Basketfull of Easter Bunnies

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“Charlie & Bella”




We had two arrivals yesterday that pushed our capacity limits at Kamp Kronenberg. We had to to put a rug in the kitchen for Empress Benita, and before she arrived we let Butterscotch and Hershey run around on it. They absolutely loved it! They were now able to run all around the kitchen, without fear of slippery floor. They did runs and binkys, it was so adorable.

When Benita arrived though, she was not as happy. For some reason, being in the kitchen frightened her. We think she wasn’t used to all of the noises there, and did not like having more than one person with her in the kitchen at a time. Fortunately she was only in there for one night. She’s taking Fulton’s spot in the living room, next to her brother Uriel. She did calm down a bit when I was cleaning food and did a good job at following me around and lighting pawing at my legs begging for treats. “Please ma’am, can I have some more?”

Uriel made himself quite at home. We squeezed him in between Sadie and Fulton. He got to meet both of them, but got a little too fiesty. He scared Fulton away and almost got into a fight with Sadie. No more contact for you, little boy! He must have learned that from his big sister! He also did some loud runs yesterday.

Fulton Springs Into Action

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“Fulton & Sadie”


Fulton sure had a spring in his step yesterday. He was hopping all over his pen and periscoping and playing. He’s still only eating half of his food, but he doesn’t seem to be lacking in energy.

Sadie sure loves playing with her newspaper. She even took a nap under it yesterday. I let her meet Hershey nose to nose, but he got a little too aggressive and grunty so I had to cut that short. Of course that won’t stop her from pushing and pulling her fences.

Odd as it may seem, but my Charlie is seems to be using the litter boxes again. Don’t understand his logic, just happy for the results.

Sadie Gets Her Feng Shui On

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Sadie loves ripping apart newspaper, and has done a great job of trashin- I mean redecorating her pen. She’s a little fireball of energy, but so darn cute. She’s noisier than all 3 of the other boys in the room combined, but they don’t seem to mind too much. As long as I give her plenty of pets and attention she’s happy.

I was a little concerned that there wasn’t much poop in Fulton’s litter box, until I looked under his cardboard box. Found it! It’s like the worst Easter egg hunt ever. At least it was in a neat little pile! When he goes to lie down, he circles around twice before sitting down. He’s like a little doggy. He’s so curious like my Charlie, but certainly not the hungry eater he is. He’s more like Sir Toby when he came to stay. Some bunnies aren’t hoovers, who knew?

Single/Rabbit/Female Seeking Single/Rabbit/Male

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Fulton has only eaten about half of his food. He’s probably stressed from being away from home, buns often are the first time they’re here. He may also be distracted by the vivacious Sadie. I think she’s a little more interested in him than he is in her, but he does keep sniffing her, and there’s been no aggression. Maybe they each want a bunny friend at home? I took a little video of their interactions.

Little Sadie sure kept busy yesterday. She snuck out of her pen as I came in, ripped up cardboard in all of the cornets, and got at the plastic under the carpet. I told Fulton that not all girls are that high maintenance (just most of us!). Girls are always more of a handful. Of the 6 rabbits in the house, the two girls are the ones who get into the most trouble.

The one thing that Fulton is gobbling down more than anything else is some Oxbow Veggie treats I bought for my buns last Christmas. They’re too hard for Charlie to chew so I have to break them up for him so I don’t give them often. I broke some up for Fulton and he loved them!

Half-Lionheads Times 2

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Sadie arrived yesterday and Hershey was very excited to meet her. “Someone smaller than me!” He sat up and showed her his white tummy. Butterscotch was a little less friendly. He was sleeping when she arrived and when he woke up he was a little frightened to see a new bunny in the living room. They later made friends, although I think Hershey likes her best.

Then Fulton came later in the day and Sadie was doing binkys and runs all over her pen. She was either very happy to meet Fulton or miffed that she wasn’t the center of attention. Fulton was periscoping over his cardboard between his and Sadie’s pen, so I took some away for a bit so the two could meet. Sadie was transfixed and the two went nose to nose and were so cute. Fulton thumped a couple of times but kept going in circles back to Sadie.

Fulton noshed on his food throughout the day. I’m so not used to that. Most buns I know will devour all of their food once the plate goes down, but he seems to pace himself. That’s how I like to eat. He let me pet him last night and he purred right away. Aw! And we just met! I caught them doing runs together on the webcam before I went to bed last night.

Storm before the Storm

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Bella has been on a tear lately. Yesterday I heard a scraping noise, only to discover that Bella had shut herself in my bathroom. She was trying to chew her way out of the door! Fortunately I was there to let her out. I wonder if Charlie would have come to her rescue… Today my mom found Bella ripping up carpet in her bathroom, and later I hear my brother saying “There’s already someone in here!” in his bathroom. Since he was the only other human in the house at the time, I surmised that Bella was the one intruding on him. What is it with that girl and bathrooms?

We cleaned Hershey and Butterscotch’s room on Sunday and let them run around in the living room. They had sooo much fun. They hopped all over and chinned everything that could fit their necks over. We had cleaned up since the last bunnies left, but I’m sure the boys could still smell them. We’re getting 2 more buns in the room today through Easter.

Farewell Family of Coneys

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“Oscar, Sophie & Chloe”



The Nagao bunnies are going home today. I’ll miss their cute little faces and furry behinds. Last night I caught Oscar, Sophie & Chloe snuggling all together. Chloe was grooming Oscar and then she shoved her head underneath him and Sophie. She’s much more mellow than when she came two years ago. I heard her do another chirp and thump, but other than that I wouldn’t know she was the same rabbit.

Natalie finally let me pet her at bedtime. She and Wes came over to the fence together and I pet both of their heads with one hand. They’re finally starting to like me! And they’re leaving. This often happens on short stays.

Oscar let me groom him for a while yesterday. There’s a lot of bunny there to shed, but he was so good about it.

Bella decided to wake me up this morning by digging in the litter box. She hasn’t done this for a while, I thought she was done. Oh Bella!

Healthy, Happy and Habitual

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“Chloe & Oscar”

Butterscotch has been sleeping on my chairĀ  so that he can see the buns in the living room. I didn’t even notice he was there until I turned around and he was right in my face. What a funny little dude.

Oscar escaped from his pen twice for 30 seconds last night. And the first time there was food waiting for him in his pen. He let me pick him up and put him back in so it wasn’t a problem. He’s just a big sweetie. He sat and waited for my mom to give him fresh water this morning. He already knows our routine!

Chloe did runs after dinner. She also made a chirping noise like she did back when she was a baby.

Charlie was very good at the vet yesterday. He was relaxed in the car and lay down most of the time. He even purred on the way home. We saw Dr. Miller for the first time and Charlie was very good for her. He’s in good health and didn’t even gain any extra weight.

It’s All About Sophie

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“Natalie & Wes”


“Sophie & Chloe”

Whenever I go over to the fence of the trio, 3 little bunnies come running over. It’s so adorable. Sophie is marking the house as her new domain and using every corner as a potty. The first day she didn’t use the litter box that I saw, but started to once we changed the hay to her usual. Fussy little Princess.

Natalie seems to be the shyest one. I’ve had a hard time getting photos of her. Miss Sophie sits and poses for hers. “Get my good side! It’s both of them!” I’m able to pet the trio, but Wes and Nat still run away. Wes will at least come out to take a treat from me though.

At 12:30 last night there was a thumpfest. I think Sophie kicked it off, and then Butterscotch and Hershey would respond and then she and Oscar continued it. I went downstairs several times but as soon as I would leave, Sophie would start up again. I don’t know why she was so scared, but I eventually just went to bed and hoped the quiet house would calm her down. She has to sleep some time right? Everyone was fine by morning.

And finally, my Charlie has the vet today. We gave him a little butt bath yesterday, but I don’t think we’re very good at it. Maybe the vet has some tips for stubborn boys. I don’t think we’ve any health problems to worry about, bun tails crossed that everything is okay!

Two + Two + Five = Bunny Heaven

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I was so happy to see the Nagao bunnies again! It’s been 2 years since Oscar, Sophie, Chloe, Wes & Natalie have been to Kamp Kronenberg. Hershey was curious about them, but Butters thumped. Hershey did binkys after seeing them for the first time. Later Butterscotch hopped up onto my chair to see everyone.

Sophie is still fiesty. That little white bun is the boss of her sister Chloe and BIG brother Oscar. She occasionally boxes Chloe and growls whenever someone comes into “her” box that she’s sleeping in. Oscar snuggled in and let me pet him, but no one else was willing to calm down enough for petting. Sophie did let me groom a knot out of her fur though.

So far I’ve seen more of Wes and Natalie than last time. Wes was very shy initially but later curious and even did binkys and little thumps while exploring. Oscar did some binkys later too. Eventually Wes started getting a little too fiesty with all of the girls coming to the fence, so I put some cardboard between them.

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