Stress and Sensitivity

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Some rabbits take longer to adjust than others to new surroundings. Benita and her brother Uriel are a perfect example of this. Benita settles in very quickly and is up for petting from anyone. She gobbles down her food as soon as she gets it, and has no trouble sprawling out in the middle of the floor for an afternoon nap. Uriel on the other hand doesn’t eat his food right away and generally shies away from petting and attention at first. He takes about three days before his appetite is back to normal and is eating his food at a quicker pace.

It’s not unusual for rabbits like him to take all day to eat food they normally gobble up in a couple of hours. I try to be accommodating to sensitive buns and always make sure I have a treat ready to check for stasis while they’re adjusting. Usually that doesn’t happen, but stress does cause stasis in my Butterscotch so I’m always monitoring food intake here!

Enjoying Bunny Vacations

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Last night Benita spent her time watching the “Butterscotch Channel,” which consisted of my Butterscotch digging up the blanket at the corner of his pen, my clipping it back onto the pen, and then him trying to dig it up again. It provided her with hours of entertainment. She even had a tasty basket to snack on while she watched. I’m sure Butterscotch was more than happy to be the center of her attention!

Uriel doesn’t seem very interested in my boys. He does lay against the fence he shares with his sister, Benita, but that’s about it. He’s perfectly happy to sleep against the couch all day, occasionally coming out to eat or use the litter box. “I’m relaxing on my vacation!”

Who’s Really in Charge Here?

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Uriel tends to hop away from me when I go in his pen, and Benita comes toward me. He’s really just playing hard to get, as he will let me pet him once I go over to wherever he is hiding. My Butterscotch is like this as well. Sometimes you have the let the bunny be the boss! Benita is ready to snuggle down for petting anywhere though, even the litter box. She’s a big mush like my girl Piper. The bigger buns always seem to be sweeter. I guess they have less to fear than the tiny ones do, although I’ve never met a small rabbit who couldn’t hold their own in a fight against me!

Playtime and Petting

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Uriel is loving playing with his toys. He chews on a wooden train and tosses a bunch of a rings before going back to nibbling on his basket in the corner. He lets me pet him a little, but I get the impression that I’m not doing him any favors, he’s doing one for me! Benita on the other hand lets everyone in my family pet her. As long as she gets her ears rubbed, she does not care who belongs to the hand petting her. Benita’s other main passion is food, and she eats everything I put down for her. Uriel takes a day or two to adjust so he’s a little slower to chow down, but the food does eventually disappear into his cute little mouth.

Back at Kamp!

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Benita and Uriel arrived last night for a fun-filled visit! They are such perfect little furry angels. Uriel is a little shy and has mostly stayed under a table and behind the couch, but Benita hangs out in the front of her pen, surveying the action. She’s always up for petting and even more so for treats! My boys were certainly happy to see Benita last night. My Hershey was staring at her for quite a while. Sorry boys but she already has a furry little man in her life!

Temperature Taking Tantrums

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“Piper & Charlie”

My Butterscotch had another bout of stasis on Tuesday, but is feeling better now. We had cleaned his room earlier in the day and think that may have caused it. Stress is a common cause of GI stasis, and changing out everything in his room could certainly be stressful for the little guy. He took a little longer to recover than usual, about 6 hours and still was not totally back to normal the next day. He got the usual course of Metacam, Simethicone and Reglan and continued to get a dose of Reglan twice a day for two after. Fortunately, he likes that well enough that I can just put some in a dish and he licks it right up.

Butterscotch’s temperature did get a little low so I put him in his carrier on a heating pad on low for an hour, and he stayed warm after. He is much more difficult to take a temperature with than my Charlie. He clenches down and fights the thermometer that I know I’m always getting a lower reading than I should be. I follow this guide, but some rabbits are more cooperative than others.

We clipped my Piper’s nail yesterday, and she is not happy about it. I also thought I should see if she would cooperate with temperature taking, in case we someday need to do that with her. Well, she was not having any of that! She fussed and kicked so much the two times that I tried that we gave up. I didn’t even have the thermometer in my hand, but my hand was enough to upset her. Baby steps, we’ll try again next nail clipping.

Hoppy Easter from the Kronenbuns!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


“Piper & Charlie”


A Bunny Farewell

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Glenda bunny is heading home today. I know the boys will be sad to see her go as they’ve been lying next to each other through the fence all week. She’s a great footstool bun since she loves to lie at my feet and snuggle in for petting. She’s got such a soft head and doesn’t even mind if you ruffle her lop ears a little. There aren’t many more gentle buns that I’ve come across, but when it’s treat time, she switches to active mode and is ready to climb up the fences bars to grab at her treat. Always happy to have you, Glenda!

Typing Speed Limit

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I was typing fast yesterday and I have a mechanical keyboard so it tends to go clackity-clack, and my Piper did NOT like it. She jumped out of the litter box with hay still tucked into her mouth and thumped at me. Sorry girl! I guess I have to type a little slower!

Glenda is so sweet about asking for petting. She hops over to me and just puts her head under my foot. Sometimes I don’t realize she’s there right away, but she just lays down and waits for me to get the hint. She’ll stay there for a long time once I start petting her, but she doesn’t purr very much. I know she’s enjoying it though because if I stop, she moves her head to wherever my hand goes!

Live Rabbits Should NEVER Be Easter Presents

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Whenever Glenda gets a treat in this house, she grabs it and runs, flicking her feet. She scuttles to a corner where she can chow down without any chance of anyone else getting it, not that anyone would try!

Easter Rabbits

Yesterday our Long Island newspaper, Newsday, published my letter to their new pet columnist asking her to discourage live rabbits as Easter presents to children. It’s very important to me to help prevent rabbits from becoming impulse purchases and instead encourage adopting and fostering from local rescue groups. Too few people realize that rabbits are at least a 10 year commitment like a dog or cat, and not a toy for children to play with until they get bored. Please share this advice with anything you know who may be thinking of getting a rabbit, for any reason. Rabbits everywhere will thank you!

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