Thumps for Everyone!

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Last night Binky spent time on the couch with me, my brother, and my mom. He especially liked playing with my laptop. He likes to ping around the room like a pinball. He’s such an energetic little guy in the evening, but tends to sleep during the day, like Hop.

Later in the evening, Hershey and Butterscotch went through the kitchen and sat out in the hall for a bit. They usually do this when I’m getting food ready because they’re trying to get into the living room, but were particularly excited this time. I later realized it was because my Charlie and Bella bunny were at the top of the stairs looking down at them. I don’t know if all 4 have ever met like that before, although they’ve certainly been smelling one another!

For some unknown reason, there was another thumpfest at midnight. It lasted about an hour, on an off. At first I rushed downstairs to see if anything was wrong (nope) and then tried to calm down the thumpers (mostly Butters). After a few minutes I left and hoped that whatever started Butters (and others) would eventually stop mattering but I don’t know how long it went on for. I fed Butterscotch and Hershey at 1am so they probably calmed down after that. Full tummies make for sleepy (and quiet) bunnies. I just wish I knew why it takes Butters so long to calm down. I asked his brother Hershey, but he’s got no clue.

Pen With A View

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I had a nice petting sessions with both Hop and Binky. They each purred and snuggled in. It was so sweet! I finally got some more plexiglass panels to make “windows” for the bunnies. Now Binky and Hop can see each other throughout most of their pens. Binky is already sitting under the coffee table so he can see Hop under the end table. Of course I’ll still put cardboard between the pens at night to prevent escapes. I’ve found that most rabbits aren’t afraid and prefer to see the other rabbits in the room. They know they’re there, they can smell them most rabbits don’t get to see others when they’re at home. I know my Charlie was thrilled to see another bun after living with us for 2 years and not seeing another of his own species. It’s even better for some skittish rabbits who can see what’s making the noises on the other side of the room.


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Binky has made himself completely at home. After a brief stay in the kitchen, we moved him into the living. Big upgrade, now he has a couch and coffee table. That might not seem like a big deal for a rabbit, but it certainly is to Binky. He’s been springing up onto that couch all last night and this morning. Good thing we have high fences! He also likes hopping across the coffee table. It gives him a better view of all of his bunny neighbors. Lately he’s even taken to tunneling under a blanket on the couch. He’s definitely a little ball of energy!

Hop is watching Binky a lot and seems a little incredulous at his exploits, “How dat little bunny do that?” They’re like yin and yang in the living room: one crazy and one mellow. It’s a nice balance.

Bunnies by the Ounce

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I just ordered a new digital scale to weight the bunnies and it arrived yesterday.  I weighed all four of my rabbits: Butterscotch and Hershey are about the same as they’ve been, Charlie is fine, and Bella is under. She seems to have lost 7 oz in 3 months, so we’re scheduling a vet checkup, just to make sure nothing is wrong. She doesn’t dig into her food at mealtime like Charlie, and usually starts half an hour after it arrives. I’m worried Charlie is eating her share, so I want to rule out any health reasons for not eating.

Fulton has been all over the couch! He’s going home tonight and I’ll miss my couch buddy. He comes up to say hello and to ask for food. He actually ate most of his pellets yesterday. He’s getting comfy, too bad his stay is almost over. He was definitely more comfortable than his first stay, so future stays should be even easier for him.

Hop is almost like a different rabbit. He’s so energetic and peppy and eating all his pellets. We’re giving him 1/4 cup 3x a day to help him put on weight. He seems very happy, and he’s going to be getting a new roommate after Fulton leaves. New smells, yay!

Happy Hoppers

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“Fulton & Hop”


Fulton has been eating his greens, hay, papaya and veggie cookies, but not so much his pellets. He always eats the yellow ones, but leaves most of the rest behind. At least he’s eating something! Last night my brother hung out in his pen with him for a while. He came over and asked for petting. It was so sweet! He even went up on the couch after my brother left, and then went up there again this morning and let my mom pet him up there.  He certainly seems happier than his first visit here.

Hop is simply loving his new alfalfa pellets, and he’s got so much more energy from them. He was bouncing around his pen last night. Glad to see him so happy (and hoppy)!

Feeding Picky Eaters

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Downstairs I have 2 bunnies who gobble everything up immediately, and 2 who nibble a bit throughout the day. Rabbits can be so very different. Fulton and Hop both seem to like kale and cilantro.

Hop is loving the new alfalfa pellets we’re giving him. I also gave him the veggie biscuits that Fulton likes and he ate that too. Those boys have similar tastes.

Just to be different, last night Butterscotch was dancing around Hershey in circles. He didn’t try to chase him, but he was letting Hershey know that he loves him most.

Fulton was also in a peppy mood abd was doing runs and binkys at 10pm. He looks so much like my Charlie, but he’s just a little sweeter.

Fulton Returns!

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Fulton arrived this morning for a few-day stay. He’s such a sweetie, and looks my Charlie. I know Hop was excited to see him, I hope he won’t mind having a roommate. Butterscotch and Hershey came over to the fence right away to greet him. They’re always happy to see another bunny.

We took Hop to the vet this morning for a checkup and he’s actually underweight. We’re used to bunnies who’re over, this is a new one. I’ll be able to give him lots of alfalfa and treats now to get his weight up. Oh boy!

All the bunnies are sleeping now, so this human is going to take a little nap before she has to start bunny patrolling tonight!

No Dinner, Just Dessert Thanks

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“Charlie & Bella”

 Hop hasn’t been a big fan of greens since he arrived, but is eating his pellets and hay. I think he might be a little homesick. Some bunnies are, and it takes them a few days to get their appetite back. He’s certainly active in the evening, and making plenty of poops, so I’m not concerned about his tummy. He’s always willing to take a carrot as well. He’ll be getting another roommate tomorrow when Fulton arrives. We’ll have 4 boys downstairs. My Bella will be the only girl in the house out of 6 rabbits. She’ll probably still be the grumpiest though. I think she’s gotten a little more ornery in middle age. My mom thinks that Charlie’s fussy disposition has rubbed off on her, but he’s gotten sweeter to me. Maybe they swapped personalities. Or maybe that’s just what they want me to think!

Another Rabbits-Rabbit

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“Hershey & Hop”

I moved Hop’s litter box to the window since he was pooping a lot there already. He really seems to enjoy seeing Hershey and Butterscotch. It’s probably been a while since he’s seen another rabbit, as it often is with single buns who come to visit. He spent most of the day sleeping under the end table, and came out occasionally to see if the boys were running around. If so, he’d run around his pen, binky and sniff them at the window. If not, back to the end table. He let me pet him a little, but clearly preferred their company to mine. I get that a lot. The boys are still very happy to be let out every evening and are all over the couches. I never thought I’d see Hershey running around on the back of a couch. I’m going to have to pay them extra attention so they don’t get hurt up there!

Brand New Visitor

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“Hershey & Hop”


Sweet little bunny Hop arrived yesterday, and he was a bit shy at first. He didn’t want me to pet him right away, but by the evening he was running all over me. Hershey and Butterscotch endeavored to make him feel welcome and I think that worked out nicely. I let them out of their pen again and put a window of plexiglass in between fences so they could see each other. Hop spent most of his time alternating between lying down at the window saying hello to Hershey, and coming over to me for petting. So far Hop has spent this morning sleeping under the end table, which a lot of bunnies do.

Butters and Hershey thoroughly enjoyed themselves by running all over, under the couches and on top of the couches. Butterscotch even jumped on top of a pillow to get at the hay bag I had stashed on the couch. Serves me right for putting it there. Butters had no trouble helping himself to some hay!

In upstairs-bunnies news: A few days ago we had to buzz my Charlie’s behind. He tends to sit in the pee on the puppy pad after he goes and it’s staining his fur. I used my brothers (old) razor and Charlie didn’t seem to mind the buzzing. I got off most of the dirty fur (it was just the tips) and Charlie doesn’t seem to hate me for doing it– yet.

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