Fee-Fi-Fo Bunny

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“Motley Chue”


Motley Chue is already having a good time at Kamp Kronenberg. She jumped up on the couch as soon as I sat down on it, and hopped across my lap several times. She’s certainly the biggest lap bunny I’ve even had! Later she and Lily said hello to each other and lay alongside the fence next to each other. It’s so nice to see girls that aren’t fighting, but these two are pretty sweet girls. Hershey, of course is biting at the fence to try and get near Motley. She did runs this morning and he dropped his pellets and ran over to the other end of the dining room to watch her. I’m so glad I can provide entertainment for him! No one tried to escape last night, but I think Motley’s big noisy feet frightened the smaller buns. They’ll get used to it, but the first night with strange bunnies is always a little tricky.

Soft Lily, Little Ball of Fur

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“Lily (Hershey in Back)”

Lily let me pet her last night and she purred a little. She’s pretty comfortable with me now. She likes to lie at the fence when the boys are running around over there. Butterscotch keeps going up on the couch to get a better view. Sometimes Hershey joins him. It’s pretty cute. Tonight Lily is getting another roommate. French Lop Motley Chue is coming for a few days and I hope she doesn’t mind having 3 roomies. At least two are boys. I know Butters and Hershey will welcome another girl!

Celebrate the Fluffy Whites

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I only get a handful of white buns amongst all of the darker colored rabbits who come to camp. One of my own is a white bun, so I’m partial. When we first adopted her (fostered really) my mom said she didn’t want a white one. Then once we got there, I told them we wanted a problem bunny (we don’t mind a challenge) and she was the lucky girl. I didn’t really have a preference, but after having her with us for a few years now, white has become my second favorite color. Spotted white (like my Charlie) is probably my top favorite. Perhaps it’s because they photograph so well, and I can easily take out any extraneous color without messing up their coat. Whenever we get a white bun like Lily, Hudson or Princess, it always makes me a little happier to see them. They also all seem to be big sweeties once they get to know you, which doesn’t hurt.

Happy International Rabbit Day!

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“Cadbury Bunny- on Halloween?!?!”

Lily arrived at Kamp Kronenberg last night. She’s like a super fluffy version of my Bella. She only let me pet her a little, but she’s very curious and spent a lot of time sitting at the fence, looking at Butterscotch and Hershey. They love her, of course, because she’s a girl (although personally I think Butterscotch would love a fuzzy sock!). No real raccuss among them so far, so that’s good. Lily likes using tunnels. I gave her the green one that non bun in my house likes anymore (hand-me-down!) and she’s already been through it a dozen times. It’s so adorable. She’s a great eater, which is always a relief, not too fussy about it. The perfect combination!

Since today is International Rabbit Day, I’ll mention this too. I saw the Halloween Cadbury eggs, and bunny at the store this week. I didn’t know they did other holidays. Is this a new thing? I bought one and they taste the same, just green inside. I’m not sure how I feel about green eggs coming from bunnies not-on-Easter though.


Welcome New Kronenbuns

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“Bella & Charlie”

Well, we’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but we’ve finally decided to keep our foster buns, Hershey and Butterscotch, and officially adopt them. They’re officially Kronen-buns now and their big brother Charlie and big sister Bella welcome them to the house! Now I’ve got a super soft Mini Rex, and the colorful Harlequin all my own. Having four bunnies full time will mean more work, and sometimes less room for bunny-sitting, but I know I’ll be happy having 4 little fuzzies to snuggle with. At first Butters and Hershey didn’t really like petting, but lately they’ve been warming up to me. I think Butters is still a bit skittish, but Hershey snuggles in and purrs when I pet. He’s so soft, I don’t know which of us is enjoying it more!

Kronenbun Photo Shoot

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”



Here’s more photos of my buns for my mom!

Momma’s Bunnies

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“Charlie & Bella”



My mom is away this week and she requested I post photos of our buns, just as I do for those I sit for, so she could see them everyday. Here you go mom!

Rabbit R&R

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Rusty went home this morning, so now we’re a house of 4 bunnies again. The upstairs buns: Charlie and Bella, will get more of my attention, and the downstairs buns: Hershey and Butterscotch, get more room to run around. So everyone wins! It will be quiet here for a few days now, and not just because rabbits don’t make much noise. My Bella doesn’t know that though, she’s quite noisy for bunny!

Bunny Conversations

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Hershey and Rusty

“Hershey & Rusty”

Hershey and Butterscotch are hanging out at the end of their pen so they can be near Rusty in the living room. When I came down this morning they were talking to each other. Not sure what they were saying, but it was probably something like: “I’m gonna bust outta here!” “This is MY house!” “Hi! I’m Butterscotch!” Upstairs the only girl bun in the house, Bella, is doing well. She’s eating her share again, much to Charlie’s chagrin, as long as I referee a little. Being a bunny momma is hard work!

Gettin’ a Little Rusty

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“Rusty & Hershey”

Rusty is here with us now for an impromptu stay. Hershey and Butterscotch have been mostly friendly. Butters always is, but Hershey tends to get a bit feisty with other boys. I had to make more room between their pens so Hershey would calm down during the day. I still want theĀ  boys to be able to run around in the living room during the day, so they can now, just without the second couch. No escapes overnight, and Rusty was very happy to see me in the morning!

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