.


Hay! Over Here!

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We got a fresh batch of hay yesterday and apparently it’s a big hit with the bunnies. Bella spent a long time in the litter box, and Hershey and Butters helped themselves right out of the bag. Good thing it’s a healthy food! Rusty and I had a nice cuddle yesterday. He’s such a tiny guy that my hand cover half of his body. I’m more used to big bunny heads, but I’m still able to pet him in a satisfactory manner. Purrs from any bun are a good sign.

Faster Than The Flash

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Rusty and I were watching The Flash last night when suddenly burst into some speedy runs around the pen. I guess he was inspired. He’s certainly a fast boy! Later he came over and was intesenly sniffing my pants. I had kneeled in Butterscotch and Hershey’s pen earlier and had obviously attracted some fur. Rusty found it very interesting apparently, as he kept up the sniffing for a good five minutes. He almost started to climb up my leg!

Bunny Marathons

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I lay down in Rusty’s pen yesterday and he didn’t like where my feet were so he moved them. Apparently my feet were in “his” spot. When’s not napping Rusty alternates between doing long bunny runs around his pen and biting at the fence and digging at the carpet. I guess a few days cooped up in a pen is too much for him. I always feel bad when buns come who are used to having free-run at home, but have to be restricted here. Believe me, if I had the room, I’d let him out!

Hershey was running like a maniac last night. I kept looking over to make sure he wasn’t chasing his brother, but he must have just been burning off some excess energy. Good for him, he needs to lose a few more ounces too. Butterscotch was watching him from the couch, until I heard a funny noise and realized that Butters had jumped the fence onto the other couch, which was in no-mans-land. Fortunately I just scooped him up and put him back on the other couch. Sneaky boy.

I’m the Biggest!

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After we moved Rusty upstairs yesterday, he had to run all over his pen, chinning things again. He chinned my laptop several times. I guess that’s his now! He was fine with Glenda for the couple hours they were next to each other. Then later when she left and I let our boys out, he got to meet Butterscotch. He lifted his tail a bit, but they were pretty friendly.

That all changed when Hershey came over. I guess he and Rusty are both alpha males, and thus do not get along. They kept stretching up along the fence to show each other how big they were. It was cute, but I didn’t want Hershey to start harassing Butters (which is what usually happens in these situations) so I blocked their view of each other with cardboard. Now Rusty can’t really see them, but Butters doesn’t get chased. Rusty has me though, and his little stuffed buddy!


Gobble Gobble *Snore*

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I heard my Charlie snoring yesterday and realized he gobbles like a turkey while sleeping. It’s not very loud, but occasionally I’ll hear a weird noise and I’ll look down and see him fast asleep.

Even though Hershey is definitely the dominant of the pair, Butterscotch will sometimes dance around him. He did this yesterday for a while and then they snuggled. I guess Hershey doesn’t mind.

I took a little nap with Rusty yesterday, but he preferred to use me as an obstacle course. Good thing he doesn’t weigh very much.

Cannonball decided to make a tunnel under my legs in his pen. I’ll never understand a rabbit’s determination to push through something when they could just hop over. Don’t they know bunnies are built for hopping?

Glenda and Cannonball are going to be heading home later today and I’ll miss my two cuddle bunnies. Good thing I’ll still have Rusty for a few more days!

Run For Your Fluff

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Rusty arrived this morning for a week-long stay. He’s starting out in the den downstairs, but will get upgraded tomorrow when Glenda and Cannonball depart.

Glenda was doing some runs last night and it was no noisy it attracted all the boy’s attention. I was in the kitchen and came to see Hershey perched at the edge of the fence, watching Glenda race around the coffee table.

Cannonball doesn’t really like me cleaning his litter box. Every other day I scoop out the wet litter in the boxes so I don’t have to spend half my day in the basement cleaning liter boxes. Not every rabbit is used to this though and some take it as an affront “their territory.” Some rabbits are very possessive of their litter boxes and I understand that. It’s just a little annoying to be cleaning them while a rabbit nips at my pants.

Cranberry Sauce, Turkey & Twigs

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

All of the buns at Kamp Kronenberg had a very nice Thanksgiving. They even each got to have a little of my mom’s cranberry sauce. Everybun ate some except for Cannonball. Maybe it wasn’t sweet enough for him. We gave him some apple instead. After all the turkey, stuffing and pie that I ate, I was in need of a nap after dinner, and fortunately Glenda didn’t mind if I fell asleep while petting her on the floor. She even snuggled with me for a little while. Nothing better to snuggle with than a warm bunny!

We have some apple twigs that have been in the drawer for a while but when I gave some to the buns last night, Hershey and Butterscotch devoured them. I even gave them a big log and they still went to town, chomping down. Hershey is a super chewer.

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