Upstairs, Downstairs: Bunny Edition

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“Bella & Charlie”

Bella Dreaming

“Bella” Sleeping

“Hershey & Butterscotch”

With a break in bunny sitting for a couple of weeks, the blog is more sporadic and more focused on my 2 bunnies upstairs, and 2 foster buns downstairs. My baby girl Bella hasn’t been eating with her usual gusto, and lost a few ounces this summer. We took her to the vet to see if something was up and we think there’s something pushing up her trachea that’s making it a little tougher to breath.

The vet said she saw her nostrils flaring a lot, but I didn’t really notice that. I’ve looking into quite a few bunny noses, but I don’t think I can tell if they’re flaring their nostrils a lot. She isn’t making noises while breathing, which I would notice, so that’s good. As an asthmatic myself, I know how it feels to have trouble breathing. She’s still running around and doing her digging in the litter box, and ripping up cardboard actives though, so she can’t be in too much distress.

She’s on an antibiotic and we’ll see if that helps. It’s cherry flavored for kids and loaded with sugar, so she LOVES it. She’s pulling the syringe out of my hand to get it all! I’m glad she’s so good about taking meds. I’m giving her food all throughout the day so she can eat a little at a time. I just have to keep her husbun Charlie from eating it all. The vet said to give her oats too, but only Charlie seems to like them. Maybe if I added water, I know I hate the dry stuff.

That’s upstairs, and now for downstairs bunnies. Foster bun Hershey is on a diet, so we have to sneak pellets to his little brother, Butterscotch. Usually we call him into the kitchen and close the accordion door behind him so his brother can’t come in. Their bunny gate is open though, so when Butters in done, he can let himself back into the dining room.

It’s pretty amazing. He grabs the edge of the door, which is mostly closed, with his mouth and tugs it over until he has enough room to jump back in. Hershey can’t open it from the inside because of the bunny gate, but I’m sure he could too if he tried! Bunnies are just so smart.

Occasionally if I let them run around the living room when no other bunnies are visiting, they’ll go through the kitchen and circle back to the dining room. If the door’s closed for air conditioning or heating, they just open it themselves. I have to remember to leave their gate open though or they’ll rattle it until I come over!


You’re Not Hungry?!

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Yesterday morning my dad woke me up because Butterscotch wasn’t eating his greens. H was refusing raisins too, so my mom and I knew he must be having a stasis episode. We medicated him, and then again and again, and finally, 5 hours later, he was back to normal. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bunny, he or Charlie, take that long to recover. His ears weren’t cold, he just was not hungry. We separated him and Hershey so I could leave him his food without having shoo away Hershey. I stayed with him all morning and then went in the kitchen to clean greens after lunch. I was so relieved when I finally saw him nibbling on some alfalfa hay! He’s back to normal now, it’s just so scary when it happens. Chase bunny didn’t seem to mind the extra attention going to Butters, but I think Hershey wasn’t happy until he was allowed back with his baby brother.

Clip Clip Hare, Clip Clip There

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Rusty is going home today, and I think he’ll miss Chase bunny. He was always biting at the fence when she came near. She took a more laid back approach, positioning herself between Rusty and Hershey and Butterscotch, so she could get a good view of everyone.

Yesterday we clipped my Charlie’s nails. In the past he was super easy to do, but he was not that happy this time. It might be because we usually do it alone in the bathroom, but it’s too hot in there in the summer so we did it on a table in my mom’s room. He fussed, and so she had to help which made him fuss even more, but he was still not as bad as our Bella. Foster Butterscotch is due at the end of the week too.


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“Rusty- the rabbit”


“Rusty- the Dalek”

Last night the bunnies and I all watched Doctor Who, and in this episode they called a “good” Dalek: Rusty! So every time anyone on TV said his name, little Rusty the rabbit looked up. It was so adorable. I had to tell him that they weren’t talking to him, but I don’t think he believed me. He’s eating all of this food now, he probably just needed a bit to adjust. I usually feed him first because of his proximity to the kitchen, and Chase is always climbing up her fence in excitement. She’s dancing in circles by the time I get her bowl over to her. Both of these bunnies like the bunny-cookies I make, so I’m glad I made a new batch last week. They’re gobbling them up!

Room Adjustments

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Fulton went home yesterday, and Rusty joined the house! He checked out Chase right away when he arrived and made a few little noises at her. He’s been chinning everything. No one tried to get out overnight, but Rusty must have been busy because he didn’t eat all of his food.

Snuggling on the Couch AGAIN!

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I lay down for a little nap on the couch last night, and who should join me up there, but Fulton. He hopped up next to my head, so I started petting him. He stayed there for quite a while and actually lay down himself. It was a bunny snuggle up on the couch. Can I keep him? Later that night I caught him doing runs on the webcam, and using the couch as an obstacle course. He’s been eating almost all of his greens and about half of his pellets (and all of his treats) too. I’m sure gonna miss him when he heads home tonight, but Rusty is coming to keep Chase and me company. Chase met Rusty when she was here in June so she might remember him. I hope they get along as well as Chase and Fulton have. These two are such well behaved sweethearts, my rabbits could take pointers (Sorry Charlie & Bella!).

Sweeter than Chocolate Bunnies

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Last night I gave Fulton some metacam in a little dish, like I used to give Bella. He eventually lapped it up. I don’t know if it did anything, but he ate all of his greens overnight. Maybe it just took him a couple of days to get his appetite back. That often happens with the rabbits who come to visit. Fulton came up on the couch again withe me last night for petting, and with my mom as well. Chase and I had a nice time on the floor yesterday. She’s so sweet, she’s like a little bunny toy. I certainly don’t mind having her here for more than a week!

Two More Snuggle Bunnies

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I spent a very long time petting Chase on the floor last night. One hand on a bunny, another on my laptop. It’s a nice way to spend an evening. Then I went over to Fulton’s pen and sat on the couch. Instantly Fulton jumped up next to me, so I started petting him too. He stayed up there and let me pet him for half an hour! No bunny except for Budgie ever let me do that, and Fulton even lay down for a bit while I pet him. It was so nice! My brother was a little jealous because he spent the whole evening on that couch the night before and he never came up there once.

We gave Fulton some more meds yesterday evening, and he was more receptive to them. He ate almost all his greens last night and some pellets. HE still loves my biscuits though, so I’m glad I have those for him to eat. He’s probably filling up on them instead of his pellets, but at least it’s getting something in him!

Friendly Roommates

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Fulton and Chase arrived yesterday and are our last bunnies of the summer. They seem to like one another. Fulton likes to sleep under a cardboard box next to the fence, and Chase right up against it. They can see each other through the window, but only approached one another a couple of times. I think Fulton is fine looking at her from afar.

Chase is eating great, and always up for a petting. I got her purring for a while yesterday. Fulton has been eating about half of his food. He always eats his papaya and bunny cookies. We medicated him last night to keep his appetite going, but he was not happy. We tried doing on the couch and he ran away, so we had to bring him in the kitchen, He fought me on the gas meds, but took the other ones without much fuss. I wonder if he just didn’t understand what we were trying to do. It was not easy to catch him though, and it stressed him out, so if we do medicate again, it’ll only be once a day.

Boys, No Big Deal

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Little Glenda is going home tonight, and that means only our 4 rabbits in the house all weekend. I haven’t had a “night off” from extra rabbits since June. My two rabbits are happy to have their human slave back. Our two fosters probably will miss the other rabbits, but happy they get to run around the living room instead. They’re doing a lot of that now with Glenda. She always comes over to the fence if one of them nears her, and they exchange sniffs and wiggles. I know they love her since she’s a girl, but I don’t think she’s as in love with them. She’s used to being a single bun and I don’t think she’s that enamored with boy bunny advances. I’ll be spending this weekend with my rabbits, and the blog will return next Monday, along with two more rabbits!

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